Gabriela Cerruti says that the situation in Venezuela is being challenged by Human Rights Watch in the contest: “Where on the planet do you live?”

The Portuguese Gabriela Cerruti, holding the conference of the princess that is offered now at Casa Rosada
The Portuguese Gabriela Cerruti, holding the conference of the princess that is offered now at Casa Rosada

President Alberto Fernández’s decision to normalize diplomatic relations with Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship in Venezuela has been consulted by the world leader, Gabriela Cerruti, at a seminal press conference.

The defense function of the Gobierno plantation and plant: “Evidence of the situation in Venezuela is changing”. Sus dichos generates a reaction rate of Tamara Taraciukdirector of Human Rights Watch: “¿Which planet live?”.

Cerruti también manifestó que “I have no sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. Happily you have to choose elongated alleys in the corners of the part of the deep curtain. “Different people have a goblin’s where democracy does not exist, when officialism takes over the choices.”

Taraciuk aggregated on his Twitter account a series of considerations to explain the vision of the organization he presides over. All the details that you have published the moon passed by explicitly “Independent UN experts document that Venezuelan justice has not only solicited delinquents and abuses that are complex to others.”consignee that “hoy hay more than 240 political presses” and change the humanitarian emergence derived from the economic situation, the exodus of more than 6 million people and the expansion of international observers since November 21 .

The Portuguese president was reminded that “the President’s topic is with (Michelle) Bachelet, with the President of Canada, Trudeau, and with Gabriel Boric on the subject”, that “Latin America must unite and rejoice” and that “the arrogant silver constitutes such an international post that it is not excluded that it is not sanctioned as a solution to the problems ”of these parts, as“ sent in a negotiation and mutual cooperation before which we all tend to be together ”.

President Alberto Fernández haunted the lunar eclipse during his visit to the equator, Guillermo Lasso, at Casa Rosada, intending to return the diplomatic plane to Venezuela through the sea between the United States and the United States. Latin American and Caribbean States). The initiative targets critics of international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch and members of the opposition in Maduro, as well as the ousted president of the country, Juan Guaidó.

“The best ayuda for Venezuela, and the Argentines, because they have passed through a brutal dictatorship, to recover democracy with a free and just choice, seek justice for the victims of the crimes of humanity and proclaim the return of the Venezuelans to their homeland, without persecution or censorship“, Planted Guaidó in a report that the dio of the periodical Eduardo Feinmann on radio Miter, the miracles of this semana.

In aggregate: “The restoration of relations must take place with the internal government, with the National Assembly; a negationist act with respect to the dictatorship revictimizing all Venezuelan society that resists democratically”.

Continuing the political pressures, there is a process followed by the defense of the human rights, which has serious problems of salvation and sequestration by the dictatorship”, Puntualizó.

“Do you think President Alberto Fernández is a negationist?” Asked Feimnann. “Do not store things because of the number and size of the problem being solved; he invites you to light things by the name of Maduro as a dictator, which is what the Venetians need”, Guide contest.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó constantly criticizes Alberto Fern ideandez's idea of ​​re-establishing diplomatic relations with the regime of Nicolás Maduro.  EFE / RAYNER PEÑA R
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó constantly criticizes Alberto Fern ideandez’s idea of ​​re-establishing diplomatic relations with the regime of Nicolás Maduro. EFE / RAYNER PEÑA R

Infobae Cerruti’s consultation on Argentina’s abstention is still under way at the OEA, which has been declaring the expulsion of Russia from the Permanent Council to an international forum that contradicts Gobierno’s harassment of the UN. “It simply came to our notice then that Gobierno had foreign policy. They are a contradiction in terms. “As soon as this happened, Argentina or the Russian suspension as a member of the UN Human Rights Committee is being investigated by the Commission of Inquiry into Argentina’s impulse to violate human rights in Ukraine.”

I agree that “no expulsions or sanctions have taken place in all international organizations. Argentina does not intend to explore a part of an international service organization in order to improve the situation in that country and in this case the OEA uses as a habitual mechanism the sanction or the expulsion of certain countries. Argentina does not expect that (Russia) the G20 expulsion sea will not be blocked in the case of the OEA because it does not have a case with the other. It is not for the faint of heart that we only have in our foreign policy that it is that the vigilance of the human right is cluttered in all the parts of the world and in all the situations of the world. Our country, vote in favor, against or in abstention from the cream and the cream that is that it is served to be fine ”.

The Organization of American States (OEA) has been released as a result suspend Russia as a permanent observer of the regional blockade of the invasion of the territories under Vladimir Putin’s mandate in the sovereign territory of Ukraine, for Argentina to vote in favor of the abstention. By definition, the representative of the administration of Alberto Fernández is one of the leaders of the minority sector of the OEA, whose motion against the Russian regime was approved by 25 in favor and 8 abstentions.

Seek a new decision that in the diplomatic plan and within 24 hours of Argentina to avoid Russia. Según reveló Infobaethe Argentine Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán, do not join the boycott of the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Representatives of these countries abandon a G20 plenum led by Russian ministers, in response to the invasion of Ukraine, the current stage.


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