Documents reveal that Russian deserters were deployed to fight in Ukraine

KIEV.- Russian military buyers fleeing combinations in Ukraine or neglecting to participate during the first stages of the warsegún documentos militares vistos por The Wall Street Journalas per the accused soldiers and the abogans who are defending.

Ukrainian military and functional analysts say it hubieron much more.

The Russian Air Force has hit the principle of its invasion of Ukraine and its military miles of land and the curtain of a quarter of its estimated military deployment, in April, a high-ranking Pentagon staffer. The deployments and insubordination of soldiers, effective from the Ministry of Interior and members of the National Guard aggravate the problem.

Las deserciones colocan to the Russian authorities in an aprieto on how to cast and which to serve without glare more than attention on the topic, dijeron experts in defense. El Ejército ruso tiene poca mano de obra y busca reclutas para ayudar a cambiar el rumbo en Ukrania.

Ukrainian solders dispersed with ashtrays in a trinchera on the front line with Russian tropics in Lugansk
Ukrainian solders dispersed with ashtrays in a trinchera on the front line with Russian tropics in LuganskANATOLII STEPANOV – AFP

Hasta ahora, the sanctions are limited to large media and formal services. Debido that Russia has not declared war on Ukraine, taminén hay pocos fundamentos legal before presenting penalties against which are not served on the outside, because an abbot and existent of the military fiscal that defends the dispossessed soldiers

“Mucha gente no quiere pelear”, says Mikhail Benyash, a Russian abbot representing a member of the Guardian Nacional family, a national military force that has softened its protests in Russia. Benyash is claiming to be a member of the military who appeals to the despotic despair of recruiting the Jordanians to enter Ukraine in February, according to National Guard documents. Send patrols to the Ukrainian border to patrol the streets and recover dissent in the occupied territories.

Government officials in Moscow did not respond to comments made.

The Russian soldier Albert Sakhibgareev, 24 years old, sent to the Russian region of Belgorod on February 8 to carry out military exercises, said. It is alleged that President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech on February 21 stating that Ukraine’s flag had been flown at a state, Sakhibgareev said. the majority of the trophies on the basis of confiscating their phones and phones that use anti-cell phones. Load missiles and ammunition from Soviet era trucks into the sabbath that were created to come.

Photo of Russian soldier Albert Sakhibgareev, in proportion to his friend Almaz Nabiev
Photo of Russian soldier Albert Sakhibgareev, in proportion to his friend Almaz NabievThe Wall Street Journal

Despertó sobresaltado por artillery fire from the 24th of February. These projectiles cayeron a kilometer and medium from their quarter in the Russian frontier with Ukraine. Military helicopters and other aeronauts sobrevolaban el lugar y parecían dirigirse a la batalla. Sakhibgareev said he was concerned that he had succeeded in soliciting fortunately their headline in the Telegram: “Russia invades Ukraine”. Se asustó, huyó de la base militar y se eskondió.

“Ninguno de nosotros quería esta guerra”, said Sakhibgareev. His mother, Galina Sakhibgareeva, knows that she is always supported by patriotism and because she has many professional opportunities in a small town in the Russian region of Ufa, located 700 miles from Moscow.

A military carriage era an opportunity to win the life. “Create a high and athletic image and integrate it with the defense of the country”, he says.

Satellite imagery of the specialty company Estadounidense Maxar moving tropics in Russia and Belarus, on February 21
Satellite imagery of the specialty company Estadounidense Maxar moving tropics in Russia and Belarus, on February 21Twitter

Benyash, the abbot, says there are several things that can be said about this March 24 publication about the National Guard case, More than 1000 members of the service and members of the Ministry of Interior, who oversee the police in Russia, provide legal assistance. Muchos desafiaron las ordenes de ingresar a Ukrania para combatir u reprimir las protestas en la ciudad ocupadas por las fuerzas rusas, dijo.

On March 17, the Russian group of human rights Agora launched a Telegram channel where the service members and their families could be searched legally for legal aid or to repay Jordan. Pavel Chikov, director of the group, said that 721 members of the Air Force and the security forces responded during the next 10 days.

A military decree of the 4th Marine Corps by a Russian base commander ordered the despid of various military men who recaptured the Jordan establish a service near the front with Ukraine, see a copy of the document view by Journal. It’s not clear what the exoskeletons entrust the most sanctions.

This document was viewed by el Journalsigned by a military tribunal in Nalchik’s city and fired on May 25, recalls a 115-member appeal by the Russian National Guard that sent firefighters to the country to send Ukraine to the finest and principled of March.

The Russian sample contains pens up to 10 years before the service members leave the jury. Destroyers can avoid cargoes as well as demonstrate that they act by putting pressure on or persuading personal problems that are impulsive. The service members have been able to recover and delete any that are considered illegal.

The urgency of retaliating against Jordan is that Putin is launching a “special military operation” in Ukraine that is now limited to deploying soldiers without pay trucks or deploying special mortgage planes and other benefits of service, military service, expert defense basado in Moscow.

“Exhausting these cases, the goberno sin darse kunta amplify the escalation of descent, which is packaged in terminological terms per seguirá crecendo”, dijo.

A stamped message on the military identification of a Russian soldier said: “I do not want to take part in the special military operation”, said a photo published last week by the soldier, Maksim Grebenyuk.

The transcripts of the audio archives were substantially reprimanded and sold on April 22 by the independent Russian media Mediazona documented cases of soldiers who rechazaron enrdenes.

“You can not go”, said a base commander in a search robbery for the Journal. “If you do not have all, you have 15 years pissing on the patio [de la prisión]”.

The soldier said that he was había hablado with abogados who dijeron who did not arriesgaba a ir a prisón por negarse a luchar en Ukrania.

“Track your abbots here,” replied the commander. “Tendremos una charla con ellos”.

Occidental intelligence agencies say that hay amplia evidencia de chaos y desorden entre las fuerzas rusas en Ukrania.

By Matthew Luxmoore

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