Gobierno accurate reference stabilization for the import of car batteries

AFIP shroud avoids subcontracting the exterior of 22 variants of the product essay.  (photo: One Tierra)
AFIP shroud avoids subcontracting the exterior of 22 variants of the product essay. (photo: One Tierra)

El Gobierno Establish precise reference for the import of batteries for automobiles and buses to avoid irregular handrails in the external trade for this type of well. Some haggles have been determined for test valves for lithium carbonate export.

The Aduana ad is a dongo that has accurate test distribution for it import of 22 types of batteries for automobiles. “The value criteria constitute an important hermitage in order to avoid tax evasion and combat practices and sub-factoring in imports,” he said.

Following a resolution that was first published in the Official Bulletin of the Moon, Aduana updated its values ​​to be found and the inclusion of new types of batteries that are currently being set up for use by anyone who wants to use it. the external trade ”, mencionaron.

Gobierno updates the reference values ​​for the import of batteries for automobiles and buses to avoid irregularities in the external trade of this type of wells

“The norm tends to increase fiscalization and control capacities regulated by large groups of countries. In South America, for which these products are imported from Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile. In the case of the purchases made in the Asian market, the new value criteria alcanzarán from the proven batteries from Korea, China, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong”, Continued the AFIP communication.

“As part of the process of determining and updating the new value criteria, the Aduana General Directorate (DGA) analyzes the sectoral situation with its many representative companies representing national component manufacturers for vehicles. The incorporation of batteries for cars into the list of value criteria is part of the strategy of the DGA to revitalize a hermitage of control that had any disarticulation between 2016 and 2019 amp, amplifies.

Provide precise reference stability to avoid import refinement
Provide precise reference stability to avoid import refinement

“The recovery of fiscalization capacities on the external trade of Adu coma comenzé in 2020 with the formation of precision testers for the importation of jigsaws such as metal, plastic and metal; as well as for auricles, tendons, artificial teeth, keyboards for musical instruments, and radiators for central calibration, at a time that is complementary to those existing for polyester textiles ”, continued Aduana.

“In parallel with the actualization and determination of new value criteria, the DGA also adjusts the accuracy of reference. The organism or value stabilization tested for more than 20 sets of exporters to avoid abusive maneuvers that result in evasion of impositions and that affect the ingress of divisions on the exchange market. Carne bovina, leche en polvo, lemons, skins, manzanas and langostinos son algunas de la mercaderías sobre las que la Aduana definicó precise testigo ”, concludes.

In the latest AFIP measurements, precise test determination of carp bovina, leche in polvo, lemons, leathers, manzanas and langostinos. The latest example is one of lithium carbonate exports

La semana pasada el Gobierno había decidido establecer reference values ​​for the outer exit of lithium carbonate and this compaction avoids the subfacturation of mineral essay exports. As of 2021, Argentina, which is one of the main producers of human consumption, exported 27 million tons per 185 million dollars.

Argentina is currently up to date with lithium mining projects, mainly in northern provinces such as Salta, Catamarca and Jujuy. Argentina is one of the main producers of lithium carbonate in the world, a key for the elaboration of batteries in the mark of the transition to electromovability. It treats a cadence, además, that exports the totality of its production. By 2021, the superpowers will reach 27 million tonnes by $ 185 million. As a result, there is no need for industrial products to treat commodities such as soybean, oil or rice, there is no international reference price.


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