Emilia Mernes: “The first person to create in me, fui yo misma”

Singing and composing, if you want to conceive and form part of a band, now you are one of the most talented soloists of our time. Emilia Mernes is the Caja Negra resident of this week.

Esta semana sacó su primer disco Tu crees en mí? and in dialogue with Julio Leiva explicitly stated: y digo: ‘Yo creo en ti como lo dijo Reik ok, tú crees en mí?’. small town, between rhos , when I decided to record the live music scene, I kissed a little bit complicated with my vocals, with my family. even though the project was created and that I did not succeed in I want a first moment “.

The reconnaissance can be said to have taken place by flight to Nogoy: “It’s very local. It’s very close to my house, it’s too timbre and it’s rare. on the ground, when I tighten my mom’s plateau, my perrito, my miss “, emotional emotion and hizo reference to your friends: “It’s important to have a vantage point. It’s very difficult to decompress with a set of cosmos and you do not have to worry about what is actually going on in the dam, which is small or small.”

Emilia was one of the few people to be bullied and bullied publicly because other guys could feel embarrassed: “A person with me in college and a pony all of them can be counted against me. I’m only 17 or 18 years old. the wind blows uncontrollably. ¿Whenever there is a leader and you are like Santa Claus for all but the contradiction? it’s history because there are so many girls who have what it’s and the solution is ayuda “.

Among the iconic brilliant abbots of ojos, Emilia is a brilliant one in the world: “I like a bastante 2000 look, which goes with the music that is haciendon. as a search, as well as a creative search in the music tambiéent sent that it is a creative search in the dressing room and treating, and it is good that we are not distracted because there are not all cortados with the full mass and no “.

“There is always a sense of humor, the majority of time. Creo that I can only eat with me and then with me as I do so automatically from the sadness and from the sadness to treat the situation. Pero porque hoy me incuentro en a good moment and porcelain I feel very balanced “, sostuvo sobre cómo es en el día a día.

Subía covers songs on their social networks and convocaron para part of Rombai, a band of form. Pero después se separa para tener su carrera como cantante solista: “Cuando lancé mi primera cancion fue bastante flashero. Dije: ‘Bueno, ya está. Estoy sola’. “I’m not saying that I’m listening to the first songs that are sung, that I’m given them a little bit of credit and that they do not represent me.

Emilia remixed the work of Big One and FMK: “I feel that I have a lot of potential and I am able to find my essence and my style. It is 100% potent. “There is a lot of energy, a lot of vibration and a lot of all that is very professional and talented, because it is following Big One, but for example, it is a place where you know that human beings are great.”

The Argentine artist has a great deal of interest in animal protectionism: “I find myself refusing. “Su sufran, que se los maltrate. No tolero nada de eso”.

How do you get the black tea from your screws, what is the moment you play in Emilia? amo “.

Hacia the final of the interview se abre la caja negra. Comingza unesperaío inesperado. Semana a semana una figura se someterá al living para dialogar y reflexionar. Are you animated to record the moment you click a click?

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