Good victory for Gymnastics in Tucumán and dreams of finishing in the top four

Gymnastics scored a big 2-1 win tonight against Atlético in their away match to Tucumán. Tarragona scored Lobo’s two goals, the first at the start of the match and the second from a penalty in a “ceremony” lasting several minutes with the VAR controlling the penalty. Ortiz on the closing of the PT had scored a partial draw.

Gymnastics tries to make another leap in the standings by repeating the visit to Atlético Tucumán, a match that is played at the Monumental José Fierro stadium with arbitration by Jorge Baliño and TNT Sports television.

The match, which started late due to the large number of banners and scraps of paper thrown by local fans when the teams took to the pitch, began from the halfway point.

The first clear approach of Gorosito’s team comes with one of its main weapons: the ball lands at the feet of Brahian Alemán with a free kick from the right and which a defender manages to take for a corner.

The opening of the scoreboard arrived at 15 ‘. Melluso comes out from the left and plays along along the wing Eric Ramírez unloads for Cristian Tarragona who closes with a left foot, there is a deviation and the ball deceives Campisi.

The goal confirmed Lobo even more on the pitch and, while sharing the dominance, the host was the one who had the best approaches and even extended the lead in the first half.

Without deserving it, Tucuman’s team found a draw. In an isolated game, Marcelo Ortiz caught a rebound in the box and reached parity in the 40th minute.

As soon as the complement began, the game arrived with the VAR as protagonist for almost 8 minutes. They touched Ramírez in the box and after seeing him dozens of times, Baliño was inclined to take the penalty. The ball was grabbed by Tarragona (in particular, Alemán did not) and he crossed it forcefully at half height and crossed it.

Tarragona had to delay the execution due to the continuous falling of bullets from the stands, in the end they managed to score the 2-1 with a right shot from Campisi and, soon after, the deputy judge José Castelli was attacked.

“One more and it’s over”, Baliño threatened and reproduced the voice of the stadium. The atmosphere in the José Fierro was, from then on and with the deployment of the police operation, seized with pins.

Atlético Tucumán, in this context, repeated their inaccuracies and never found a way to equalize (beyond a nice shot by Garay at the hands of Rey). The gymnastics adapted to the development of the match, it did not happen or it generated big shocks and it collected three points that brought it closer to the ranking area.

On the next date, the tenth, Atlético Tucumán will visit Defense and Justice (Sunday 17 from 14:00) and Gimnasia y Esgrima will receive Sarmiento de Junín (Friday 15 at 21:30).


Gymnastics: Rodrigo Rey; Francisco Gerometta, Leonardo Morales, Oscar Piris and Matías Melluso; Ramón Sosa, Agustín Cardozo, Brahian Alemán and Lautaro Chávez; Eric Ramirez and Cristian Tarragona. DT: Nestor Gorosito.

Atletico Tucumán: Nicolás Campisi; Marcelo Ortiz, Nicolás Thaller, Manuel Capasso and Gabriel Risso Patrón; Renzo Tesuri, Guillermo Acosta, Gastón Gil Romero and Ramiro Carrera; Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez and Augusto Lotti. DT: Juan Manuel Azconzabal.

Goals in the first half: 16m Cristian Tarragona (G) and 40m Marcelo Ortiz (AT).

Goal in the second half: 15m Cristian Tarragona (G), from penalty.

Substitutions: in the first half, 26m Tomás Muro for Chávez (G); in the second half, before starting, Martín Garay replaced Tesuri (AT); 27m Germán Guiffrey for Ramírez (G); 33m Joaquín Pereyra for (AT), Ignacio Maestro Puch for (AT) and Eugenio Isnaldo for Risso Patrón (AT); 47m Cristian Menendez for Lotti (AT); 54m Franco Soldano for Tarragona (G) and Guillermo Enrique for Sosa (G).

Booked: Lotti, Gil Romero, Ortiz, Carrera, Acosta, Capasso (AT); Gerometta, Melluso, Rey, Sosa (G).

Expelled: in the second half, 49m Race (AT).

Referee: Jorge Baliño.

Court: José Fierro (Atlético Tucumán).


Atlético Tucumán: Nicolás Campisi, Renzo Tesuri or Martin Garay, Marcelo Ortiz, Nicolás Thaller and Gabriel Risso Patrón; Gaston Gil Romero and Guillermo Acosta; Ramiro Carrera, Leonardo Heredia and Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez or Nicolás Laméndola; Augusto Lotti. DT: Juan Manuel Azconzabal.

Gymnastics:: 17- Rodrigo Rey; 16- Francisco Gerometta, 4- Leonardo Morales, 3- Oscar Piris, 32- Matías Melluso; 11- Ramón Sosa, 30- Agustín Cardozo, 10- Brahian Alemán, 21- Lautaro Chávez; 43- Eric Ramírez and 25- Cristian Tarragona.

Referee: Jorge Baliño.

Court: José Fierro (Atlético Tucumán)

TV: TNT Sport.




El Lobo, who after being relegated, in every sense, after the fall suffered by categorical characters in his visit to the River, offered symptoms of recovery in the La Plata classic, a game that drew in a heartbreaking way, and against the “T “granted a share of hope for the growth experienced during the complementary phase.

left-handed, and the goals, by Brahian Alemán, and the firepower confirmed by Cristian Tarragona, plus the contribution of the youth substitutes who, in some cases, are already starting to ask for a track to land on the team, fuel the illusion of positions uphill in Zone 1 of the Professional League Cup, which sees Racing at the top.

Gimnasia crossed Racing (0-0), San Lorenzo (1-0), Banfield (0-4), defense and justice (2-3), Argentinos (2-2), River (0-4), Estudiantes ( 1-1) and Talleres (2-1), leaving him largely in front of the most postponed teams in the standings, in front of which he will have to present an improvement.

The questions that still remain with the albiazul formation have their starting point in the reality that Néstor Raúl Gorosito, the head of the technical direction, has not yet managed to find a basic formation after eight dates and the previous one which meant the last tournament of the previous season.

The main change in the team is the entry of Chávez of Colombian Johan Carbonero

Gymnastics does not have a defined, or at least repeatable, line of play, goals are almost exclusive to Alemán and Tarragona and in defense the structure is far from offering guarantees, with eloquent figures: they have scored 15 goals in eight appearances. That is why the changes that are taking place, and the cry that comes down from the stands, claiming “the boys”.

News from Atlético Tucumán shows that he is the “ideal” rival to face at the moment, although on the previous date, without playing well at all, he recovered a point in his visit to the San Lorenzo.

The Dean is in last position, with one win, two draws and five defeats; four goals in favor and 14 conceded. It is a “miracle” that Juan Manuel Azconzábal, in these terms, continues to lead the charge, and today’s confrontation with Gimnasia could be his last card.

The group of matches corresponding to the ninth date of the Professional League Cup will then begin to run in Tucumán, starting at 19:00, with two teams for which practically a draw would not bring them much, which is why they will have to enter the field looking for everything. , which would be good.

Three points that Gimnasia would represent another leap to be in a waiting position, with five dates still ahead (Sarmiento de Junín in La Plata, Platense in Vicente López, Unión in el Bosque, Patronato in Paraná and Newell’s in 60 and 118); while for the local Atlético, to begin with, it would serve to support their coach, who evidently was unable to find a way out despite the variants tried in all plans.

The dean has only been able to beat Patronato so far, 1-0, while he drew with Platense and San Lorenzo, and was defeated by Sarmiento de Junín, Unión de Santa Fe, Newell’s, Racing and Central Córdoba, the latter game, against the people of Santiago, in the last performance as a local, which brought a lot of criticism to the cast of Dean. .

That the victory at home against Talleres and the draw away with San Lorenzo are the emotional injection necessary to start a phase of growth, represents the idea shared by Gimnasia and Atlético, who will take the field with one goal: to add the three points in the game.

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