Echale la culpa al rating: The beach, the reality show of America that is being finalized in Ganadores

The format of reality show like it renders dentro de argentina television and in the rest of the world. From the league of Gran Hermano, en 2001, hasta hoy, con el éxito de Masterchef Celebrity, La Voz Argentina y The Hotel of the Famousthe idea of ​​power wait for the reality and activity of the demos, minute by minute, always try to watch TV.

Too bad, too many percussion sucks too many fractions. One of the programs that can be used with power is in the second group The beachthe reality that America TV aired in 2003 y que tuvo un final repentino e inesperado, víctima del bajo rating.

The project works like one of the largest channels in the canal for summerno. Conducted by Ale Lacroix and produced by Ideas del Surocupaba el horario central, de domingo a viernes de 22 a 23 horas. The account cycle with doce participanteswhich converge on a Pinamar beach and compete in various games of resistance, in order to gain the highest premium of one million pesos.

Las pruebas incluían trekking, mountain biking, sky surfing, four-wheel drive, car luggage, hiking, and even parachuting. The contestants who win the different games, claim “protection” and immunity for not voting, whether by computer or in public.

For the realization of the program set up in one of Pinamar’s games a mini set that counts on a chicken coop, a television and radio studio, a restaurant with bars, a scenery, a fun multiplier and a play area. The girls and the girls tuvieron que wear parachute bar, watercolors, water motors and beach bikes al comenzar el día.

Hasta acá todo se asemejaba a the structure of any reality: conductor, participants that are good and bad, and a public asceticism of the popular vote for dejarlos afuera of competence.

On December 29, 2002, joining the new year, the program debuted in the United States. Con a promedio of 5.7 points you will kill more Hora Clavethe emblematic sent by Mariano Grondona, on Canal 9, and playing it more than once Memory, of Chiche Gelblung. In this show the presenter presents all the participants and sees much more bronze leather and with no casket que playa.

But as soon as the weather is clear, the reality comes down to the product numbers of the conflict of interest between participants and the goal of identifying the public with the charactersalgo basico in a program of this style.

A pearl of a cycle that passes rapidly at the turn of Paz Cornú dentro of their competitors, which is confirmed in one of the first eliminations because the TVs consider one of the villas of La Playa. More perlita more: la breve visit the program of Charly Garcíawhich sings and plays the guitar for all the participants.

The semaphore navigators in turbulent waters, without results in terms of rating or repercussions, America deciding, from one place to another, sin previo aviso, modify the balance in the air of reality. In the media of February, Ale Lacroix announces that only four quadabans competitors, in their advertisements on the channel promoting a new programming for the 22-hour schedule.

The resulting results that maneuver between them and the four points, hiccups that the cycle passes an egg through the seminar to terminate, literally, from the trunk dejando abierta a final que nunca se realizi.

Ale Lacroix in actuality and in other beach, the Punta del Este
Ale Lacroix in actuality and in other beach, the Punta del EsteDomitila Dellacha

In its place America presents the following lattice: the moons Tumberos (produced by Sur Ideas)los martes La otra verdad, los miércoles Time zonelos jueves, Secret secrets with Luis Ventura (cycling horse, losers) and lizards, live football of Torneo Clausura.

2003 fire in one of the large figures ratifies its reindeer. The difference in actuality, when two stars are cast on the trunk, in which there are sounds Mirtha Legrand almorzaba in America, Susana Giménez shared the night with international invitations and Marcelo Tinelliwith sketches and camouflage occultas lead the rating on the front of the Videomatch Show.

But the excitement for national fiction, that Telefe and El Trece obtains other audience indices with the exits Argentine costumes, Son amores (second time)Resistiré y Soy gitano. But it’s not enough for Guillermo Francella’s to have good guillotines, better elegance and direction, but with Staying with my boss.

Marcelo Tinelli and Susana Giménez dominated by the water panties
Marcelo Tinelli and Susana Giménez dominated by the water pantiesArchive

Telenoche fue el notiziero m vs visto potentiado por la covertura de la guerra en Iraq i, por primera vez, logró arrebatarle la franja de las 20hs a la diva de los telephone. On December 19, 2003, the final of an era took place. With the notification of the double history of the notary, Mónica Cahen D´Anvers y César Mascetti, le dejaron paso’s María Laura Santillán y Santo Biasatti.

Ese año Jorge Rial deals with American programming guitar from Jorge Maestrothat the difference between competing for the third place with Daniel Hadad Channel 9. The beach to one of the largest fractions of an ace that you have inaccessible soils, product of a television that samples the patient for programs that do not work.

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