Ecuador vs Nigeria 1-0: Estupiñán’s goal and goal for the victory of ‘tricolor’ in FIFA goal

Ecuador defeated 1-0 Nigeria in New Jersey in FIFA 2022.
Ecuador defeated 1-0 Nigeria in New Jersey in FIFA 2022.

With a huge display of displays, Ecuador beat Nigeria 1-0 at the Red Bull Arena stadium in New Jersey, United States. All this is amistos for FIFA. The victory goal of the year Pervis Estupi apn apenas within 3 minutes of starting the incuentro. The figure is the portrait of Alexander Domínguez, who avoids, in a variety of opportunities, the empathy of the rival.

¡Final of the party!

90 ′ It takes 4 minutes to get to New Jersey.

89 ′ Domínguez casi comete ‘blooper’. Al final se recuperó.

88 ′ Estrada no pudo convert the second straight shot from the port of Nigeria.

85 ′ Cambodia in Ecuador. Se fueron Cifuentes y Caicedo. Entraron Arreaga y Arroyo.

83 individual Search the individual, by terming against Nigerian pressure.

81 ′ Estupi casn casi marca su doblete. Tuvo dos chances seguidas en el área rival.

79 ′ Amarilla para Domínguez per reclamar. It is made of a Nigerian quill.

77 ′ Dominguez jumped with one of his computers and scored his own goal.

70 ′ Exchange in Ecuador. See Valencia. Enter Sarmiento.

63 ′ Moffi dejó pasar clara’s goal option with Nigeria. Le faltó definition.

62 ′ Domínguez otra vez salvando a los ecuatorianos tras peligrosa llegada de los nigerianos.

61 ′ Aribo le pegó desde fuera y Domínguez estuvo sure bajo los foldos de Ecuador.

59 ′ Cambodia in Ecuador. See Van Mena and Campana. Entran Plata y Estrada.

57 ′ Dennis se empadó el empate por el segundo palo. All born from an error in it.

51 ′ Gran cierre de Castillo ante la arremetida de Nigeria. Swing for Africans.

48 ′ Le pegó Caicedo, pero con poca fuerza. Sale Nigeria.

45 ′ Exchange in Nigeria. Se fue Faisal. Enter Dennis.

45 ′ Exchange in Ecuador. Se fue Preciado. Enter Castillo.

¡Ya se juegan los segundos 45 minutos!

Inal Final of the first time!

45 ′ Second consecutive Nigeria center to Ecuador’s mainland. Domínguez salvó in ambos casos.

42 ′ Ecuador dejó de ser profundo. Nigeria control the fleet in the middle of the field.

37 ′ Simon cobró un tiro libre peligroso para Nigeria y no tuvo fortuna.

28 ′ Three cabezazos from Nigeria to Ecuador área. Domínguez volvió a salvar a su equipo.

27 ′ Atajadón de Domínguez trace remate de Dessers.

26 ′ I intend long distance, but no precision.

21 ′ Cifuentes casi anota golazo al ángulo. The porter Uzoho lo mandó al tiro de esquina.

19 ′ Stupiñán buscó la cabeza de Campana. The defense of Nigeria cerró bien.

17 ′ El mismo Preciado, trace pase de Mena, buscó desde fuera del área. The sphericity is very high.

16 c Preciado cubrió la pelota por derecha y gani un tiro de esquina.

13 ′ Moffi cayó en el área de Ecuador y pidió penal. The Arbitro dejó seguir.

11 ′ Mena quiso ‘colgar’ al portero de Nigeria. La pelota pasó cerca.

10 ′ Estupiñán y Valencia llegaron con legyro por e sector izquierdo de campo, pero perdieron sorpresa en los lattimos metro.

03 ¡¡GOOOOOL from Ecuador! Anotó Estupiñán de cabeza.

Estupi pn puso el 1-0 in Ecuador vs Nigeria per fecha FIFA. (Video: DIRECTV).

¡Arrancó el partido!

Ecuador: Domínguez; Preciado, Torres, Hincapié, Estupiñán; Méndez, Cifuentes, Caicedo, Mena; Valencia, Campana.

Nigeria: Uzoho; Awaziem, Troost-Ekong, Ajayi, Bassey; Faisal, Iwobi, Simon, Aribo; Moffi, Dessers.

‘Tri’ encara nigeria is the first of all three friendly matches scheduled for June, Además, Mexico and Cape Verde. Listen to the World Cup preparation course from Japan and Saudi Arabia on the European continent.

The ‘northeight’ combination has been shown in the third place Eliminatorias Sudamericanas tras sumar 26 points, which allow access directly to the world quote. The embargo, which ultimately focuses on the classification process, is not positive, which means 3 empaths, 1 victory and 1 pig. From all modes, lograron el principal objetivo.

Además, this is the service of the technician Gustavo Alfaro to try new algunas cara that new buscan meters in the list for the World Cup. Leonardo Campana and Alexander Alvarado are the footballers who train for DT. The first is the Inter Miami MLS goal scorer with 7 annotations in 14 seats of the current camp. Seconds to the extreme is the LDU level that has 23 years accumulating 8 goals in 26 games.

Photo: Archive
Photo: Archive

From the other side, between the ‘Three’ convocations, Byron Castillo finds himself. The lateral right has become the magnifying glass for a false nationality. Chilean conductors claim that this is a situation against FIFA, which is evaluating the case to determine whether it is valid or not. In order to certify the accuation, the equatorial perpendicular to the points of the parts in which the jugoder is present and the square of the competition that joins the end of the year.

For their part, the Nigerians are no longer in the World Cup but from Germany in 2006. Some of them are the first in Group C of the World Cup. African eliminators tras alcanzar las 13 units, in the extra compromises with Ghana to define the classification holding 1-1 in the global result. No obstant, the visiting goal the elimination. This provoked the destiny of its trainer, Augustine Eguavoen. For example, the direct contracts contract with the Portuguese José Peseiro, exDT from Venezuela.

Just, with the European strategy debuting against Mexico in an amistoso the pass passable 28. The marker fired a 2-1 against, sent Cyrel Dessers, the author of the only goal of the Africans.

The selection of Nigeria in the friendly match with Mexico.  |
The selection of Nigeria in the friendly match with Mexico. |

Gustavo Alfaro, DT of the combined United States, does not shine for the south and south algae that give habitual convocations in the Eliminators as Michael Carcelén, Pedro Ortiz y Carlos Gruezo. All by technical definition.

“All we can do in this camper of preparation with these amistos are all the things that are wrong with us, but only the things that we have as a team and those that must be incorporated.”comment Gustavo Alfarotechnical of Ecuador.

Ecuador: Hernán Galíndez; Luis León, Robert Arboleda, Piero Hincapié, Pervis Estupiñán; Alan Franco, Carlos Gruezo, Moisés Caicedo; Gonzalo Plata, Michael Estrada and Romario Ibarra. DT: Gustavo Alfaro.

Nigeria: Francis Uzoho; Moses Simon, William Troost-Ekong, Semi Ajayi, Chidozie Awaziem; Joe Aribo, Bonke Innocent; Alex Iwobi, Calvin Bassey; Cyriel Dessers and Terem Moffi. DT: José Peseiro.

Training of equatorial selection.  |  Photo: La Tri
Training of equatorial selection. | Photo: La Tri

– Mexico: 7:30 pm

– Peru / 7:30 pm

– Colombia: 7:30 pm

– Ecuador: 7:30 pm

– United States (Miami) / 8:30 pm

– Venezuela: 8:30 pm

– Paraguay: 8:30 pm

– Bolivia: 8:30 pm

– Chile: 8:30 pm

– Argentina: 9:30 pm

– Uruguay: 9:30 pm

– Brazil: 9:30 pm

– Spain: 2:30 am (last 3)

– Argentina: DirecTV Sports.

– Chile: DirecTV Sports.

– Bolivia: DirecTV Sports.

– Paraguay: DirecTV Sports.

– Peru: DirecTV Sports.

– Uruguay: DirecTV Sports.

– Colombia: DirecTV Sports.

– Ecuador: DirecTV Sports and the Football Channel.

– Venezuela: DirecTV Sports.

– United States: FITE TV.


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