“¡Estamos predo y sigue tirando!”, “¡No era a matar!”: The video with the full file of Hyena Barrios in the penalty area of ​​Campana

The ex boxeador is offline to add to your ex, María Soledad Muñóz

Rodrigo La Hiena Barrios volvió a ser noticia for one playing with your dog in the Campana penalty area. Infobae tuvo acceso al full video of a content that comenzó amistosa pero que con el pasar de los segundos fue tomando chief violencia y pudo ser m graves grave.

Wave record that the Tigris orbit is one boxeador profesionalwhich is allied to the first plans for extra-exporting questions, siguió peleando hasta el año pasado. María Soledad Muñóz, Barrios brindaba classes in your box box, with serious problems, especially serious economic problems, due to the attack on your ex,

Boxing suit after February 20, 2021 against Jonathan Barros, fue histórica porque por primera vez peleaban dos argentinos ex campeones mundiales. Ese day, in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, La Hiena perdió by decisón unánime y fue su’stimo combate oficial.

Without embargo, this game in the puddle can be traced to tragedy and not only because of the importance of a boxer like Rodrigo, a super-full-fledged boxer from the World Boxing Union (WBU) and the OMB, who have up to 45 points with power and precision in all of these small deals. Además, este improvised combateapenas con box box saws and buccal protectorsse dio on a patio of the cart of Campana, armed as if it were a ring, but without prevention how to make quadrillers.

Fueron more than two minutes that the patient waits of La Hyena, which you are about to take other presses que arengaban en un principiopero que luego al ver la violencia with the fact that pegaban are contrincant, lanzaron varias advertencias. “¡Tranquilo!”, “¡Bueno, bueno!”, “Ya está, ya está”, “Un es un arrebato ese ehh, I wonder if I practice with a friend! ”, “Am Estamos predo y sigue tirando!”, “Est te estamos diciendo fue!”.

In the end of the video, which was published by the site Boxeo Mundial se oye decir a La Hiena “Disculpame …” and mediate the brand on the ground: “No era a matar eh”. If the respondent: “No no, ya sé”. The sound of an abrasion and the applause from the rest of the present, Barrios repite, dejándole in clear of their “sparrings” that the hawk connected various variegated balls: “No era a matar”.

Rodrigo Barrios was found dead in Campana’s penalty area after he was attacked by his ex, María Soledad Muñóz. On the way, La Hyena was transferred to C Camprcel de Campana, when it actually completed the preventive price, it was permanently close to the places where it was sent to the Commissariat 1 of the Tiger.

Fue in March of this year, the Justice of San Isidro dictates the preventive approach to Rodrigo Barrios, in the margins of a cause due to generosity in which a woman has the news of the news golpado and amenazado with a weapon when visiting the inn of Rincón de Milberg. In a fall of 25 pages, to which your access is Telam, the guarantor game 5 of San Isidro, Diego Martínez, the input of “La Hyena” the delta of “levies aggravated by the valve and through the media of generosity and amenazas agravadas by the use of weapons, in real competition ”.

Además, the magistrate argued that prisión preventiva de Barrios al presumir “A flight of fire” and a “probationary entropy” of the charge, the quality is based on “the expected pen and the constants of the input, the resulting results are clear indicators that the input does not appear in the process”.

In his indignation, Barrios neglected the hackers and said that the situation in the world had been revived, that in reality the beekeeper had been hacked and the habeas corpus was denunciated by ten marijuana plants.

In 2014, the ex box boxer was condensed 3 years and 7 months ago by the late homicide of the young man Yamila González, who was tempted to jump with his other truck that atrophied the victim, in a hurry 2010 in the delinquent city of Mar del Plata. Judicial rulings indicate that, as the Mar de Plata tribunal has informed the Tiger fiscal department that the pen was recruited to be published in 2018, but no news has been leaked to it since it was condensed but it is still new, Barrios said. resident.


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