Flor Peña and Alejandro Fantino have made their debut in the American trousers

And in the case of Fantino, which has always been despised Intratablesthe animator want to run one of its predecessor programs: Animals Sueltos. Returning the historical cycle of actuality and serial interviews with a significant exchange rate.

In this way, Flor Peña and Alejandro Fantino complete the first prime time of America on the way out LAM mother Dengel de Britothe cycle of spectacles that mark the agenda every night.


LAM cumple 1500 programs: los mejores momentos

LAM cumple 1500 programs: los mejores momentos

Alejandro Fantino despises Intratables: “He sido muy feliz acá”

Alejandro Fantino despise the game of conduction Intratables, trace to the media of October 2021the emblematic periodic program of America Tv que lleva diez años al aire de manera ininterrumpida.

The conductor lives up to the 29th of this month Paulo Viloutaa history of the program, as the cycle goes on and on.

“It takes minutes to decipher the cuts… In television there is no pain, but the menus or the interpretation of the ass or the voice of the ass. No matter what happens to a ball, a football player or a tennis player. I do not want the world of deportation periodicity and apart from a person who is deported, entertained, being this profession a little deported ”, comenzó Alejandro Fantino, quien in which it is positively dilated by the second coronavirus.

Add: “¿Por qué digo lo del bailarín? Porque hoy pensaba que unz vez, hablando con Maximiliano Guerra o con Julio Bocca, ellos me contaban que muchas veces pidieron ir a bailar al San Carlos de Naples, o al Bolshói, oa La Scala de Milan, o bailar en algún buen teatro en Londres , ni hablar del Colón. Even though I have a lot of friends who are football players, some have chosen to join teams because they play in a city or because they feel like the south wind is in a team, in Europe or elsewhere. Intratables is it, it’s a football team, it’s an institution, it’s how you choose to play football and I like the taste of playing in Real Madrid or in Barcelona, ​​or in Inter, in Boca or in River, but a great team ‘”.

“¿Why do you decide to get Intratables to conduct time? It does not matter if the wind blows more quickly than it does in the first half because the contract with America is due. I do not have more than one contract with the channel and it is not answered or not answered because of the questions that are asked by a dynamic that is given through the times of the television. Questions that do not define or depend on me solemnly, depending on the country ”precise the conductor.

“When I offered Daniel Vila to come and lead Intratables with a shotgun. First of all it is a large team and only ganas can be used in a large team as it is. Tuve que dejar algunas cosas muy importantes para mí como, por emjemplo, ESPN. “I work at Disney on an international channel and I’m looking at the number number for it to be as good as it gets in the team.” añadió Fantino.

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Explained by accepting the task of Intratables: “It feels like the wind is blowing through the crowd (the panelists), but people want to get in touch with another political subject like the one in the policy who does not know what Animal Salts is, but the program is only for a few years,” he said. governor or a minister. Y ou voy gratimete construido por conocerlos a ellos. I do not want to be a master in this program ”.

“This program is not a term but a brand. Tal vez Intratables siga fines semana or the one that comes. You can insert a conductor mount and a larger one than the other. I only have an anecdote in this truck 10 years old ”, remarcó.

And if you want to fly with another classic, Animals sueltos: “I’m hoping for it because it ‘s following the Animal Seltos. Si Dios wants to be the first in the Mayan week. “It’s because it’s the most inviting night’s production. It’s the most effective production with the one I found on my 27-year-old car and on the radio but it’s a program and I’ll follow it.”

“Llega Paulo Vilouta y se queda unos días; se quedan ellos … He sido muy feliz acá. The program is hosted by Martín Fierro, no por mí, pero a poke por todos nosotros. Hemos tenido una buena noche hoy. Thank you very much for using Intratables to allow me to conduct this sample. Espero que les haya gustado. Going with a lot of caring and intentionally hacking with the most professional professional he can; si lo hice bien o mal, looking for us ”finalized Alejandro Fantino.

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