era genial, pero también un esperpento

Si hay un titulo de la saga Resident Evil that podría consider the most querido por los fans es, sin lugar a duda, su cuarta entrega. Resident Evil 4 is a game that, as soon as it is sold, is locked in obra legendariaand it’s that there are all sorts of reasons to try, even if it’s a lot of terrorist men that have antiseptics, but with a very, very personal personality.

Ayer pude echarle un vistazo al trailer de remake que los fans llevan años esperando, y no pude evitar pensar en lo los aspects that preoccupied me it is a new project. Y es que Resident Evil 4 is a mega special game, and especially for our players, the Spanish audience of the title.

RE4 only has the chemical incantation that Capcom must approve in the remake

It’s impossible to get news of our last few years that this work has been done and is not going well in a recitation contest of phrases such as “Detrás de ti, imbésil“o” Morir es vivir, morir es vivir “. Pero, ¿por qué es así? Resident Evil 7 y Village or the remakes of 2 and 3), it is possible to consider that, with their idols, RE se toma a sí misma bastante en serio, pero Resident Evil 4 no era así.

Mounts of lingos de coyo coryo valued at 5000 pesetas, zombis que gritaban with mexican accent pese a ser españoles y frases cringe of Leon as perfectly matched by a dinghy of Antenna 3 is part of the way he hiccups and is also the title that falls on the fine line between the terrorist and the purely memetic. If you fall into other games, this is due to the small car parts and more, when painting in Resident Evil 4 is impossible to separate from this type of anecdotes. For me, and for the most part, the absurd, surreal and chemical form part of Capcom’s DNA.

For a purely anecdotal example, I have this theme with my friend Ana, alguien that has not been found in the saga I say algún motivo “. This perception is something that tracks people who do not have it shooter of terror. Do not be fooled by the decision of the hacer that the title fueze tan bizarro fue algo consciously or as it is a mezcla between your relaxed tone and the complete inhalation of the Japanese team for represent our countrybut the theme is what is meant as part of what you define.

The problem, frankly, is that the opinion that the day of the hoy is not solo can be replicated in its remake, since it is damp. Although it has been around since 2000, it is often (intentionally, unintentionally) graceful and iconic, and so on. se sentiría raro, casi inapropiado y ajeno a su timpo, y me da la sensation de Capcom sabe that in 2022 is the type of cosas Only serian pasto de cringe.

For other people, I think this is what the potential of the new project is all about. In order to get a 1: 1 remake of the game, Resident Evil 4 that comes with updated graphics, the studio has the opportunity to use other aspects that have been downloaded from the original to create an alternative version that explores new fronts. It’s completely solo and extravagant in a dungeon where the razor blade but its auscultation is that, having reserved a resounding Resident Evil Village, you can get creative ideas to revisit Leon’s adventure.

Resident Evil 4

From the impression that the remake is more serious

In general (and I am aware that this is a joke based on a fast-paced short thriller and not exactly in content), with the sensation that Resident Evil 4 has allied itself with a little bit of a little bit of its predecessor, and so on. me preocupa y me interesa and iguales parts. In most cases, you may not be familiar with the title unless you have a tendency to use it. But then again, the biggest result of a game of terror is that our haggard is now trampled underfoot by others and memorable moments of sit-downs in front of which we are experiencing a bizarre era.

De momento, voy a optar por sobreponerme a mis dudas y be optimistic with the team detraás del juego. And that, because of their preoccupations, our saga has been going through a lot with the latest highlights, and that in Japanese business you have a lot of hope in experimenting with and renovating your brand before you need one. segunda edad dorada.

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