eFootball 22 already has a date for its version 1.0; these are your news

eFootball 2022 will reach version 1.0.0 on April 14ththe update provided that it was delayed last November. although the ftbol simulator Konami’s freeware debut in September, its status it wasn’t exactly optimal by content and status, rich in graphic insects which turned it into a mockery and The worst game on Steam. “We have been working to fix bugs, adjust the game balance and add new elements to make it more fun for users,” said the official account. The first impressions of the media that have accessed this version will be published very soon.

“We were so focused on getting the game out on time that we have lost sight of the most important thing: quality. How could it be otherwise, we have received well-deserved criticism from our fans who were disappointed, “Konami admits with the announcement of its” complete “release.” Since then, the development team has worked hard for win back the trust of our valued fans, as well as ensuring that football fans from all over the world can have even more fun. As part of our commitment to improving the game, we have added new controls and numerous elements (both offensive and defensive) prevalent in modern football. “

“Although it has been 6 months since its initial launch in September last year, we feel we have finally reached a level of quality to be proud of,” says the company, which promises future updates to continue with its plan to consider this. electronic football a game in constant evolution.

EFootball version 22

New team building with “Dream Team”

In addition to the list of corrections and changes gameone of the new features of the update is Ideal teamwhich replaces the mode creative team. “It’s not just about building a team with the best players and managers. In this mode you can choose the players and coaches you want to sign. You will then be able to develop your players to suit your particular style of play, which means you have almost infinite freedom to shape your team to your liking. “

“We received well-deserved criticism from our fans who were disappointed”

We will be able to create the ideal team with developed players, favorites and the style that best suits your strategy. “Play against other users’ dream teams and he has great comparisons against so many other ways of thinking about football as there are fans all over the world, “describes Konami.

No news on the mobile version of eFootball 2022

The mobile version does not have a confirmed date yet. Konami confirms that it works to have these versions as soon as possible as long as the quality is at the expected level. The details will be known soon, as it seems that the priority is to achieve a minimum of quality on consoles and PC.

EFootball version 22

Control and strategy changes, shooting, dribbling and online

Konami has revised the priorities in defense and the press commands that were available in previous installments are introduced. A new “Shoulder Charge” command has also been added so that you can try to steal the ball more aggressively. “In addition to individual defense, we have also re-evaluated the elements of team defense. For this reason we have implemented the command ‘Press order’. In addition to having more players chasing the ball, other teammates will also work together to regain possession by covering passing lanes and advancing the defensive line “.

Passes will be faster to increase the pace of matchesthere is a new mechanic in ball bounce and in general you will notice a game Faster. It is accompanied by improvements in artificial intelligence and in player decisions. “We are also adding a wide variety of shots and trajectories for each situation, such as the punchy ‘Impressive Shot’. We think this will allow you to score goals of various kinds.”

EFootball version 22

Dribbling receives more realistic movements, better response in control and racing, with the intention of giving a better experience against the opposing defense. also the functions of the strategy are recovered to change the formationindividual tactics and instructions.

As far as online play and the reduction of empty matches are concerned, a client-server system is used and ways are sought to improve response in online matches. The improvements will be constant during the next updates.

“Konami comes with his soccer title with pending homework, plagued with bugs and errors that make this game clunkyabrupt, in which many actions are decided by failures of the game itself “, we emphasized on its debut.” We are not facing a demo like Konami said, but rather an early access with a lot to do, which, like the preseason one player, from time to time he gives us a glimpse of what he can become but that he needs a lot of work before him to reach his level, work that Konami will have to do in the coming weeks and months if he really wants to offer a football title that can reach the its level to compete with FIFA at least on the grass, something they have achieved with the latest deliveries of PES“.

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