gas industry and the urgency of importing $ s4,000 million

Seg estimn estimates official points, to sostener the demand of energy you need to import 15% more than the total required para abastecer al sistema nacional. In terms of electrical consumption, one series 1,500 gigawatts hourly solo time in julio, the average consumer consumption. For all fringe tempos, which start in one week, you need the triple one 4,500 GWh.

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Private consultants estimate that for the sake of not knowing massive cortexes inwardly, they can be de-symbolized at $ s4,000 million in the near term. For now, GNL boats will arrive, but there will be no clutter 50 and 70 m .s, which is the third part of the electricity consumed to be generated with gas or fuels (gas or fuel). Además las dificultades logistikas y de diamondsenthe, the inquisition pasa ahora por asgurerse el cargamento lo antes poshbe anta la escasé de b embarzarkations e los precioss elevats, en un mercado tionia conjulsionedo por la guerra rusa. El Gobierno tampoco sconde su preoccupation ante esta emergencia y ya habla de “A critical situation in the world” to justify the crisis. The week that follows the details of the IEASA gas canister bids for May and June.

Seg’s Energy Secretariat, thank you for the Gas plan. Increase total gas production by 10% in March, with respect to the amount between passing, passing and 125 million cubic meters of diary, of which 69 million were provided by Vaca Muerta’s convenience. Bolivia has compromised and injected up to 14 million. Pero a simple vista no parece surficiente.

At the same time the industry is consuming one 32 MMm3 / d. For invisible, if the activity is not current, the industrial demand is turned on lathe in the 28-30 MMm3 / d. During this period, during the pre-universal epoch, 18% more gas is consumed, one 39 MMm3 / dand plenty of invisible hubs for shorts, with a fork for industry 7 MMm3 / da 25% of the total demand of the sector.



foco. “The wine industry is full of money, and for good”, says the Industrial Union of Catamarca, against the impact of the invasion of Russia and Ukraine on the precision of fuels and correlated with the provision of gas.

The panorama with electricity is not distorted. The last Fundelec data revealed that the amount of electricity consumed in March was traced 11 months after the crash. At inferior temperatures compared to the previous year, there is a decrease in the demand for electricity of -1.5% and the chain 10,884.5 GWh (gigawatt hours). Before July, you can expect up to 15% more consumption. July 2021 is the most important third in the history of the country at 12,407.8 GWh, the only super mark for July 2018 (12,603.9 GWh) and the energy of 2017 (12,442.3 GWh).

For this reason, large industries, mainly heavy-duty consumers, elaborate planes to reduce activity to a minimum, with anticipated vacations and plant parades, but only to absorb gas, even with electricity supply. The most permissive industries are those that can not repaint gas, such as cement, mining, quarrying and petrochemicals, and agro-industry, and plen marche with the end of the cosecha. Median industries do not have the means and means of verse affecting breve.


ecological.  The Amalí plant is complete with international norms on ambient media.

ecological. The Amalí plant is complete with international norms on ambient media.

Segment of the last report of the Industrial Union of Argentina (UIA)the industry created 10.8% in Februaryshowing a recuperative incipient, with 9 of the 12 sectors analyzed with positive variations respecting the mid-2021 season, a trend that has reversed in the short run. The three industrial sectors that do not create base metals, which are contraindicated by consecutively (-1.2%), driven by the production of acre by programmed parades; the refining of petroleum, which registers a price of 6.1%; and the electronics sector, which continues with the dynamic mass of the most recent months and is 11.4% in a single month.

This is a sign that national operators are launching rounds of consulting with industry to sabotage gas needed privately to maintain the current level of postpandemility activity and to operate within limits. Even though it is cold, the crisis due to the provision of gas is palpable.

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