Elliot Page, about the transition: “Luké against an intense depression”

Convert one of the most famous trans planet planets into a painstaking process for the actor Elliot Page. The protagonist of the series The Umbrella Academy relata ahora en an ensayo how to create a skin in the body that does not reconcile and la “Great joy” that the report hacks the transition to poder “Verse actually” a sí mismo.

In a magazine published in the magazine Esquireel 35-year-old Canadian actor rememra su infancia, su carrera y algunos de los momentos dolorosos de su vida como los problema con la komida, as well as la ansiedad o los atike panico pan los que tu connect.

“You can not exaggerate the main allegory, which is actually a poem. If demos are different from me, I try to compare them with each other. It is indescribable ”, write the actor who in December 2020 revealed that he is transgender. “When I say that nunca habría podido imaginare sentirme así, lo digo with each of my sentions”.

Even if you live in different moments, you can still live in a school in Canada and have an adult. “Acoso te pone en un lugar en el que, m ads adelante, tienes que desaprender mucho. “If you have insults and diarrhea, it is impossible to say that you do not have a meta dentro, sobre todo, when you feel like a virgin”, recuerda.

If you do not see the cap on the “peor” day, specially search for the posterior stage of the “Juno” movie, following the pen pentaba that by the famous serpent and the other diner does not just lie down but feel like a liar vestido, for example, on the outside of the film.

Elliot Page
Elliot Page

“I do not want to react. It seems that the gentile endeavor that is better than me literally, literally ”.

Your cinematographic projects will start and succeed. “The principles or media of the vein años, no sabia cómo decirle a la gente lo mal que estaba. Me reprendía por ello. You are living the life and your life is established in reality, and all this is established successively. “With the embargo, for example, when I set up ‘Inception’, I practically could not get out of the hotel in the one I love,” she recalls.

“Luché contra la comida. Contrasting depression, anxiety, severe panic attacks. No podbaya trabajar. Había días en los que sólo only a reunion and salon de mi casa para ir a la reunón y tenía que dar la vuelta. There was no way to make a guinea, no podía. It’s one of those places that tastes better, but it’s not like it, it’s not like it at all ”.

Page affirmation that nuns can be seen as a girl, not as a woman, many men as a woman, as it is heard that the impulse of many people to commit suicide and to identify with others.

“Sí, identify me profundamente. And not only with the direct and conscious act of hacerlo, but also with eco-laces that cover a lot of weight or in those that are full of panic attacks and with very different variations. “These are all things that can easily be traced back to the hack,” he said.

The announcement of your transition and posterior surgery is given an odorless permeable chamber.

“¿The reaction to my transition? I do not expect it to be great. In terms of the real caliber of the respondent, the wind is what it is: love and affection of many people and odio and cruelty and venus of other things. Armory room as gay in 2014, and it is different. Transphobia is tan, tan, tan extreme. “Odio and cruelty are much more incandescent.”

One day or another, he tends to harass the episodes of the odio, as he leads a man in the grin in the beautiful call “v Te voy a matar, puto maricón!”. Experiences such as this are algebra that in your opinion do not involve what I call the “sensitive demasial”.

The range of odio messages

“Every one of our nostrils is the kind of thing that LGB people say: pedophiles, mentally ill, if they should be allowed to enter the dressing rooms. Es lo mismo. Es lo mismo. But the politicians are saying ‘¡Oh, mierda! ¡This is working! ‘ “And this is what I mean,” he warned.

“There is a lot of electrons doing that, essentially, transgender people are responsible for the very end of existence. This degree of rhetoric is actually alarming and horrible. “There is an infinite amount of misinformation, and the gentile will be created.”

Against these odio messages, Page tambourine llam the attraction about haromas bromas al respect. “Las Bromas has an impact that hires the guy. Entering that the person can think that he is not. Intending not to hack with intention. Pero: no es chiste. No es chiste. Te crees lo que dices. Te lo crees. It’s not a broma. Ellos lo creen. It is clear that it is not a scent ”.

“Do you know what we are saying: ued can you favor and listen to the child who is the cause? It’s all that we are trying to decipher. This is literally all that we are dealing with. Y luego nos llenan de odio por decirlo. Pero lo siento: son ustedes los que no quieren tener la conversacije. They used to say that they were sensitive enough that they could not accompany the dam: “Oye, can you not eat this?”.

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