eFootball releases version 1.0.0 Does the update finally live up to the legacy of PES?

It’s time to forget about PES and understand that we are now facing the future of Konami football. The parallelism is evident: Koeman’s debut with Barça was disastrous and today we are faced with the arrival of Xavi in ​​November. Some believe and others don’t, but the reality is simple: neither eFootball nor Barça have won anything yet. Of course, they both promise.

It is necessary to dwell on the details experienced by the premiere of electronic football? I think it was significant that in the 1.0.0 demo version. of the match, held in Windsor earlier in the week, Konami did not allow any type of interview. A Facta non Verba da libro, and given the conditions and improvements the game has undergone since his unfortunate first in September, the work done by its developers is remarkable. The production shows a very different ending than last fall and is licensed to be optimistic about what could happen to the free soccer game.

Its authors at the time said that this was not the case, but it is clear that the engine change and its ambitious idea of ​​creating a mega ecosystem of football where different platforms such as Xbox Series X and a mobile phone coexisted. The idea on paper, wonderful; in practice we have already seen the result: after three of the best Pro Evolution stock that had been done in years, the incomprehensible step back that meant eFootball for Konami’s football interests they were more than obvious: a disheartening mistake and a severe blow to the credibility of an entire massive project.

What do we have today? A promise: the arrival of a much more refined and interesting version of the video game than that lived then. We played it and, of course, it has no comparison with what we experienced months ago. In general, everything has been renewed, many of the technical problems that occurred intermittently during matches have been eliminated and the gameplay has been refined to a fun point. Does it mean that everything is already done? Absolutely: eFootball is a marathon project long distance that will continue to add new elements and change in the coming years, but that does not mean that everything is already done, far from it. The summary is that we are at the starting pointscheduled for last fall.

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As I was saying, everything feels much smoother, cleaner and more snappy, with some new animations that give variety to the actions of the players on the green that has nothing to do with what has been seen in the past. Yes it is true that the actions many footballers are involved in are somewhat frantic, chaotic and clumsy, with rebounds that were thought to be forgotten in the major football simulators on the market, but it doesn’t seem like a problem that can be solved in the next few weeks with a few. patch. Reality at the controls eFootball with its 1.00 update is that the game is indisputably fun, and much of the blame for this lies in one of several additions that have been added to the equation.

The cool new kicks are one of the coolest additionsOne of these, perhaps the most interesting, is in the new ball control which will allow you to play the ball in different ways when it is under your command. For example, with a control aimed at evading rivals or simply covering the ball waiting for better attack or defense options. A new defensive scrum option has also been added which adds new options to attacker pressure and helps older players have a massive new defensive value on the pitch by giving new time variables to avoid getting scored.

The cool new kicks are one of the coolest additions. is approx a variable of passes, crosses and shots which take a little longer to play, but result in a more powerful execution than the conventional one. Therefore, you will not be able to do this at any time: you will be able to use the new skill only when you have enough time and space to perform it. The results will be noticeable after just a few hours of play, and they are a very optimal option to ensure that the ball ends up in the net.

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PES 2022: eFootball releases version 1.0.0., Does the update finally live up to the legacy of PES?

I’ve explained some improvements I’ve noticed to its controls, but Konami made it clear that there were many others. There they highlighted elements such as changes in the pace and speed of the game, response to dribbles, general improvements in online modes, changes to the interface and menus to take them to a new level, changes to loads to speed them up, and the correction of numerous bug. The other great addition it adds to the software is the new Dream Team mode, formerly known as the Creative Team. What you imagine no more and no less: player cards and envelopes to open to create your dream team.

I enjoyed it despite having to prove a lot in the months to comeAs usual in other industry benchmarks in game modes such as Dream Team, players will be divided between different degrees of rarity that will make them more or less valuable on the pitch. Regardless of what you open or not, you can improve them with different workouts that will lead them to improve their stats in different specialties. Each Dream Team championship will last 28 days and each season will last two months with thematic elements, so you have no doubts that Konami will be inspired by the different big football leagues of the moment to give wings to its new Dream Team.

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The general feel at the controls of eFootball and its 1.00 patch is good and I enjoyed it despite having to try a lot in the next few months. The words of the software manufacturer did not seem strange to me, Seitaro Kimurawhen he recognized that, perhaps, Konami was in too much of a hurry to release the game on the established date, which did not help the project at all. Beyond what has already happened, it remains in the hands of the company to demonstrate the legacy and importance of one of the leading brands in virtual football and turn the first months of the title into an anecdote.

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