Fernando Belluschi’s 11 headlines: “Meno loco” and the ex muscular muscle that “nunca agarraba una pesa”

1-Justo Villas: “One of the best things you can do for a company. Era un arquero muy sure, cuando las papas quemaban, Justo siempre te salvaba. A very centered, straightforward type, always set to kill the young people on Newell’s plant. Because of the shape of the ser and your personality, if you look at what the archers have in place. If you want to apply conditioner to the archer, Villar is one of the archer who knows (risas). Tengo los mejores recuerdos de Justo ”.

2-Jorge Almirón: “An instructor who wants to be on the team at all times, with a very fast pace and intentionally moving at the same time. Jorge is a DT very serious at the time of training, but you do not have a window of opportunity, their training is a lot. From my point of view technically, I have a lot of important concepts that I can apply in my game ”.

3-Pablo Guede: “One of the best interns you have ever had. Pablo me enseñó y me hizo entender que veces se puede jugar desde la experiencia y correr menos. It is a DT that always motivates you and contagia las ganas de ganar. Me enchanted in the form of training, much football and the search of associations. In San Lorenzo in all the months that have passed, we have been in the group, camping for the 2016 Supercopa (San Lorenzo 4 – Boca 0) and joining the final of the 2016 Premier League (San Lorenzo 0 – Lanus 4). Pablo como DT tiene de todo, gritos, futbol y locura para vivir los partidos. He is an instructor who has much more to offer ”.

4-Fernando Gamboa: “El Negro se portó muy bien conmigo. Cuando me dirigió en mi última etapa en Newell’s, me fue de frene, fue claro y me dijo que era lo que pretending to be my game. Always brushed the southern hemisphere with just minutes to go. “Second cycle like Dell from Newell’s term as it does not matter.”

5-American Rubén “Tolo” Gallego: “The trainer who loves me is the footballer he is. A new plant of Newell’s has a mountain of jugadores and Tolo aposto by a pipe, configured in more. Always make sure you play the game with the best egg, before you play more, before you play more than your rival and before you score goals. A DT that tends to train with a sonar and lograba that the group animates animated always to reach. It’s a privilege to drive Newell’s camp with Tolo as an intern ”.

6-Daniel Passarella: “El DT que me dio mayor libertad para jugar. Daniel is an instructor with a strong personality, he goes all the way to what he deserves in the car. My first experience in an enormous club like River, Passarella configured much more than me, with the title and the captain’s coat. A large DT that diffuses much ”.

7-Julio Zamora: “The first trainer to be confiscated in a group of young people who were sent to Salimos Campeones in 2004. With Julio you had an unbeaten debut in Newell’s prime minister, defending Grabinsk. and I do not think so, I have to show that there is a DT offensive. “Negro is a Newell’s emblem.”

8-Guillermo Marino: “¡Guillote is a crack and a friend of fire! A distant juggernaut, tending the game to perfection, ponía the pause at the moment just when nadie lo esperaba. With Guille we live in a mountain of cosmos, climbing a carrera practically from side to side, always wanting around one another. The function that is present in Guillaume Adapted in the technical body of Beccacece is the ideal for it. It’s what the water bath of the river is like at the moment of intense intensity that Sebastián imposes ”.

9-Radamel Falcao: “Sin dudas, the most delantero with the southern one. Fue muy fácil para mí jugar con Radamel. It’s a delandero that no for hacer movimientos, retrocede y la viene a buscar, apoya bien, tira diagonal y si lo dejas mano a mano, te mata, es muy completo. We have shared computers in River and Porto, each with the largest jugaba. Fue un lujo para mi jugar con Falcao, nos entendíamos muy bien, hizo muchos goles por aistencias mías, siempre me lo recuerda y me lo agradece (risas) ”.

10-Marcelo Gallardo: “A footballer with a caliber that can be played. Era un jugador muy intelligent, entendía muy bien el guego, cuando la pelota pasaba por él, con un toque og con un pausa, simplificaba todo. Verlo jugar aprendí mucho de Marcelo. There is no era of unbalanced news about the two words that you read, they just say. Tuve la suerte de jugar con Gallardo, lamentablement no lo tuve as internoten ”.

11-Hulk: “¡A toro! A player with the potential and a strong fortune that you already have in a footballer. Te le ponías adelante y te pasaba por arriba. In Porto, the Villas-Boas trainer will be able to reach the finish line, the Hulk will be able to reach and shoot some fires that hit the middle goal. Nunca lo vi agarrar una pesa pero tiene músculos dónde nunca antes había visto, tiene músculos en los hombros, en la espalda, ¡una bestia! (risas) ”.

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