¿El KO del año? The lethal shot with the Tyson Fury knocking on Dillian Whyte and hizo delirium at 94 miles fanatics at Wembley

* The spectacular KO of Tyson Fury

Hasta el sexto round, Tyson Fury have been shown their credentials as one of the best boxers of this era, combined with Dillian Whyte tenía all the condiments. How to peel of heavy weights, pod a okurrir kualquier cosa. A way to change the rumble from which a safe victory comes Rey de los Gitanos. Pero finally like this: Fury liquid the plate with a lethal upper cut in the sexto round y your rival no pudo volver a pararse.

Quedaban los últimos segundos de la ronda seis en el mítico Wembley Stadium of London commanding the camp of the boxers of the World Boxing Council (CMB) to be connected to each other by a stream. Ni la campana pudo salvar a Whyte. Intentionally, when you play the game Mark Lyson hizo sésas to show that it is standing, the case back that comes out of the shoes. The Orbiter no doubt and decree the Fury triumph.

The event, which tuvo a more than 94 mil spectators in the stadium shells for a historic brand, with all the condiments. Ya desde su ingreso al ring, Tyson vestido de Rey en su trono transformó el ambiente. Durante lis seis aspaltos, planteó combat que por moment fue callejer a u punto tal que el juez no podía separarlos.

But the first thing that comes to mind is the Tyson Fury hierarchy 33 years old is inviting with 32 victories (23KO) and 1 empate. The mirrors are now positioned according to what follows the future of one of the boxers of the moment: “My friend told me that this series was all about Wilder’s game. Pero offers me a file at Wembley and you see it in the ads”, Planteó su su futuro.

Tyson Fury assures that prometheus is on the floor that is the latest in the series (Photo: Reuters)
Tyson Fury assures that prometheus is on the floor that is the latest in the series (Photo: Reuters)

“It simply came to our notice then. I can not create more than 94,000 compatriots without having to wait for my activation. Whenever you want to get rid of clutter you don’t need, all the people who buy a ticket like this are late or want to have a hard time checking in on the television. I have one of the best weights of all types. Dillan Whyte is a warrior. Even though Dillian is a world-class camp, it’s easy to get to where you want to be right now. You are not mediocre with a mediocre weight. You are met with the best man on the planet ”, assured by the brilliant actuation.

The futuro is an incarnation of what it’s all about when it comes to “hybrid” combinations in front of the campground. UFC Francis Ngannouwho wants to ring the ring with Fury for news about this.

Prometía me escantadora esposa Paris de despoje de lale Wilder 3, eso seria todo. Y lo dije en serio. Tuvimos una guerra. Fue un gran trilogy. Y lo dije en serio. Pero offer meleclele en Wembley en casa, y creo que me lo merecía, as if you were a fanatic, you just wanted all the people in the United Kingdom to come here and fight at Wembley. Now all is over. Tengo que ser un hombre de palabra. The creo that is all. This is the final curtain on the Rey Gitano. Thank you very much Al Reino Unido! ”

Fury was shocked to see a goal in mid-November 2015 when it was unanimous decision of Wladimir Klitschko, who was the king of the pesos weighing in. As you play world titles in the midst of body organisms, Tyson recovers from his problems, repairs to the pugilization scene and gives you a record of anti-Deontay Wilder finishes in 2018 that end with empathy.

Finally, there will be more than one North American between February 2020 and October 2021, with triumphs by KO in ambassadors. Take care of the CMB crown and the way it defends what it’s like and what it’s like the second edition of the file between them.

The last four years of this last season officially as a local –august 2018 super Italian’s Francesco Pianeta in Belfast–, repaired in one of the terraces presented in a historic vest in front of 100 million people in a stadium like Wembley. ¿Fue el cierre de su carrera


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