Fabiana Cantilo reveals why she does not want to be included in the series about Fito Páez’s screw:

Fito Páez is at the point of accumulating one of its parts: draw a series of bases on your screw. As an embargo, to conclude that you want a great education: the negative of Fabiana Cantilo, its appearance and one of its historical alliances in the screw, to appear represented in fiction. Este sábado, the singer reveals how the treatments should be deactivated on the negative part of the project.

In its radial program, Agarrate CatalinaCatalina Dlugi presents Cantilo as “a legend of national rock”, but not in line with the definition: “There is no such thing as a leyenda, no matter what. That ‘s Highlander’ and that it is passed by all and sundry. Debe ser que el universo me tiene viva para hacer algún type mission. Debo que tener que curar gente con la voz. Definitely, canto para ayudar”.

“Hago a lot for a better person, but no one else … Ya que estamos acá … Voy a Narcoticos Anonymous (NA) hace muchos años y es lo más. The little point that is a sect and is a mentor, a student. It’s the only place where communism is possible: all igua als, no tenemos apellido, nadie te juzga and the only one that queremos is best”, Reveals the singer. Y explicó: “Nadie te pide que hagas nada; si querés te vas, si querés te quedás … Si tienen problemas con las drogas, vayan ahí. No tengan prejuicios. We are famous, and the basurero, and the shadow of the caricature, the se queor that has a diamond, and the duo of the theater, the abogado, all ”.

In another tram of charla, Cantilo contó: “You are 20 years old. In 2001 my friends played me alone in a bowl, with the other guitar. Y bueno … ¡Era una loca! Yo tengo mucha energía y drogada, peor. Entonces, de tanto que jodía me dejaron sola. Empecé a tomar cocaína a los 22 años. On the principle of me pasaba nada y después me empecé a depimir”.

Fabiana Cantilo has a title on his book against the addition
Fabiana Cantilo has a title on his book against the addition

“The subversive verdicts are just what we call drugs, not those that pound bombs and all the politics, which is an opium. I do not know what to do with them. But this is not more than just politics. Me tienen podrida con las peleas. Con todo lo que nos una, ¡vamos! Con lo que genere peleas, no. ¡Me tienen podrida! ¡No va! ”, Protested the first sister of Patricia Bullrich.

Sobre su presente, en sobriedad, indicó: “Hace nueve años y seis meses que no consumo, casi siete. Ponemos feces, because it is important to find the account ”. In other words, Dlugi records the words that Fito Páez’s pronunciation declares as a personal expression of the culture of the City of Buenos Aires and his affirmation, among other things: “Se esmeró, pero … ¡Yo no me acuerdo nada! What I have is that I live … Imagine that I was living the first internment for drugs, that a fire of horror. In 1986, he conquered the horror. Nosotros empezamos el despelote de las drogas con Charly [García] in 1983. conl conmigo vivió lo peor”.

Continent: “Imagine: Los Twist and Charly García. I’m not a member of Charly’s band él se quedó. Vl vivió the principle of horror: parecía todo una joda barbara y yo tenía una gran depresón. Parecía la chica linda, pero no lo era; todo lo que se veía desde afuera, no sucedía. All that’s alive live and what I live with’s, that the mataron’s family, hizo that we juntáramos to suffrir. Nuestra junta fue muy fuerte. Fue lindo y maravilloso, pero además fue muy fuerte. Creo que estaba muy nferma, ¿sabés? Tuve una vida muy fuerte y recién estoy sanando ”.

Fabiana Cantilo in the session for Detectives, debuted in 1985
Fabiana Cantilo in the session for Detectives, debuted in 1985Andy Cherniavsky

“It simply came to our notice then. ¡Yo no quería! ¡Yo soy fóbica! Cuando me dijo que alguien iba a ser de mí le dije: ‘¡No! ¡De ninguna manera! If you count the verdant, no ‘. It’s like a local wind. Imagine those years … ‘If you are counting on the verdict you are counting on it as though -but there are some tremendous-‘, the dije. ¡Fue un despelote! ”, Reveals.

There are so many things in my life, in my family, so many special things that arrange that I do not want to be counted, but at the end of the day. No importa. Coupling is done by a convenience store. ¡Fue un ao de despelote! Él le divierten esas cosas ya mí no. Yo soy diferente. “It’s all approbado, the girl who interprets me (Micaela Riera) is a goddess, pero costó”, relató.

“The divertido is as cheap as it gets, but the diverted hacer of the series. Hail movies, sign books … com It’s like San Martín! It is like a process ”, by definition, between risas. Brue’s a pair of panties from their sentimental present: “Stoy sola, por eso estoy bien. Mis amores nunca fueron sanos. My forms of relations are always like nymphs, entons, ahora estoy tranquila. There are 9 years that do not relate to me. It’s very local, very artistic, and intonation, it can not be done with everything “.

Fito Paez and Fabiana Cantilo
Fito Paez and Fabiana CantiloDiego Lima – LA NACION

Cantilo is a point to recite a series of recitations in Patagonia, and respectively, indicating: “I’ve got all the plate with ‘living the local life’ and I’m waiting for the lab to pay for the alquiler. I do not know what the guest is. Me gasté todo mi capital. At that moment I was forced to move a department and live in a private barrier in Tigris, at the stage of ‘locore’ that agarre me in a recida. Y bueno … Se ve que hice gastos de más … Me iba acá, me iba allá. What happens is that ataba’s atrás de algún señor y gastaba en roadjes, in comidas. Estaba bien, pero no bien del todo. You do not have to pay for what you set up. It is not that it establishes relief, complementary, it establishes more gastadora, it is not that which and because the screw is unstable … No. I do not know what to do, it is very simple, I make small decisions, I do not know what to do with the baby screw. Ahora no gasto en nada. “It’s like a German, not like an Englishman,” he said.

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