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Mano dura para el Deportivo Maipú mendocino. The last 23 March, in its stadium, the Omar Higinio Sperdutti, el Cruzado defeated 1-0 a Tristán Suárez with a goal by Bruno Nasta in the 26th minute through Septima against the Primera Nacional.

Era todo felicidad pero, cuando faltaba one minute to start the first time, Cristian Correa, the Lecherro archer, pulling on a projectile (una bengala more precisely) from the local cab when it is available to carry a meta bag.

José Carreras, the referee’s referee’s, after a few minutes of waiting for the recovery of 1, suspends the match and all of them in the arms of the AFA Disciplinary Tribunal, which is young, no doubt …

The decision of the Disciplinary Tribunal

El Botellero, as part of the Tribunal’s decision, must pay a maximum of 300 entries for four hours; recite the quota of three points in the position table; además deberá hacerse cargo de los gastos that provokes a new route from Tristán Suárez to Mendoza, that the deberá continent continues, both in public and in neutral.

The case of the AFA Disciplinary Tribunal that casts Maipú.

The case of the AFA Disciplinary Tribunal that casts Maipú.

The detail in detail

The information of this constituent arbitrator, Sr. José Antonio Carreras, who reports: “In the 43 minutes of the first time, when the visiting archer N ° 1, Correa Cristian Carlos (captain of his team) establishes by affecting a meta bag, arrives from the tribune of the local partiality of a bengal, the quality of impact on the escalator, the motive for which the jugator goes to the sole, an egg that is attached to the belt, it is found that only one brand on the shirt, has medical assistance and leads to the visiting medicine the lavender of the shirt observed in the shoulder of the south hemisphere an identical red mark on the sole of the shirt, with the need for recuperation and weight of the foot, leaving the local captain to search and prepare the No. 1 visitor it is detected and it is manifested that it can not follow the floor in its escalator and that it is detected agitated. Against this, medical ambassadors decide to transfer you to an ambulance to a sanatorium to establish the condition of your lesion. For the procedure to suspend the party at the expense of the local public. It is a fact that the result is currently Maipú (1), Tristán Suárez (0) ”.

Tristan Suarez Cristian Correa

Tristan Suarez Cristian Correa

– On the 31st of Marzo tltimo se dio vista al Club Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza y contestan a fs. 5/15 of these acts manifested among other pomegranates which: visitor (Cristian Correa, haberdashe no matter what the impact on a sparkling bengal cartridge, coming from the popular stage of the stadium. Last approximate information provided by Commissariat 29 of Mendoza Police), the arbitrator suspends the party to the sign that the visitor is not on the continuous floor. : The first is to treat an unfortunate one without any precedent. We do not have access to a permanent ice cone but by a minor individual, whether or not the club identifies and notices access to the stadium and its screw installations. We note that no counting with antecedents is a determinant of the decision to record by the Tribunal (Art 35 ys, 45 ys RD).

Arquero de Tristan Suarez agredido en el partido vs Maipu foto Prensa Oficial Tristan suarez

Arquero de Tristan Suarez agredido en el partido vs Maipu foto Prensa Oficial Tristan suarez

– Agregan that Club Deportivo Maipú is full of disposition of the visiting unit, envying its own medicine to accompany it from the stadium until the hospital is on fire, and that the deportivo director stays in constant contact with it. Correa has reached the airport, while returning to Buenos Aires with the rest of the plant.- Respecting the impact of the bengal, they said: height by quality as Sr. Correa hubiera sido impactod, la propia parabola que debi realized the object for golpearlo in la espalat plan plan that el gupje tuviera the potency adequate as to provoke cada. I recommend the mechanics of the aconite, an egg that sticks to the piss to burn the acidic conduct by the visiting members and conductors of the visiting club: el piso y dijera que no podía continuar. And this is just why it works: as far as relating to the information of the arbitrator is concerned, the reciprocal medical attraction of the gallbladder to the point of the manifest “which can not follow the skin in its escalator and which is agitated”.

The brand in the shirt of Correa.  (Photo: Tristán Suárez)

The brand in the shirt of Correa. (Photo: Tristán Suárez)

– Agrega Deportivo Maipú that in the declaration of the program La voz del Estadio, the arcero manifesto “If you are continent running with the dolor with a quemadura, this is not what you want to do to stop it”. Agrega that from the statement of the footballer surge that podría haber continuous jugando pero no lo hizo para alguna manera enviar a mensajje. It is decided that the unsuspecting of all sportsmen as economical and organizationally inclusive should consider the suspension of a football match, Mr. Correa determines the suspension of the incentive by increasing the role of social concentrator to send a message.

Así le quedó la espalda a Correa.  (Photo: Tristán Suárez)

Así le quedó la espalda a Correa. (Photo: Tristán Suárez)

– último señalan que en el incuentro disputado entre Villa San Carlos c. Cñuelas FC on the day 12/02/2022, a bomb exploding a turret and a footballer and attempted to process the event and dispose of its continuation. However, it should be noted that this should determine the resuscitation of the incubator.

CONSIDERED: When the moment of evaluation of the arresting elements arrives in these actuated, the irresponsibility of the local addicts is impossible, which are determined by the arc defending because the visitor arrives at a bengal which is impacted by the current escalation, tanto in its escalation as in the camiseta, which is definitively culminating with the definitive suspension of the concentrator and transducer of the jugador to an assistive center.

– On the other hand, there is the Tribunal, which must apply to the Club Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza, a sanction of four façades of 300 entries in accordance with the disposal of Art. 80 of the Transgression Regulation and Pen; the quota of three points in the position table and the order of the continuation of the incentive, in a neutral stage designed by the H. Executive Committee, and in public, after the Club Deportivo Maipú, corrects with the guests that the provocation is processed to the team .

– For all exposes it dictates the following:

RESOLUTION: 1 °) Up to 300 entries per four-term term, at Club Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza. Arts. 80, and 148 of the RD- 2 °) Find the deduction of three points in the position table of Club Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza. Arts. 32 and 33 of the RD- 3 °) New threads are available for this process, both in public and in a neutral stage, designed by the H. AFA Arts Executive Committee. 32 and 33 of RD- 4 °) If the Mendoza Club Deportivo Maipú subscribes to Club Tristán Suárez, all guests inherent in the processing will be included. Arts. 32 and 33 of RD


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