grits against Tinelli, Lamps and plant and pedestal of elecions

“Si no llaman a eleciones qué quilombo se va a armar …”.

The pattern is repeated. Hay silbatina, insultos, gritos ya la vez caras de resignación. Yi miles of hinchas in the alleys around the plantation station, the “nave” denomination of Pedro Bidegain. Do not listen to a pedestal of anticipated comics. Make a copy-paste of the 2 to 2 ante Platinum scenario, even with IVA because the crisis results in each partition and -a parallel- false conductor directions that are applied to the opposite. Entonces, el new stage is a place of expression for the hincha of San Lorenzo. One that, provided by the present institutional and deportivo of the club, wants to sample its coil with the conductor dome. You do not have to sing songs without showing your flags in the coz of the popular local. At the end of the table, there is an extreme disproportion.

El patrón se repitió, sí. Los hits previo al kick off reiteraron insultos para Marcelo Tinelli y para Matías Lammens, los dos hombres fuertes de la CD (after Horacio Arreceygor is the president in office, or poder operatively recae in the Minister of Tourism of the Nation). The balance of the teams on the throne también tronó el “That se vayan todos, that no quede ni uno solo”accompanied by “Boedo va a salir campeón el día que se vayan todos los hijos de puta de la komisón”.

At the same time, a bramido was thrown at the footballers, “A ver si ponen huevo” in the context of a 180 ° rotating beam in the popular local (no hubs of flags on the plates or in the visiting sector, occupied by fanatical guards). El iconico eximido fue Sebastián Torricorecurrent hero of Idol San Lorenzo I applauded when I approached the ambassadors.

El Patrón se repitió. San Lorenzo is a super football field, a constant of the ultimate teams. This is the rival that maniata, with its resource free, fired Patronato. The goal from 1 to 0, converted by Axel Rodríguez, instantaneously interrupts the arena climate that is surprising given the prime time. Expanded on the expansions of VAR by Nicolás Fernández Mercau by a clear plank function as a play field to regress the “Que se vayan todos”Gudiño’s goal game was reduced to 2-0.

“Es San Lorenzo la puta que lo parió…”, exclaimed Bidegain. With a clear destiny: while football players are in transit at a critical moment, that the second goal of Patronato volvieran the insults to Lammens and Tinelli fire an obvious signal. The directives are the main points, the main ones are unprovable. Including this hubo reprocessions in the second pisso, in the alleys of the marrow, accustomed to cultivating and sowing that, cut the song, are licking the team to fight for permanence. Algo que queda in evidencia golpe de vista de la bole promedios 2023.

Lammens and Tinelli, sealads

“Conducting the concha of your mother, and seeing that you do not know what to do with it” takes effect in the right hand from the open appellate barracks marking the deceased. San Lorenzo hinchas replay Tinelli for his accolades in the club’s sleeve since he assumes to be president of the 2019 elections, permitted by the license that takes place up to 11 months (from media to mayo), accurately in full recruiting of the institutional detachment. A su vez los cuervos led by Lammens, the current president between 2012 and 2019 and the alliance of microphones, which is considered a necessary part of the conduction fault.

Movements that the generator conducts to intentionally generate a climate of major compatibility being taken by: the Minister of Tourism expressing the MT experience that declines as a cargo falls, or falls, or regresses along the temporal alignment.

San Lorenzo's popularity with the best on Twitter (Twitter @ElPlateista).

San Lorenzo’s popularity with the best on Twitter (Twitter @ElPlateista).

Without embargo, the conductor of all the axes to communicate to its destination. This algae modo brakes the planes. The sensation of indefiniteness does not apply to the animos, nor is it deprived of the victorious victory over the Union in Santa Fe. You have been evidenced in the climate before and after the game.

Porque San Lorenzo parece is standing in constant constancy. Before and after the can, do not ask for more quizzes. Por eso el bramido. For these hinchas agolpados advertise a flight to the urns that are converted in the privacy of the CD but not correlated as an option. Por eso el calor de garganta. Porque pasa el timepo y el Patrón se repite.

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