Emilia Clark podría regresar en el ¡MANDOVERSE!

The movie Solo: A history of Star Warsone of the small fractions in the order of the franchise, but one of your persons can return to MANDOVERSE!

It is much better to analyze the phrase in detail on the part of the film Han Solo, which only recovers more than 392 million dollars in total in the world with a output of 275 million dollars. Directors that contract in the first instance, Phil Lord and Chris Miller (La Lego Película), firefighting during production and replay by Ron Howard; a lot of critiques by the specialty princess (and I especially like that the actor is not Harrison Ford, it is a very defrutable movie), it says “A special adventurous defectuo pero divertida y trepidante”. Quizás the general staff of los fans tras el streno de Star Wars episode VIII: The Last Jedian ante antes provokes that the film does not tuck the asparagus.

This phrase provokes the chanting of a single plane, the scene behind the credits of the movie that Darth Maul saw as the criminal detras of Crimson Dawn, with Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra convicted in his hand. As well as a possible spin-off from Donald Glover Lando, project that ultimately supports the Disney + series.

The fans want more

The embargo on Star Wars fans has been going on for a long time, since it’s been rolling down the aisle (Ron Howard has stated that the encampment is back); or see a new one in the Land of Glover, which, in view of the fact that it is a reality, is being pursued at the actor’s agenda.

Pero hay a persona de Solo, which includes fans, and is Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra, the fatal woman who finally legitimately belongs to the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate and Maul. Qi’ra regression to Star Wars in the chemical miniseries War of the Bounty Huntersand its continental history en Crimson Reign mientras busca destruir a los Sith. But his journey continued in the real action series of Lucas Film.

Chewbacca con Qi'ra en SOLO: A Star Wars story
Photograph with Chewbacca with Qi’ra in SOLO: A Star Wars story

In an interview with Screen Rant en la Star Wars Celebrationel guionista de SOLOJonathan Kasdan que acudió para presentar la WILLOW seriesconfess that there is only confusion in which to place a second one, and that we must see what follows with Qi’ra:

This is the guise of Lucasfilm

«Creo que sí. It seems that all of us who have succeeded and how much Qi’ra has advanced through the world, have been involved in the criminal unions ».

Kasdan también señaló that has discussed the history of Qi’ra with shorrunner de The MandalorianJon Favreau, who is a fan of the movie:

“Hablé with Jon Favreau (Responsible for Mandoverse) respectively, and he is a great admirer of Solo and algunas of the worlds that we build. Y dije: ‘Bueno, tú eres el tipo para resolverlo’. Always search for it in order to live the history and the continent ».

In addition to the actual Star Wars narrative, Kasdan and space for other characters from Solo dejen su huella en las proximas adventuras de Lucasfilm:

“Star Wars is one of the most diverse directories. Specifically, this is a trailer by Andor hoy y pensé: ‘Bueno, Enfys Nest aparecerá en algún lugar de la serie’. As the tense of the expulsion of the essence of persons continent with the diaries in those who establish ».

You can watch the full interview continuously

Pod How do we view the Qi’ra regression at Disney +?

Lucasfilm clearly has a plan for Qi’ra, which is one of the fundamental characters in Marvel’s chemists before they leave. The contracting empire. The Charles Soule miniseries trilogy is scheduled to end with The Hidden Empirelo debería dar a los fans a mejor idea del futuro de Qi’ra, cómo, si pudo sobrevivir a la ira de Darth Vader y el Emperador.

During the previous period a The book by Boba Fett, the prevailing theory of the era that Qi’ra and Crimson Dawn are revealed as the main antagonists of all of the Crimean protagonists. This is the end result of what Boba said to the Pyke or Cad Bane trade union to liberate the city of Mos Espa. Fett’s story at the moment is now Tatooine’s saccharin, with the finale of the instinctual tempo of the search for other adventures.

Boba Fett has a lot to offer

The Book of Boba Fett: Actriz sabia has established itself in a Star Wars series

Boba Fett was initially advertised as a limited series, due to the popularity of the characters and the large number of audiences sure that Disney and Lucasfilm considered a second tempo for Fett, or that it was invoked in another Mandoverse series. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are interested in Fett as one of the key figures in this universe, but they can expect to be new in the current time. The Mandalorian.

The pen flutters that Favreau is not only a Solo fan, but also taps south on a paper. The escort and actor are already flying to Rio Durant’s desk, which accidentally finds a fatal discharge from the principle of the film. Any discussion with Jonathan Kasdan about the history of Qi’ra and other solo characters can be very interesting, and the conjecture that the producer’s concurrently with this story is an augmentation for the inclusion of Crimson Dawn and the mystery in the Mandoverse.

You can see the times of The mandalorian and the first time The book by Boba Fett with your subscription a Disney +.

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