Expectative surprise in Spain for its “unprecedented” reforms at the River Plate Monumental Stadium

The Monumental pass by the largest stadium in South America (Photo: @RiverPlate)
The Monumental pass by the largest stadium in South America (Photo: @RiverPlate)

The works in the stadium Monumental do not detienen. Trace a first part, in which to start the renovation of the cesped by a hybrid (95 by natural and 5 artificial) and to renovate the degassing system, in the final stage of the coma Stage 2, which has as its main objective amplified the has a capacity of 81,000 spectators, which is converted into one of the largest Latin American stadiums claiming a football club.

This news is not available in Spain. Medios como Brand hicieron eco from an agency interviewer EFE with one of the main ideologies of these reforms to complete the transformation of one of the most iconic scenarios of deportation to South America.

César Azcáratethe responsive architecture of the IDOM bathtub company, brindó details about how to get new Antonio Vespucio Liberti. The Spanish, who in passing pass the front of the new camp of San Mamés, San Lorenzo de Almagro, San Carlos de Apoquindo of the Catholic University of Chile, the City of Valencia de Levante or the Stadio de Cerámica de Villarreal, inform que “en las tribunes se renuevan todos los asientos y se generan nuevas plateas populares bajas. We also create new VIP rooms, ‘hospitality’ areas and a restaurant with views of the city or city “. Además advised that “it is a transformation without precedent in South America”.

Render animated of the new Monumental

It is expected that the first part of these works will be inaugurated in February 2023 and will cost approximately 20 million dollars. At this stage the creation of the new grandstands in the sector Sívori, San Martín y Centenario, exchange of shells, renovation of the princess sector, 30 folds in Centenario media, a restaurant, new kitchens (new level of station peatonal access to the plant’s hacia el Estadio), a new Arbitros dressing room, anti-doping control system, audio system and Medical department plant at the Centenario grandstand.

“Working from the club’s manuscript to our conductors here, the project is always in line with the history of the stadium, the hincha and the city of Buenos Aires. It’s historical and emotional cargo that some aspects of the design have to be analyzed by now much more than where and at the local convenience store”, Recalcaron from IDOM.

Initiates prints for Monumental amplification (cariverplate)
Initiates prints for Monumental amplification (cariverplate)

Sequence of Azcárate óptima, an implicit remodeling of a master complex that is a project that is part of everything. “In a remodeling it has to take into account many more aspects, the details of the existing one and some of the new parts that it has to design. However, it is very attractive because it seeks to find the form of poner in the valley that exists and the keys for the better and poner to the one that is projected much more than atres treating the major of the constructor “, concluded.

In the second part, which cost over 20 million dollars and has already reached the end of its finalization in July 2024, the lower anilo with the pictures in Belgium will be folded, 46 folds in the media and it will be fashionable stadium circulation. It also counts more than stationary lanes (402 new seats, completing five levels of station and new peatonal points at a superior level, with a concave-level connection. This modo can be found at 1141 cars).

Other important exchanges that can be observed are the exchange rate in the distribution: 71% of the plates and 29% of the popular ones (57,722 and 23,278, respectively). Tanto detrás del arco de la tribune Sívori com la Centenario, en la actual baja, más la baja inferior a construir, serán populares.

Además of the 20 million who reclaim River Plate as part of the GDN Group, who owns Francisco De Narváez as the main catcher, by naming right to pass through the monumental Monumental, the majority of the rest of the ingresses before the reforms the ingresses mediate the prevention of the futuristic places where the stadium tends. The club is aware that the resuscitation expectation for this stage is $ 1400 million. Other parts of the media the volume of the recitals.


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