Formula 1 in Imola: Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have no money, Max Verstappen takes the best time to sprint

The Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull) logs first pole of the year in the classification of Grand Prix of Emilia Romña de Formula 1 este viernes y saldrá al frente de the carrera sprint del sábado, on the Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit Imola (Italy). El monegasco Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), l delder del Mundial, lo acompañará en primera línea. However, it is not certain for the GP saline line of the domino, which is determined by the results of the car sprint from Saturday at 9.30 (Argentine time). The negative news comes from the Mercedes and Leweis Hamilton encase, which does not accede to the final tram of the classification.

The Dutch Verstappen celebrates with Red Bull, in the Ferrari region
The Dutch Verstappen celebrates with Red Bull, in the Ferrari regionGUGLIELMO MANGIAPANE – POOL

The British Lando Norris (McLaren) and the Danish Kevin Magnussen are in the second line, with the Spanish Fernando Alonso (Alpine) and the Australian Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) in the third. The Mexican Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), the Finn Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo), the German Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) and the Spanish Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) complete the top-10.

Leclerc has a 34-point payout in the championship race on George Russell Mercedes, trace ganar dos de las carreras disputadas hasta la fecha y quedarse con los truntos en bonons available por las vueltas más rapidas The three phases of the classification of the junada tuvieron that are interruped by incidents. The sun flags are mounted on a series of axes and the acabarone pilots passing through the neumatic intermediates over the runway.

Charles Leclerc Ferrari is a good fit on the track of fetishism
Charles Leclerc Ferrari is a good fit on the track of fetishismANDREJ ISAKOVIC – AFP

The Ultimate Session (Q3) is now branded by Mercedes dealerships, starting from 2012. George Russell solo pudo marker undécimo mejor timepo, y su compañer Lewis Hamilton el 13º de la segunda session (Q2), mientras que solo los diez primeros pasan a la Q3. This year, Hamilton has not been able to overtake Q1 in Saudi Arabia, in the second car race. The Argentine illusionist René Lavand solves his enthronement with a phrase that sounds like celebrity: “You can not lent more”, decaf, decapitating as the gentleman uncovered the trick. The sentence flew like an irony now to look like a member of Mercedes …

Hamilton’s statements are posterior to the off-line classification with the critical situation that attracts German escuderia. “It’s not a big session, it’s naturally deceptive. One way or another with optimism and sobriety that all the world is working hard on in the factory, and the cosmos is complementary to salen. It is deceptive. Creo that hoy hemos rendido menos as team. Hay cosas que deberíamos haber hecho y que no hemos hecho”, Arranging the site only camping.

Lewis Hamilton, of Mercedes, and his exposure to the princess playing a black villain
Lewis Hamilton, of Mercedes, and his exposure to the princess playing a black villainLuca Bruno – AP

Asked if the sprint meant that all had the opportunity to save even at the end of the week, Hamilton replied: “We are working hard. Cada fin semana es un rescate ”. Hamilton fue visto hablando con el jefe de Mercedes, Toto Wolff, desperate to leave in Q2, but neglect to check the content of this charge. “Your inner world, as you prefer not to share,” he said.

Even though in 2021, the automotive sports category applies the car sprint format to classify the spacecraft, in three Grand Prizes, introducing new novels. For example, the official pole – which counts for Formula 1 stats – is attributed to the pilot more rapidly in the classifications of the vines and not in the term of the carrera sprint. Classic classifications of greenery spin the positions of this carrera sprint, in which los cho primeros sumarán puntos para el Mundial (from 8 for the first to 1 for the octave). Además de en Emilia-Romña, is a new format is already available in Austria at the end of the week of July 10 and in Brazil at the end of the week of November 13.

The Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna is the first European quote in the current 2022 season. Formula 1. It is green, the intense rains and the rejuvenating climate make it convincing in the protagonists. In this context, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, Ferrari ambassadors, figure more or less in the first chapter of the article, ante to the classification led by Verstappen.

The first to be sold is Valtteri Bottas and hizo with lubricating neumatics. Stabilization 1m43s277 at the wheel of your Alfa Romeo, ments that Charles Leclerc with his Ferrari realized a trumpet as a consequence of the permanent failures that suffocated all the pilots.

Carlos Sainz wants to recover from abandonment in Melbourne
Carlos Sainz wants to recover from abandonment in MelbourneMIGUEL MEDINA – AFP

For your part, Max Verstappen realizes a time of 1m39s595, a brand that currently has the best series at 0s360 by Leclerc after 13 minutes of training. The ultimate world champion responds rapidly with a round of 1m37s247 before flying to the finish line, meters that Sergio Pérez met in the second place at 1m37s678 for a 1-2 moment of Red Bull.

After about 20 minutes of practice, Leclerc has a high altitude of 1m35s629 and Sainz has a steady pace, up to 8 decimals. Posted in the third place and Magnussen in the same position. In the stands, the fans do not show illusions with the Ferrari member, who hits the 1-2 y esperan continuously in this ganador cam.

Varios autos terminaron fuera de la pista por derrape. Hasta Leclerc is the trumpet in the shares. The session also shows the presence of the day flag when Lando Norris adjusts the track to the track and generates preoccupation. Era entendible que ante semejante panorama, teams operate by booking cars for tarde classification.

Be the first to see the majority of probationary pilots drive their own cars. The Emilia-Romagna GP represents the regression of sprint. In place of these three unusual habitats to familiarize themselves with the speed of the car in the circuit, only a little practice, following the classifier of the vines before the spring sprint.

Return to the Formula 1 calendar by 2020 after a 14-year hiatus, it is now the first of its kind in three editions that fans can rely on for the coronavirus pandemic. It has more than 120,000 entries for the weekend.

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