“Do you think the Bible is for homosexuals, what should we do?”

05/06/2022 – 03:05 Viceversa

– Doctor vlvarez Valdés, is the president of the “Foundation for Dialogue between Science and Fe”. C Is this course organized by Fundation?

– Nuestra Fundación suele organiza bible courses. Pero esta vez los organizers son los religious Claretianos, de Chicago, Estados Unidos. Ellos is the cargo of all referents in the conferences.

– ¿Why a course on sexuality in the Bible?

– Because the Bible is a complete book. Contains many things about criminals, traits, violence, torture, sexual scandals, zoophilia, incest, violence, pederasty, which inclusively support the mentality of their people. And not only the children, but also the deprived adults. For peor, muchas de esas conductas apparatus recommended and ordered by Dios. Not only that, but comedians appear to be people who are heroes, or important figures in the Bible. And all this is explicit.

– Lo que dice parece muy grave.

– To give you an idea, a few years ago, in 2007, in Hong Kong, a group of civil society organizations appealed to the government to use meditation against the Bible. Concluding three steps: declaring in the Bible an obscure book, that pushing a bandage, saying “prohibiting the sale of minors at the age of 18”, and that they are placed in cellophane paper, as in pornographic magazines the kiosks. The news was sent to the world, and a heated debate ensued.

– ¿The Bible, entonces, incluye comportamientos desviados?

– Y no silo eso. There are many errors, inconsistencies, and inconsistencies in the Bible that we read in other common books but do not accept. This is what the Bible says about the Bible and includes religion. The case of the world-famous boxing club, CassiusClay, has been reported, and it has been reported that in 1964 it changed its name to that of Mohamed Alí, and is considered Muslim. One of the interviewers said that because the Bible is full of mistakes. And you can not configure a book or a book that contains the following affirmations.

– ¿How is it possible for a religious book to be related? ¿Eso tiene alguna explication?

– Claro que sí. From this point on, Bible study has advanced enormously to a greater compression of the Bible. Up to the XVIII century, the Bible was a single book, dictated by Dios, and each of the skies. Pero hoy el panorama ha cambiado. Thanks to excavations and excavations, there are more than 120 libraries in Cercano and the Middle East, with texts not in the Bible, but also in the Bible, with verses and related verses. All of this is served in order to better access the Bible, and all that is quisieron transmit to its authors.

– Following the topic of the course, is it true that the Bible condones homosexuality?

– For example, what I mean is that the term “homosexual” is a modern term. Any inventions made in 1869 by the Austrian writer Karl-MariaKertbeny. A friend of yours was killed al ser chantajeado por ser homosexual. This is not the case, as it is convicted in a major defensor of gay rights. By the way, it is an error that the Bible uses the word “homosexual”. Your apparatus in the carts of san Pablo, pero as te digo, is a little translation. It can not be used in the Bible, but not in the form of the vocabulary of San Pablo, nor of its epoch. And the biblical authors describing the gent of its epoch, not for us. If hubieran escrito para hombre del siglo XXI, la gent de aquella epo e la habría entendido.

– Pero la Biblia condena la praxica homosexual, ¿ne es cierto?

– Well, the Bible considers homosexuality an “abomination”. Así la llama en el libro del Levítico. Pero también el libro del Levítico dice que is an abomination like carne de cerdo, or tener imigenes religiosas. The sea, as it were, has a religious image in its house, for example of the Virgin or of the saints, before the Bible is at the same level as a homosexual. Without embargo, many Catholics have no image, and no one can be removed. ¿Why do you feel like a homosexual?

– ¿Do you love the Bible with the pen to kill sex between varones?

– Así es. Pero la Biblia también castiga con pena de muerte al que trabaja en bábado, oa mujer que come adulterio, y nadie hoy se precupa por appli esas penas. ¿For which news do you apply to homosexuals?

– ¿Which other topics are covered in the course?

– We study what the Antiguo Testament says about sodomy, onanism, incest and homosexuality. And we see that it’s san Pablo and Jesus’s Messiah of Nazareth on these topics; pero from the iptica of the base base in the biblical sciences.

– ¿Why is it important to revisit these topics with a good idea?

– Ante todo, hay que aclarar que la ciencia y la fe nunca pueden estar in conflictto. Because the science as well as the life of Dios, and hay to use ambassadors in the biblical studios. With respect to you, the Bible is a book that is influential, and influential, in the mind and in the conduct of millions of people around the world. And many Christians have a living, enduring spirit, a conflictual situation with it

sexuality, except with fatal displacements, precisely by a partial reading of the Bible. Do not overdo it. However, the Bible does not determine what the author intends to do.

– á How long does the course last?

– Dura seis días, desde mañana lunes hasta el sábado. The mode is virtual, zooming in on the zoom platform, as if one could move from one case to another. The time is 9 pm until 11 pm.

– ¿Y para inscribirse?

For any information please contact the IBICLA virtual page, which is: www.ibicla.org Ellos are course responsive. I only do the classes.

– Thank you very much.

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