Five fundamental discs of national rock that complete 30 years of history

The national rock protagonize the principle of the decadent tense of a transformation that marks in many respects a new recompense of its history. The year 1992, in particular, fue clave en este sentido. Durante esos 12 meses fueron lanzados grandos discos, pero hay cinco fundamentales which by various characteristics prophesy marking an ante and a dispose. Definite of the definitive consonant of Fito Páezdel despegue de Los Fabulosos Cadillacsdel volantazo musical y revolucionario de Soda Stereothe birthplace of “New Rock Argentino” from the debut label Babasónicosand the consolidation of “Rock Barrial” with the first album of Los Piojos.

Fito Páez, “El amor después del amor”

With love as the central concept of the work, Fito Páez alcans with their sexto work from the studio or podium of the best-selling rock of Argentina. A total of 14 songs that can be desecrated to provide a compilation of “great songs”. But, all the themes are part of this disco that marks the fire of generation variations and is transformed into a point of inflection for the carrera of rosary music, tanto in music as well as in composite.


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