Denmark’s win against France in the Europa League in a match that is about to start the Argentine selection

Denmark le ganó a France in his debut in Group A1 de la Europa League of Nations in a closed part of the study studio which is located near the Qatar World Cup 2022 on November 26. Pero is 2-1 on Fridays at the Stade de France de Paris the best man from selected silver: one of them can be the rival of the conductors by Lionel Scaloni in the final octaves, si impera cierta logic in football in the World Cup.

Karim Benzema anotó un golazo para locale to los 6 minundse secundo temepo, luego de quitarse en encima a tri rivales adentro del área, tras recibir de taco de Christopher Nkunku, y resolver con frialdad de frente al arquero danés. Lo dio vuelta Andreas Cornelius, with igualdad at los 23 (English enabled by center for definite prime) and second, other goal, near final (having an inadvertent rematch, pressed by William Saliba and with little English for resolution).

The Benzema goal

Exist ahora, si se quiere, an extra ingredient with France. “Argentina and Brazil do not play many level matches for the World Cup. Football is not as advanced as in Europe. “It’s because the last leg of the World Cup is the same as in Europe,” said Kylian Mbappé, a Lionel Messi and Neymar player at PSG. This is why it spins and sets latently during the duel in which the number 10 only south the first time. In the sequel, a molestia in a rodilla and no volvió in the field for the second stage.

Mbappé’s lesson

Against this reflection of the star gala marking the differences between European and South American selections, César Menotti, director of the AFA National Selections, rebuked the member as he recorded: Decile to Mbappé who drove to Chacarita, who drove to San Mart an to play algún … Now in serio, esas son cosas para la prnsa. Argentina always has its jugadores for respect in Europe. “Football is football.” This summer, Kylian could not respond to the pelvis at the feet.

The empathy of Denmark

In the Danish conjunction fue titular Christian Eriksen, If you want to play a card game like a card game in the field of a game in one match after Eurocopa 2020, the situation with the limits of screws and the return to professional football in Brentford, England, is very low. The game of participating with your club in the Premier League and with a friendly from Denmark, is the game with the French winning the first place but the points with your selection of ten entones. In a team more occupied in the defense that in the second, your participation, while the Danes find themselves profusely in their little advances in the second stage, traverses the alleys. I love that the best version in conjunction.

Denmark’s second goal (2-1)

Initially, the French team fired, with disgusting shots in the defense that provoked, inclusive, a shot in the arm of Andreas Olsen, casi cara a cara with Hugo Lloris, with a handful of ulngulo. Luego, dominated by the three priests apostaron to Antoine Griezmann and Benzema to accompany Mbappé. Fue insufficient. The mission of Danes did not take place in front of the velocity and the connection around the area. Los hizo sentim incómodos en el ataque y frágiles en la defensa.

Encara Kylian Mbappé, branded by Joachim Andersen, played the match between France and Denmark in the Nations League;  the number 10 term the first time with a molestia in a rodilla
Encara Kylian Mbappé, branded by Joachim Andersen, played the match between France and Denmark in the Nations League; the number 10 term the first time with a molestia in a rodillaGEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT – AFP

Kasper Schmeichel, who play in Leicester in the English Premier League, show solidarity in the box, but can play against the joy of Benzema to open the marker and in the remake of N’Golo Kanté from the scorching heat of a star. Out of nowhere, at low frequencies, Lloris also raises his bastante trabajo and finds himself facing Cornelius in both goals. Your compartments do not brindaron insurance against cruise ships and de facto enabled number 21 in stock options.

The resume of France-Denmark

Además de Mbappé, in France salió lesionado el defensor Raphael Varane, that there should be a molestia in a south in which the flesh practically recovers in the mismo lugar in the one that the delandero había participates in the game by the last vez in the first stage. Casi and the “Triangle of Bermuda”. The grooves in the groin that mean the skin a Les Bleus, that the lunar proximity to visit by the second fecha in Croatia, which was scored in case by 3-0 by Austria.

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