Grupo Firme launched the Spanish version of “Watermelon Sugar”; to collaborate with Harry Styles

archivo / (Photo: Instagram / @ grupofirme)
archivo / (Photo: Instagram / @ grupofirme)

Previo su su participation i Coachella 2022 and derived by the morbion ocasion al line up published on the 13th of January, which is presented to the public by the artists who animated the music festival reconnaissance, in essence the main topic of the conversation is the occasion when there is evidence that Grupo Firme participate in the iconic temple that Harry Styles, who reclambió recambió a la chancelacón de Rage Against The Machine.

In principle the interns humorously record the app in the mismo scenario by part of Grupo Firmeencabezada por Eduin Caz y el exintegrante de One Direction, Harry Styles.

With the embargo, the surprises related to Mexican aggression and the British artist caused intrigue among the ambassadors. And that, during the first hours of April 22, traverses the streaming platform, Amazon Music, is launched exclusively cover in honor of Harry Styles, interpreted by Grupo Firme y que lleva por nombre Sabes in Tequila.

This discographic material is produced by Amazon Music y en él se puede escuchar a Eduin CazGroup Leader, Fito Rubio in the battery, Christian Téllez as bajista, Abraham Luna vocalist, Jhonny Cazhermano de la cabeza de la agupación y tercera voz de la agupación mexicana reinvent the Styles song exit, Watermelon Sugarwith a Banda style track.

Grupo Firme lanzó cover en español de
Grupo Firme lanzó cover en español de “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles Photo: Amazon Music / @ Grupo Firme

For other reasons, and, thanks to the participation of Grupo Firme in the Coachella scenario, the manager of Firme, Isael Gutierrez, the director of the music magazine Recognition, Rolling Stone that the group establishes by closing the form incorporated into the song As it was a set with a possible version.

In the interview, Gutierrez says that the agitation encapsulated by Eduin Caz is full of humor and memes that viralize in donde bromeaban, saying that the singer of Golden estaría listening to the set of the group detracts from the scenario and swings with all the production team over most of the exhausts as El tóxico, El amor no fue pa ‘mí y Cada quien.

By the way, the news of the cover of Firme, quickly joined the rooms of the fans of también histrión which appears on one of the latest screenshots of one of the latest quintets Marvel, Eternalswhich with a ton of insanity and emotion, allows you to share the track of the group you are interpreting En tu perra vida, as algunos new memes related to the most recent production of the mexican band.

Harry Styles reactions from your followers a
Harry Styles’s reactions to “Sabes a Tequila” Photo: Facebook / @ alessita
Harry Styles reactions from your followers a
Harry Styles’s reactions to “Sabes a Tequila” Photos Twitter / @ linnst28
Harry Styles reactions of his followers from Sabes to Tequila by Grupo Firme Photo: Twitter / @@ litzybuu
Harry Styles reactions of his followers from Sabes to Tequila by Grupo Firme Photo: Twitter / @@ litzybuu

The Tijuana, Baja California-based cluster has not been able to produce all of its genera. Most of them, the integrals of Grupo Firme affect the version of Tusa by Karol G y Nicki Minaj, which is converted to one of the most supported songs by the enduring group as presentations in its own passage consecrated in the Foro Sol.

This is not the first time that Grupo Firme has been collaborating with an international artist, ending the first days of December 2021, the aggression enshrined by Caz, and his followers following the collaboration that tuvieron con elcompetro interpreter colombiano, Maluma.

At the moment, the group members of Group 28 do not have the 28-year-old British interpretation of the cover; without embargo, when the expectation of a futures collaboration tracks the exit exhausted by Mexican artists.

(Photo: Instagram / @ grupofirme)
(Photo: Instagram / @ grupofirme)

C lemo le fue a Grupo Firme en Coachella 2022

The presentation of Grupo Firme, the 15th and 22nd of April, was one of the main novelties during Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2022 from India, California, United States, in regression due to their suspended solids due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The traces of their social networks, the band of Eduin Caz share different moments, from your squad on a private plane to the festival, the accesses, even the script with a whole lot when you listen to the assistants sing their songs. No embarrassment, no pink color, that the band watchers do not cultivate their taste “Latinophobia” against the interpretations of Ya supérame.


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