Ephemeris of hoy: which is June 4th | Hechos que ocurrieron en la Argentina y el mundo

En las ephemerals of the 4th of June sobresalen estos hechos que ocurrieron a día como hoy in Argentina y el mundo:

1943. Derrocamiento de Ramón Castillo

Un golpe militar derroca a Ramón Castillo. He was a member of the jury as vice-president of Roberto Ortiz in 1938. Castillo ortizino’s camouflage to normalize a country without fraudulent choices. Conservative of the purebred, after the presidential candidacy of Robustiano Patrón Costas, exponent of the ruling aristocracy. With that in mind, a group of officials tossed the bottom and bottom of the Infame Decade. Asume and General Arturo Rawson, who was republished three times by General Pedro Pablo Ramírez. The military regime, hegemonized by the GOU (United Official Group), is the germ of peronism.

1946. The first presidency of Perón

Juan Domingo Perón asume su primera presidencia. Exactly three years after the ascension to Castillo, Argentina flew to see the end of the Constitution and with a glorious surge of limp elecias. The position of the Secretary of the Secretariat of Trabajo and the Prefecture, as well as the position of the Minister of Guerra and the Vice-Presidency. October 17, 1945, the popular manifestation that pidió su liberation le hizo ganar the party against its opponents in Ejército. On June 4, 1952, he was ousted from the presidency, having been ousted by the 1955 goal.

1975. El Rodrigazo

Se produce el Rodrigazo. The new Minister of Economy, Celestino Rodrigo, announces the package of media that exchanges the industrialist model. In the midst of a deep crisis with inflation and economically significant, Rodrigo devalued the currency, increasing the precision of public services and fuels up to 180 per cent and imposing salar balls and parity accents. Inflation is dispersed and has been unabashed. For the first time, the syndicalism, the pressure from the bases, the hare a pair and a goberno peronista. Recognize as intellectual author of the program to Vice Prime Minister Ricardo Zinn, an ultraliberal who disturbs the lines of the economic plan of the dictatorship. Rodrigo, who was astonished by the two antennae to announce the medias, lasted a month and a half in the cargo.

1987. La sanción de la Ley de Obediencia Debida

See the song by Obediencia Debida. The norm is the answer to Ra gl Alfonsín’s goblin’s almanac of Semana Santa. Edited by the Secretariat of Justice, Ideler Tonelli, the amplitude of the final point of the Final Point respecting the elements of the dictatorship. If you want to complete processes that have already been reported before a placement of the criminal action, now guarantee the impossibility of all the body of the official. The Obediencia Debida stipulates that the official formality of the superior mandates and the robo of the babies is the only delite because the cause can be removed. The lyrics follow the results of Carlos Menem. Fueron annulled by Congress in 2003 y declared unconstitutional in 2005 by Corte Suprema.

1989. The end of repression in Tiananmen Square

Conclude repression of protesters protesting in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. Chinese students have all commented on the death of reformer Hu Yaobang on April 15. The very movement of reforming policies and the freedom of the princess. A gap of 100 million people was alerted to the Communist Party apparatus, so that it would be able to reach its destination. On May 20, he declared his martial law and repression. The demonstrators set up barricades and resistors until June 4, when the Tiananmen Plaza was vacated. The most intense image of the protest is always there, when a man is frowning on a tank and imposing his advance lasting one minute. To calculate that pudieron news has killed up to 10 million people.

2017. The death of Juan Goytisolo

In Marrakech, Marruecos, muere el escritor español Juan Goytisolo. He was born in Barcelona in 1931, and his brothers Louis and José Agustín are also dedicated to literature. Entre sus novelas destacan La resaca, The island, Identity sessions y Juan sin tierra. In 2014 le conceido el Premio Cervantes.

Además, es el International Day of the Innocent Victims of Aggression.


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