Enzo Fernández has all the list for Irse de River to Benfica: the offer is irresistible for the mediocampista

Decision tomada. Benefit advanced and funded by Enzo Fernández. This is a contract passage. Mientras River strives to contract delater in a range of different passes, the Portuguese having no chance of losing the opportunity and one of the biggest appearances of the latest in Argentine football and raising a formal average of 21 a.m. 18 million gross euros per 75% of the pase and a contract for the adjacent cinco temporadas. And the acuerdo is al caer.

Según pudo saber LA NACION, solo details details to formalize the transfer of Enzo Fernández, quien pidió quedarse in the plant of Marcelo Gallardo hasta the finalization of the Copa Libertadores. This is a crucial situation for the footballer as well as for the technical body in Portugal, which takes a toll on how much River’s term participates in the continental tournament. With the CD millionaire in the cantilever case, Europe confirms that the trajectory is a pitch and can be resolved at the earliest times of the ultimate contractors.

The 21-year-old footballer who plays for River is now finalizing the Copa Libertadores
The 21-year-old footballer who plays for River is now finalizing the Copa LibertadoresAlfieri Mauro – La Nacion

This way, en Néez se quedarán con un 25% del pase en su poder -con intention to negotiate when Benfica decide revenderlo- embolsarán between 12 and 14.7 million net euros, which remains to be understood by the footballer which part or the total of 15% corresponds. Florentio Varela’s exchange rate: Defendant and Justice save 10% of transfer by opening windows through Fernández’s deposit and depositing 1.33 million limpio.

The other color operation from the Buenos Aires region Rui Pedro Braz, sporting director of Benfica and concluded the negotiation. The media may be the first formal reunion between emissaries of the Portuguese club, the representative and the footballer, which conforms to the project and the possibilities of creating in a club window through the European football. Así, with the aval of President Rui Costa, the Anguillas decide to accelerate for Enzo to get the Uruguayan darling Darwin Núñez to 100 million euros (between fijo and bonos) a Liverpool. And it looks like competitors Wolverhampton y Milan, ninguno aceptó ni el dinero ni las conditions that claim the millionaire conductors.

Enzo Fernández, one of the key pieces of Marcelo Gallardo's team that sails the River from south to Benfica
Enzo Fernández, one of the key pieces of Marcelo Gallardo’s team that sails the River from south to BenficaPhotobaires

Match 50 games and score 12 goals with River shirt, Fernández empieza a despedirse last terms of details of your contract until 2027 with the Portuguese institution. If you want to win the Copa Libertadores, you’re a big fan of the riverplatense fanatic. And in the near future, the official hacker will say that, before the end of the year, his new destination is Benfica.

Most of Julián Álvarez’s contingent, it’s the transition that River tuvo en’s ultimate time to see much more levadera and exhaust por en rendimiento de Enzo Fernández. Lionel Scaloni is the first to sign on to the principles of November 2021 -junta with Simon, Zeballos and Medina- in order to establish contact with the “selection world”. One to follow the generated and future release, after the presence of Enzo Fernández to adjust the time. It’s what ocurre with footballers que rompen el molde.

Since FIFA has completed the list of 26 players, including Enzo de River, under the direction of Pérez, the final decisive factor is to find a place to play for Qatar.

From these years, Argentine football is mainly made up of dealers and defenders of international level. The deficit is largely due to mediocampists capacities to interpret the game, to unite lines, to cut amplified spaces, to load a rival that spins the pelvis and to break lines to jump on it. Carencia fue bastante cubierta with jugadores of the characteristics of Rodrigo De Paul and Giovani Lo Celso.

The alternative bath can be amplified with Fernández, which works perfectly. It is a key piece in Gallardo’s gear, which has various variations: “It’s the creation of a jug that blows. Es muy completo, siendo joven, se destaca. I like the fact that the denture of the functional area, Toma vuelo propio, más allá del equipo. “Rational arrangement, it must be a level that is constantly evolving.”

With an aggressive posture on the cane of “Cholo” Simeone, Fernández is waiting for the mark and shot with the jaw. When moving to apo apoya with assistance or remotes from remote media. It is the modern flywheel that satisfies the historical needs of football. The class of leader that is the style of a team.

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