Feminist on the fly: by Johnny Depp on #MeToo

The actor Johnny Depp
The actor Johnny Depp

No, not the death of #MeToo. As long as you claim, you can not measure in a single act that miles of work in all parts of it tardamos that can be pronounced at high altitude, not translating into those miles the particular veredict of the medical juicer between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard that the jury is headed to Fairfax, Virginia.

However, the current social climate does not allow Depp to take advantage of the situation. it is not a total triumph, but considering that it seems to differ– to socially abide by the lights and movements of the movement of women; which has been shown to be reasonably concentrated is a generalization – and a machinist – that proves to agitate an egg more than a bribe of false denunciations – which does not prevail in the world by 0.01% -, as if an ice cream cone replaces it be systematic, oblige men to weigh in excesses of a cause which, but just as the sea, has an error of origin.

If we need a memory pack it is easy to find #MeToo responds to a system that does not give us much and much justice. Pero también que no por eso podemos erigirnos nosotras en las nuevas juezas.

#MeToo is set to launch in October 2017, when The New York Times y The New Yorker publishes testimonials from several months that denounced producer Harvey Weinstein for harassing and sexually abusing children over a period of thirty years. For this investigation – led by the periodic integration team of Ronan Farrow, one of Miami’s shadows – media outlets won the Pulitzer Prize. More than 80 months have passed since the industry summed up the evidence against Weinstein, which terminates the product of the Academia del China and has been delivered once upon a time in the medical unit of a correction of Los Angeles.

It’s sure to get a denunciation sequence against men who are all over the world. In the face of comparative experience, many women have even lost their temper due to the history of naturalization of asymmetries of power that forced them to tolerate aggression and abuse, commenting on their stories in social networks.

Decir “Yo también, a mí también me pasó”, era –y es– an abrazo contenedor para las que por fin se animaban a romper el silencio, ya no solo en Hollywood sino en todo el planeta, sobre todo por todavía temían las reprisals de los poderosos por los que habían callado. Era también the reconnaissance of what, for the most part or media, all the sabíamos of which hablando establish. The only way to get rid of amenas is because of the asymmetry of the tal, the tempo and the curtain of the work, the carrera, the posibilidades, the futuro, and the propia vida, which the victims apenas if they resist.

A woman with a #Metoo drive card
A woman with a #Metoo drive card

For this is what también decir “Yo te creo”o “Yo sí te creo, hermana” –The phrase of the scribe Roy Galán to approve of the sub-survival of La Manada in Spain– selects a battle line: it is a visceral mantra, but it is rare that women do not hayamos stage of alguna manera ahí. Y también es injusticeo si lo pensamos in literal form; but as we do not measure them by the sole of the mouth of the woman, we can easily assume that they are created only by the body.

The problem is that, as soon as we get married and have a dissent, the nuns will be tested for machinist violence, and the majority of their cases will be delayed. When the testicles are in the body, the victims who lie down in a denunciation are exposed to the hair follicles and interrogators of all types, who want to be victimized. People who have sex with a single person have their own words. Do not follow the promulgation of a judicial system that has been scrapped, since it has been scrapped. Up to now I have not been able to access it internally.

Wonders that we have animated but hopefully lacked in wisdom but sentiment the collective response of the essay “Nosotras” massive that hizo grito in las calles to part of the mobilization that starts in Argentina with the #NiUnaMenos, in 2015. Mañana se cumplirán exactly exactly siete aso. And I get a message that goes well in the main part of the society from ten entities: creating the victims is the first and most basic thing that we can do by God.

However, this is because the first reaction was directed at #MeToo, as it saw an enormous collective upheaval. Of course, the tortoise will fly: los Weinsteins del mundo ahora nos tenían miedo a nosotras. Thousands of miles to all Occidente share their stories and record the abusers. It obtains a direct response to the Justice’s case: the social condena.

With no formal denunciation hubs — that is, the majority of cases are invisible because victims are silently silenced — they only end up with an instantaneous cast that blows away most of their imports, so they can , the recognition of their pairs. Ghost mismos with those who are silenced by their victims.

Public opinion polls, all about famous people like Johnny Depp, are effective because of their dissemination and multiplicity. A denunciation of abuse or violence in lads or in a column of a diary, how Amber Heard’s love in 2018 when lamented in The Washington Post to convert into one of those public figures that is “representing the domestic abuse”, pronto podium, as if the media more than the victim’s voyage, destrunt a reputation, a life as the conocid era hasta entons. In Depp’s case, it’s implicit to suspend your participation in Disney franchise millionaires, Pirates of the Caribbean, and even if you’s got your superestrel carriage on stand by.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

“I love Cenicienta and other Cuasimodo”, cast the actor to graph against members of the popular Fairfax jury on the basis of its public industry coverage. The demand for 50 million dollars against their ex-wife. Ningún expert esperaba that essay jury found all the culpable of differentiation – not that determines that Heard should pay 10 of these 40 million as compensation and other 5 (reduced to 350,000) by many workers, who should reconsider only 2 out of 100 the contradiction that the initiation due to the difference that took place within 15 months–; sebía que Depp sólo había pulse impulsed la causa para logr that su tam tamnón también fuera tenida en kunta por el gran público.

The one that crashes when the second intentionally cracks its image, deprived of a curtain in 2020 a judgment against the tabloid The Sun. por llamarlo “maltratador de esposas”. If you do not understand the mediocre show and the worldly interest in the case, it is only intentional. Definitely, what you see in this Fairfax room – condado donde se imprime The Washington Post– no eran 40, ni 100, ni 15, ni 2 milones, sino el derego de uno of the best actors of the last three decades to recover their screws and their carrera.

I do not believe that this sea is very small, on the contrary, it is sentient. But many, peros, but empezar, because in the process of a revolution without precedent, and but not at all inextricably disjointed, as many women and women feel as a phalanx that only parezcan dilurse the presumption of ignorance and ignorance as is the legitimate defense. There is a tendency to plant from the principle: that the victims should be brought to justice as a judicial, social and medical body, but ¿Nos habilita eso para ajusticiar por cuenta propia?

I like how Margaret Atwood described it in a 2018 article in which she defended the feminist idiots who asked about the excesses of #MeToo, but who exclaimed as a sign of a legal rotation system: “In terms of frequency, women and other denunciators of sexual abuse do not have an impartial audience traversed by their institutions, but because they use a new hermeneutic: the Internet. The star cayeron of the sky. This is very efficient and is like a massive attenuation lamp. Pero, ¿qué sigue? How does the legal system work if you consider it inefficient, and where do you register it? What are the new power supply agents? “We are not as feminists as we are.”

The Canadian writer, Margaret Atwood
The Canadian writer, Margaret Atwood

I was also shocked by the form in which the Argentine plant was planted by Rita Segato: “What is the opposite of impulse? ¿Punitivism? It does not follow the feminism of enemism, but the politics of enemism is what constitutes fascism ”. Atwood concluded: “Before civil and human rights are given to women, civil and human rights must be heard, including the basis of fundamental justice, even if those who are short of votes have not received a vote. ¿Do good feminists create that only women who have never had sex before? Certainly not. “It’s a lot of money to spend money on this stage of the world in which only men have flags.”

The author of El Cuento de la Criada goes so far as to say that Deborah’s account of what they say is a solo fall or the history of a relation of all the Texas lights, in which it is common to find that maltreatment is bidirectional, like Depp y Heard, you can serve to decapitate all victims: “Para gozar de sus derechos las mujeres no necesitan ser gengeles. “Even the Varone se igiera ser Angels dampoco gozarían de esos derechos, porque no lo son”.

As long as I follow the judgment that you have, it will be fine Heard is not an Angel, as Depp is. The difference is that the women do not know what they are about to create: the very victims do not even bother to enter the equation of Justice. For the sample, click on the button to replicate it in the last few weeks, then trigger some sorts of events that reach the personal trains – borderline and historical personality -; to defend himself from a general point of view, the news is not taken for granted: it should not be ruled out that abusers can be blamed on psychiatrists, and with the embargo only those who denounce the perpetrator of violence will be mentally challenged.

There is a difference, which is that there are no angles and no seals including the capacities of violence like the varones, which are systematically drawn manually by men and not inversely. It’s simple: los varones son m fs fuertes, tienen, por empezar, el poder de doblegarnos por un cuestión de mera índole física, además del poder en un mundo que todavía está deñedado a su medida.

But this is not delusionally impulsive to the myth of the false denunciations by the violence of the genre as hablar of a theory of the demons against the terrorism of the State: it is the marginal opposition against the force that measures the diarrhea. Other than that, the largest form of explanation is with a phrase from Atwood at the end of the story: “Men’s theme that las mujeres se rían de ellos. Women are the topic that men measure ”. And clear that It should only be noted that Heard dejara de rerse él, pero, en todo caso, eso no deberí hacer de ninguna manera que ella ni otras mujeres vuelvan a temer por sus vidas. It does not seem to be “small” victims.


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