Festival: criticisms and reports of BAFICI 2022

Organized by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival will be held from April 19th to May 1st [23] BAFICI. In its 2022 edition, the festival, one of the most important in Latin America, brings together the best of national and international directors. For 13 days, the cinema returns to the traditional theaters of downtown Buenos Aires, supporting the reactivation of Corrientes Street. It will have a program designed for all audiences: 290 films with more than 450 face-to-face, of which 223 films will also be screened online, and more than 60 special activities, in more than 15 locations. The programming, the links for booking the ticket and the catalog can be found on the web we live the culture.

Here I leave the programming of the main sections including the criticisms of the films that have been previously reviewed here. As the days go by, new reviews will be added.


– Opening film: Small flower. France / Argentina / Spain / Belgium. Santiago Miter
-Opening short film: Now I know where to find you. Argentina. Diego Berakà
-Opening BAPHICITIS: The rise and fall of the Chop Chop Show. Argentina. Diego Berakà
– Closing film: Come on, I’ll take you there. France. Alain Guiraudi


ghost project. Chile. Roberto Doveris
Fanny walks. Argentina / France. Alfredo Arias & Ignacio Masllorens
career. Argentina. Fiona Lena Brown & Germán Basso
Happer’s comet. United States. Tyler Taormina
six ordinary days. Spain. Neus Ballus
Prince. Germany. Lisa Bierwirth
a great little plan. France. Director: Louis Garrel
Malinzin 17. Mexico. Eugenio and Mara Polgovsky
See you Friday, Robinson. France / Switzerland / Iran / Lebanon. Farahani machine gun
Leonor will never die. Philippines. Martika Ramirez Escobar
The state and me. Germany. Max Linz
The patient. Kilos. Constance Fernandez
the big move. Bolivia / France / Qatar / Switzerland. Kiro Russo
Clementine. Argentina. Costanza Feldman and Agustín Mendilaharzu
The cry of Granuaile. Ireland. Give her foreman
The KEOP / S system. Argentina. Nicholas Goldbart


the middle Agesby Alejo Moguillansky and Luciana Acuña
be eternalby Raul Perrone
smog in your heartby Lucia Seles
Nancy Sport Laundryby Agu Grego
The national teamby Alexander Hartman
Camouflageby Jonathan Perel
Giulia is not getting marriedby Pablo Levy
The futureby Ulises Rosell
the bright fieldby Cristian Pauls
A small package of loveby Gaston Solnicki
The mountainby Sebastian Caulier
Amancayby Massimo Ciambella
Journey to the seedby Maddalena Bournot
Paolaby Firenze Webe


Berenice (Three videoletters). Ecuador, 21 ‘/ Iñaki Otañe
Bitter almonds. Argentina, 22 ‘/ Andres H. Denegri
Jellyfish. Brazil, 127 ‘/ Anita Rocha da Silveira
Do you give up? France, 72 ‘/ Pascale Bodet
Ultimate cinematic show. India, 110 ‘/ Pan Nalin
Rewind and play. France / Germany, 65 ‘/ Alain Gomis
The true story of the biggest hide and seek game in the world. Italy, 11 ‘/ Paolo Bonfandini, Irene Cotroneo & Davide Morando
A thousand cypresses. Italy, 14 ‘/ Luca Ferri
Sent to forge. Argentina, 5 ‘/ Maia Navas
Soul of a beast. Suiza, 110 ‘/ Lorenz Merz
The Mif. Suiza, 110 ‘/ Fred Baillif
We love life. United Kingdom, 29 ‘/ Hana Vojackova
The timekeepers of eternity. Greece, 62 ‘/ Aristotelis Maragkos

EAMI. Paraguay / Argentina / Mexico, 85 ‘/ Paz Encina
Coconut banana. Laziness. Russia, 25 ‘/ Sasha Guschin
The sensitive ones. Colombia / Argentina, 20 ‘/ Paola Michaels
Universal history. Argentina / Mexico, 66 ‘/ Ernesto Baca
Visible animal. Argentina, 17 ‘/ Javier Miquelez
To the circuit. Belgium, 14 ‘/ Olivier van Malderghem
Maternal awakening. Japan, 5 ‘/ Shiika Okada
director. Uruguay, 70 ‘/ Aldo Garay
The case of the missing gods. United States, 70 ‘/ Ross Lipman
little pig. Spain / France, 90 ‘/ Carlota Pereda
Sprout of carnivorous beans. South Korea, 5 ‘/ Seo Sae-rom
Marlén, portrait of hairy boobs. Chile, 12 ‘/ Javier de Miguel
The glow. Argentina, 65 ‘/ Martin Farina
Cangallo and Canning. Argentina / Mexico, 4 ‘/ Azucena Losana
PORN 3079. Germany, 20 ‘/ Daniel Schäfer


With love and determination. France, Claire Denis
diaries. Argentina, Andrés Di Tella
Potpourri. Argentina, Hernán Khourian
Small, slow but steady. Japan / France, Sho Miyake
The United States of America. United States, James Benning
Three floors. Italy / France, Nanni Moretti
Marx can wait. Italy, Marco Bellocchio
The card counter / The card counter. United States, Paul Schrader
A summer like this. Canada, Denis Cote
Mutzenbacher. Austria, Ruth Beckermann
The novelist’s film. South Korea, Hong Sangsoo


future. Italy. Pietro Marcello, Alice Rohrwacher, Francesco Munzi.

Note: These sections will only include movies with reviews written on the site. The rest of the programming You can find here.

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