Gobierno assures that bilateral relations with the EEUU are “very good” and that there are no tensions between Russia and Venezuela

Juan González, Gustavo Belize, Jack Sullivan and Ambassador Jorge Argüello
Juan González, Gustavo Belize, Jack Sullivan and Ambassador Jorge Argüello

From Washington, EEUU – Argentine functionaries who are currently visiting the capital do not just skip the economic questions If the focus is on the concentration of the reunion of the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán con Kristalina Georgieva, the title of the FMI, and the technical reunions to recalibrate the program that the firm hacks in one month, hubo other incentives, political profile, with other functionalities of the administration of Joe Biden.

The Secretariat of the Strategic Assumption of the Presidency, Gustavo Belize, por caso, se reunió con Jack Sullivanmain asset of the White House in the theme of National Security and the maximum authority of the National Security Council of the United States. Guzmán fue al Tesoro y el gobernador de Chaco, y Jorge Capitanichat the Banco Mundial, among other visits to the alleys of Casa Blanca.

“Vínculo muy bueno”

“The theme is totally superfluous because it does not matter”, say in Gobierno when consulting with Cayeron at the EEUU the president’s words Alberto Fernándezagainst the invasion of Russia and Ukraine, commanded in Moscow to offer Vladimir Putin that Argentina sea is the gateway to the region.

Guzmán and Georgieva in the reunion of the vibe in the FMI
Guzmán and Georgieva in the reunion of the vibe in the FMI

Bilateral relations with the EEUU are very good, the currency is very good. It is the continuity of what we are trying to achieve. Sullivan helps a lot in the process of financial normalization and relationship with Juan González (director Principal del Consejo para el Occidental Hemisphere) and always is positive and constructive, flowing normally ”, destacaron fuentes officiali.

The assurances are that there are no words for Venezuela and that they are cruel to the guerrilla, “hey, the agenda is productive.” También resumes importation as Guzmán does not sum up the boycott of algunos parts of the G7 as it levates the G20 plenary when the Russian delegates announce.

With the current news, the FMI does not centralize the conversations that manipulate the functions of Gobierno’s policy in Washington. Do not get bogged down in revisions and fine numbers, since this is one of the discussions Guzmán has about time with the Fund: en the organism that presides Georgieva hablan of “recalibrations” mentras that in the palace of Hacienda prefer to use the concept of “repriorization”. A semantic battle that does not import much into the 19 caliber edition, many frames from Casa Blanca, where FMI works.

Part of this strategic productive bilateral agenda is the latest visit from Sullivan to Argentina, through which the focus is on the economy of consciousness, light, satellites and, clearly, energy. There is no other way of relating to the role of the EEUU in the multilateral context of the credit organization. All topics are artificial intelligence, questions 4.0, laboratory conversion, new technology, education and climate change. This is the latest news from Belize y John Kerry, exvicepresidente de Barack Obama, and responsive to climatic exchange rates in Biden’s goblin. The agenda is complete with pillars: energy security and food security.

Gobierno hace hincapié in the radical exchange that hubo with the Biden tribe in Casa Blanca. Officials claim that the valve is much more fluid than Trump. At this point, points consulted by Infobaecelebrates that the venture between the EEUU and Venezuela, which generates the energy crisis and the precision of oil in the middle of the war, advance and that, además, sea Mexico or “intermediate” and not Argentina.

Alberto Fernández and Vladimir Putin, in the Kremlin, in Moscow, in February 2022
Alberto Fernández and Vladimir Putin, in the Kremlin, in Moscow, in February 2022

“I do not have any type of pressure on my nose. Mexico is a type of mediation and it is not a waste. I have a level of intensity with the valve with Venezuela that does not exist “destacaron.

The clock is ticking at this time with Biden’s functionality from Fernández’s announcement restoring diplomatic relations with the Maduro regime.


The energy is central to the world and is stored for the country. In the midst of functionality and with the amenase of a complicated invisible, the Gobierno is working on an agenda far beyond the plaza. In this context, they assume that for the energy of “hay un paraguas”, all of the ideological preferences and policies of Casa Rosada. In this coma sum to Brasil, with which they work in a sudameric energy union with that of Guzmán, and special changing conditions. Basically, secure the corner and guarantee access to the dollars that flow into the sector. The minister of trabaja in esse esquema.

Fernández and Joe Biden
Fernández and Joe Biden

Because of the functionality with which it is mediocre, the EEUU buffer pons barre the Chinese, and other, energy conversions in the country. El Gobierno is comfortable with what Casa Blanca has to offer to ventilate the region, be creative, channel it more financially and “do not seek to influence China”.

Finally, Argentina presented in DC the Ecotoken concept. The idea is to provide ecosystem service tokens to channel resources back to the preservation of the lungs given to humanity, such as the Impenetrable, in Chaco, using blockchain and intelligent contacts that register basic environmental contributions and channel their fundraising services. “It is associated with the virtuous way of the world crypto and nature. “We’s going to make a giant change,” he said. se entusiasman en el Gobierno.

The Cumbre of the Americas, which is based in Los Angeles with junior companies and is cruising across the country, is another measure of the bilateral relationship between Argentina and the EU.


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