Evaluna Montaner and Camilo: thus began the love story of the couple who today celebrate the arrival of their daughter

Montaner currency And Camillo Echeverry they wear one of the the most tender and dearest relationships in the world entertainment and music. They have millions of followers around the world, they are married since 2020 and they are parents of Indigohis first daughter.

United by music, Evaluna and Camilo. Photo: Twitter.


this love story between Evaluna, daughter of Ricardo Montaner, and Camilo started 2014 when the two met to launch of a baby shampoo on Colombia. They introduced themselves, they met, but it didn’t go beyond a photo and a dedication for a song that the Colombian had taken. “At that time it was very normal because she had a boyfriend and I had a girlfriend,” the singer told her on the channel. Youtube.

“I wrote him in a direct message on Twitter, ‘hey, look what I just found, which was the single, I hope it’s okay, I hope God bless you, etc.’

In the video in which they explained how they met, Evaluna assured that it was she who wrote to him after their meeting. “I wrote to you for a direct message on twitter‘Hey, look what I just found, which was the single, I hope it’s alright, I hope God bless youetc “, he assured.

“Hey, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately (…) I told him boldly: ‘hey, this direct message on Twitter is super complicated, it doesn’t notify me when the messages arrive, does it?pass me your whatsapp? ” he told. With several conversations video calls and text messagesthe relationship began to grow until it became inseparable.

The cutest couple on social networks. Photo: Instagram.


The Colombian revealed that he felt very nervous and his hands were sweating even just from seeing the daughter of Ricardo Montaner until after a few exits she asked him to be hers wife she accepted. Medialunathe theme he released on his album For the first time in 2020 he finished conquering the actress.

By formalizing their courtship, they created different projects What songs and a YouTube channel where they shared theirs adventure. Furthermore, the relationship with the parents of each one has been strengthened even more. The results of these alliances would be expressed in songs like ‘stranger‘,’Mouth’among others.

They also performed “For the First Time”, a song in which they express what feel the being able to wake up together and love each other. “For the first time a beautiful sunrisefor the first time what I want and need, for the first time today heaven sleeps with mefor the first time I was born again with you, ”says the song.

They said yes in Miami, in an emotional religious ceremony. Photo: Instagram.


Before the world collapsed coronavirus pandemic, Ricardo Montaner gave his youngest daughter at the altar in February 2020. The ceremonyattended by the family and friends of the spouses, was held You love me. The couple shared some of the most emotional moments of theirs social media where they received many comments and likes from their thousands of fans.

The newlyweds spent theirs moon of honey in French Polynesiain particular in Bora Borawhere they enjoyed their first days as spouses, which documented through the images that were part of the video Favoritewhich was also included in her album Por Primera Vez.

Indigo, first son of Evaluna and Camilo. Photo: Instagram.

“We don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy. He will be born at home, through a midwife, in a very natural way. There is a very special emotion because he is my daughter’s baby.”


Evaluna and Camilo announced the premiere of their video Indigo and his fans have gone crazy ever since the clip became an announcement to the whole world they would be parents.

Indigo, as his firstborn will be called, is a homage to love And to life who blessed them with the arrival of a new being. Camilo and Evaluna have decided to make a video in which the he tries positive pregnancy of the singer e reactions what their families had when they heard the news of the baby.

Evaluna had several appearances in show business during her pregnancy, carrying her tenderness around the world and showing how her belly grew day by day.

Proud grandparents: Marlene, Evaluna, Indigo and Ricardo. Photo: Instagram.

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