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Cine is the sum of many things. One of the pillars is the photograph. Always consider the importation of the direction, the interpretation and the guide, considering an inferior prize to the photograph. Hoy vamos a recomendar ultimatum films 20 years old that we carry with the bottle underneath which we close in the cinematographic direction.

We do not take the best, the ones that are most likely hayan ganado (which can be coincidental) as the ones that are most likely to be photography is an important part of the film. It’s not a list of classics, but it’s not just a list of my favorites or my favorite photo directories, like ‘Días del cielo‘(1978) by Néstor Almendros o esa pequeña maravilla que es’The night owl(1955) by Stanley Cortez.

Centaurs of the desert

Centaurs of the desert

The good direction of photography complements and enhances history. For a solo classic example, the finale of Winton C. Hoch’s ‘Centaurs of Desert’ (1956), with John Wayne appearing to be the only soloist, with this background, is one of the best photographs that can be taken to count the balance of the person to the weight of the todo … No todo consists of large equipment and light marvels, which in the background is what we like the most.

‘Amelie’ (2011) by Bruno Delbonnel

It is one of those cells that falls within the love / odor category by equal parts. But if we do not go in the direction of the photo we can affirm that it is a master plan from plan to plan. Each of the photographs is a song of the composition of the harmony of color.



It is perfectly glued ‘Amelie’, different focal lengths and light angles are allowed inside the individual stage of the characters. All about the color, the way of the yellows and the yellows in all the measurements are as small as asbestos.

‘Roma’ (2018) by Alfonso Cuarón

We are against a curious case. The director, photographer and director of photography has exactly the following person: Alfonso Cuarón. And in 2018 we present a movie, distributed by Netflix, which boasts more than 20 prizes, much more than spectacular white and black photography. ‘Roma’ es una joya.



The director chooses white and black because we are looking for them. I do not have a sense of nostalgia, but because I see the image without light, light and digital. Information system in light and gray zombies used in cameras, the system Arri de 65 mm. Today a photography lecture follows the concepts of the great Mexican director of photography, Emmanuel Lubezki.

‘Dune’ (2021) by Greig Fraser

It is one of the latest movie clips that has the highest image quality. Greig Fraser is the author of the ‘Rogue One’ picture and series’The Mandalorian‘. Así qie is claro por qué lo eligió Denis Villeneuve. Pogría haber apostado por Roger Deakins, pero decidó que seria bueno contar con alguien que rodaba bien en desierto.



The most curious of ‘Dune’ is that the final aspect should be given to the digital cameras Arri Alexa LF in RAW format and all of this material is grabbed directly into a 35 mm film. The idea of ​​juxtaposing the versatility of the digital format with the nostalgic presence of the real granule of the photochemical film.

‘Origen’ (2010) by Wally Pfister

This is a list that tends to be cellular Christopher Nolan because it is a director who does not want the photography to be spectacular. Do not use the haberdashery to get rid of clutter you do not want to see.



Most curious is that it is one of the parts that are deposited by celluloid by encapsulating digital systems. It is used in two formats: 35mm and 65mm Which one? Amber querían repetir con la experiencia de la Batman trilogyafter the final combines these formats to be able to manually rotate the image and generate the gran format for the general tomas.

All are spectacular in this movie and they use one Photosonics camera, at 1000 fps. This model is deployed in the 70s at NASA to grab the launchers of the special vehicles. The hicieron turns the script to grab some of the scenes as they hicieron to see Fred Aistaire by the tech.

‘El árbol de la vida’ (2011) by Emmanuel Lubezki

This is a short story by Emmanuel Lubezki, one of the most influential photo directors of all time. The shape of the rod, the natural light, the composition with the handrail, have their imposing style marks made by any other director.

This movie, with Terrence Malick’s Venice, can be filmed over and over again with the camera in hand, thanks to SteadyCam, hasta convert cada plano algo vivo. It is an installation support that is gaining popularity ‘The resplandor’ by S. Kubrick. Por primera vez la çimara no parece omnisciente, sino que e persona persona m .s.

El Arbol De La Vida

El bolrbol de la vida

It is a different kind of film, with the subject that in some angles pushing the coils back and forth does not enter. Pero si solo te fijas en la fotografia, tendrás a curso perfect de cómo mirar.

‘Blade Runner 2049’ (2017) by Roger Deakins

Not to be outdone on this list is the work of the genius Roger Deakins, the director of photography who has received the most nominations and who has considered Leonardo DiCaprio for photography because he has been awarded the prize. Hasta que llegó esta película.

Blade Runner 2049

Blade runner 2049

Roger Deakins is one of the naturalistic and all-encompassing magicians who, as far as the science fiction is concerned, agree with the obligation of iguals, albeit menos, the world to photograph the great Jordan Cronenweth for the original Ridley Scott film.

In ‘Blade Runner 2049’ we only have what we offer in ‘Fargo‘; ‘Skyfall”s new reflections and their silhouettes ‘Jesse James’s assorted by cobard’s Robert Ford’quizás una de sus mejores películas.

‘Mad Max: Furia en la carretera’ (2015) by John Seale

Recognize perfectly the day that this movie is. Mi pareja no sabia nada. I love the first minute of the day and I do not have all the salt in the porridge but the cigar that we see. 100% stock without the need for a constant CGI. Practically, all that we do is real: the wheels, the fiddle guitarist, the percussionists, the motorcycle jumps.

Mad Max Furia En La Carretera

Mad Max: Furia en la carretera

The photo by John Seale, author of ‘The club of dead poets’ or’The English patient‘se revoluciona en esta película. Opt to generate the rate of exchange of plans that are performed on one seña de identidad y no te sientes perdido. Before we do not stop, you need the center amplitude always the encampment.

These are the senile recourses, of the photography student, which at this point are being held in a pool at the same time as they have opened the cosmos and after that the basic rules can be made purely spectacular.

‘Joker’ (2019) by Lawrence Sher

One of the biggest surprises of this year. The movie of superheroes for 18-year-olds, with all the craziness of reality. With authentic green and yellow songs. Lawrence Sher’s picture is not left out of the new world where the payrolls are turned into asses.



For example, pensaron in grabar with 65 mm film. As you read the free book from the improvisation of Joaquin Phoenix, deciding to grab digitally with Alexa cameras. Objectives carry all those antiquities, in order to establish the aesthetics of an obvious reference, which is not other than ‘Taxi driver‘. Y crearon un LUT for an aspect similar to a Kodak movie motto, la 5293.

Definitely, the demonstration that the photo should be attached to the films. If the volvéis a ver, the luz is very brilliant in the first part, pero poco a poco, as the character, which carries and haciendo more and more oscura. To increase the aperture of the diaphragm much, reduce the depth of field and keep the dams short because each person is more solo.

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