Elliot Page and the depression that he synthesized before the transition: “Casi me mata”

Elliot Page following the feast of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, last year (REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)
Elliot Page following the feast of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, last year (REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni)

Elliot Page does not have the “huir” sensation from his skin that the sentinel is sent to Ellen’s lamp and the products in it are the only places that do not burn. This is what the 35-year-old Canadian actor revealed in a recent interview with Esquire magazine, since he was unable to make transgender declarations and convert them into one of the most influential voices in the trans.

The protagonist of Junothe movie that made its name on Page 2007, relat that lasting the promotion of the quintess and lasting the tempo of the prizes “establishes encrypted, vested with heels and all the look: no estaba bien y no sabia cimo hablar de eso con nadie”. On the other hand, it’s the record-breaking game that only fame and dinero and solo only that use a vestido. “Esa mierda literally lite casi me mata”, says in the summer edition of the magazine.

The situation is affected by the effect of grabbing. “Durante el rodaje de Inception (2010), practically not going to the hotel where I was staying. Burning with coma, intense depression, anxiety, and severe panic attacks. No pude functional. Había d enas in which solo only a reunion and salon of my house for ir and only that regresar. Era incapaz de leer un guión. It’s one of my favorite activities, but it’s not even close ”.

On the outside of Juno at the Toronto Film Festival, this is where the Fox Searchlight product line comes in handy: Even though his abdomen and arms are toned, as he is in the door and in the magazine photo session, he wears an epoch of curtain and ties with panic-stricken people who have collapsed in action.

“This is a manifestation of the trauma and malest essay that is a disproportionate problem for transgender people,” said the Oscar-nominated actor according to Juno’s paper.

“¡Te voy a matar, maldito maricón!”

Elliot Page, who loves public homosexuality up to the age of 26, emphasizes the transient physical transition that declares as trans people and expects them to shine with their new name and pronoun él / ellos. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021 I was shocked to find myself “atrapado” lasting years.

Junto a sus co-protagonistas en
Fighting with their co-stars in “Juno”, Jennifer Garner and JK Simmons, at the Oscars this year (REUTERS / Brian Snyder)

In an interview with Esquire, the persistent stigma attached to trans people and their other sexual orientations or diversity was expressed: He advised that “there are persons with loads of electives which, in essence, transgender persons are responsible for the very end of existence”.

Por esa razón también evitaba salir de los hoteles. One day a man insulted her in the caliber saying “v Te voy a matar, maldito maricón!”. To clear and close the gate of the edifice, recite another amenaza: “¡Por eso necesito un gun!”.

Upon closing the page, Page publishes a selfie with an upgrade note by the message messages. One of the comments that the hicieron fired from a man who said: “Oh, yes, as a hot guy to describe something very sensitive”. Ante eso, Page se lamenta le në nustra sociedad equip masculinity with the emission of emotions. “It’s a horrible way to live,” he commented.

From odio messages to an “oleade of creativity”

Además hablar’s tastes in the kitchen, his favorite books, his writing routines and his love for exercise, in relation to the Manifesto of the “creative oleide” that the experiment was given, deprived of a transition that the nanny fleeing the world and assimilating as a policy of trans community.

Seek money, además to write songs with a friend of infancy, complete the border of a book and write a guión with a friend. Page suele trabajar con sus amistades y lleva tatuado el nombre o el apodo de algunas en el kuerpo. One of them is actress Catherine Keener, who buys bus and lives with Page when she lives in a hotel. In its full 21, Keener prepares a surprise fiesta that assists with special regular invitations, which terminate “literally tattoos” on the body.

About the paper en The Umbrella Academy, that the exterior is among the most temporal on Netflix, the affirmation of which is “the special that is interpreted by a character at a very fast pace, evolving with a family of characters”. In the series, the character who plays the glamorous Viktor in Vanya’s place.


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