Gabriel Boric and other regional leaders, graduating lectures by a precise president

With its charisma and empathy, the Chilean mandate is planted in the mandates of the current handbook of the South American political appendix of the president.


By Inés Capdevila
For The Nation

If in 2021 a year of surprises for Gabriel Boric, 2022 is one of the tropics, disconnected and suffocating. The Chilean president has passed away, in an inverted manner, and his electoral rivals or suspicions of a portion of Chileans who stand alone in a rebellious leader, young and inexperienced and demarcated around his extremities.

The conductor, who leads a decade leading the way Chilean students in a kind of permanent revolt, vent the nerves of your adversaries with the contention of the votes, inadvertently calming them down.

The initial tropezones of Boric and their ministers do not approve of the main suspicions and, inclusively, dissect the temples in the prophecy of Chile, only three months after the assassination of jefe de Estado.

Luego de las marchas y contramarchas de su mano derecha –la Minister of Interior, Izkia Siches-, the decisions to be countered by those who proclaimed the president – the militarization of the Araucaníaor opposition to the return of pension funds-, polemics of the Constituent Convention, Boric is the mandate with minor approbation in a period even shorter than that of democracy, in 1990.

Reflection of a gesture that is complicating, the expropriation of Boric creció, según el tltimo sondeo de la Cadem consultant, from 50 to 57% in one month. Los chilenos the advertisement is more action by the president against inflation or against insecurity, but the results are not easy. For this, in the sound, the attributes of Boric that more than its capacity for governorships (up to 40%) and leadership and authority (down to 38%).

There is no other attribute in the embargo Boric who resist and who lead a leader who retouches his character and, in three months, persuades in his lectures to whom there are other assassinations of leaders of the region, of Argentina and Brazil to Colombia and Peru. Charisma (approved by 67% of probes) and circus (58%) are extremely high quality.

In his discourse against el Congress, President Hizo con esa “cercanía” algo extrasimos in regional politics: abstuvo pingimentso to create false expectations. Agobiados por la pandemic, inflation, inequality, the flame of the crematorium, the sudamericanos necesitan more illuminating leaders that juran que arreglarán all the little ones with a lot of ideas and a lot of gritos. The reality is that you can get the most out of it in seconds.

“I am intrigued to say that we do not intend to be flattered, but the shortage of living is much greater. We do not have to worry about things that we do not want to buy. The living deficit in Chile there are 650,000 living, which is why quizzos are not surprised at all ”, said Boric and admit that it only builds 260,000 cases in its four gallons.

Con su charisma and empathythe Chilean president is planting the other mandate of the current manual of the South American political appendix of the president: the indication that the “elos or nosotros” is the most rapidly polarizing and generating apoyo.

“On September 4, near us, we will take you to a transcendental setting: approve or reconsider the proposal of a new Constitution. “I want to make it very clear that our options are legitimate and that the government has the ability to guarantee that discrimination is manifested freely in the urns,” he said.

In the country of Boric tienen lugar quienes sienten como él o no, quienes apoyan la Constitution by the quality of which it is best to read it. To think otherwise, to aspire to a different nation does not turn into something else in a demon.

How to attack “ellos o nosotros” no fire, el mandatario chileno agarró tamed against the other mandate of the South American leader: all current actual is the direct and exclusive product of the previous presidency (if the presidency is of the other sign, obviamente) or of any association with the ella.

“Which reconciles and values ​​all employees and health workers. They play a fundamental role and we understand that it means compromising with the life and well-being of the people. Reconfirmation of labor, dedication and appropriations of the authorities of the Ministry of Health of my predecessor goblin, Sebastián Piñera. To not be fooled by the fact that I was surprised that I was abusive and in an alginate moment of injustice in the critics, who reconciled that the fools of the buena fe and who entended the diffultures of facing algo to complete as a possible pandemic ”

¿Qué pensarán Alberto Fernándezwhich is best described as its direct antecedent, Mauricio Macride “ladrón de guante blanco”, o Jair Bolsonaroque, hace un año, tildó de “hijo de puta” al presidente del Electoral Tribunal of Brazilde la osadía de Boric? Ó Why do the Chilean president disqualify the manual that dominates regional politics?

Gabriel Boric va de tropezón en tropezón; have many projects and many votes in el Congress y un gabinete que ya muestra fisuras. Be sure to include a realistic and rational tone of voice as well as an approach as an approach and a race of personality.

Pero su ocurrencia de este meriecles tal vez sea a respire e a poente para a regional policy that hoy cree that the solution is esta decade curtain and of gobarnabilidos imposible es gritar, dividir, destruir y prometer m ens in place of conciliar and reconstruct.

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