Guillermo Favale and the infamous one who lives on addiction to drugs and alcohol:

“I do not create all these problems, we see only the most sensitive ones, the other ways of living, the living things of the other way, the sentiments with other intensity. Assassin Guillermo Favale, conductor in C5N of Argentina in vivo, losbados and domingos from 9 to 13, their extreme relative to the algae that is perfectly placed: Gastón Pauls. In addition to the excellent program Seres books that guide the actor and in which the pub with distinct persons about the topic of additions, the periodical continues its experience and as far as can be consumed lasting 18 years, while escaping the inferior.

This is a valid testimonial:

“Only then do I find temporal solutions and despair, if my heart is not full of criminals, the problem is not limited to cronica. when you think about what the problematic situation is, you have to be careful not to overdo it, but it’s not enough to solve the problem. the last one to go all the way in time.“, says about the day he interviewed Pauls.

“I feel better because I have a lot of problems, but I have to. Sin complicármela más todavía, lo que lo vuelve más sencillo, pero por supuesto que eso deja secuelas. “I do not want to find people who find me with interesting results or who comply with me.

“I work hard with alcohol between the ages of 14 and 15 and when it comes down to more than one weight and one in combination with each other. 36 years old with a continuous diarrhea and absolute continuity.The wind is completely different persons, although it is only structured tal taler.This is stubble with those who treat me, who me aidaron.The only tal manura structured that I can only allow “Only mediums, only situations where they can be terminated because they have a structured type. However, a structured type in that aspect with saliva screw is a compressor complex.”

“I have a great friend who is not lamentable now, as many of our young friends, who initiated me in the consumption and with the most empathy in this story that I have learned more than all of them. 23 years old with a carriage, mirrored sky and raised by Alejandro Romay who gave me an opportunity on the Canal 9, in Nuevediario, or in the value of which I was surprised and now the term of shooting in the south. suerte me agarre fuerte de esa soga, desarrollé a person alo yo yo llamo mi televisivo i el otro, bueno, hacía lo que podía. Because it is loaded on the 7th of the machine and it passes on the 9th but it does not pass, as it does not pass on the 9th, it passes on the 11th and as it does not pass on the 11th, it finally has a historical schedule of la tarde 3 cumplir. The routine of the day, the terminaba de trabajar y cuando terminaba de trabajar cenaba y después de cenar tomaba vino y después del vino venía la cocaína y bueno, a veces terminaba bien la noche, a veces terminaba mal porque a veces me quedaba c veces me llamaba alguien y ahí bueno, olvídate … Siempre al filo de todo. How do you go in the groups, the drugs to the cementers, the hospitals or the church “.

“Afortunadamente estoy acá y lo pudeo contar. El consumo tiene tramos, hay un tram de gran euphorija donde na hay contraraprestaciones, o contraindications para decirlo correctime, después empiezan a aparecer los problems. El alcohol es evasion. Yo creo que es la droga evasiva that exists like lo digo.Media piece of wine, ya te mandan ya te manda otro plano, dos pieces of wine a otro, three pieces of wine.With direct contact with the cocaine and the combination of ambas cosas me converted into another person “I have a cost of what I do not like to expose myself, but I am free and I can bestalize it in many aspects. I am looking for a person who is more violent, more arrogant, more promising.

“Durante muchos años nunca me planteé alejarme (de la droga), bajo ningún punto de vista, porque era part i mi vida y me iba bien. fall, even if you have ten effective problems. I do not think so as to walk on these egalitarian people who are tenure type of labor. rec. people who are looking for and who do not have due dates for whom. If you go to the right place, or if you are offended. aún in all of you is problematic soy a guy who drinks and soy muy c ertero, no muevo las piezas deordenadamente. Y ou have some good decisions, all juntas. “I love the ruin, all the time, I love the professional ruin, the economics and the effect in siete meses”.

“Se acabó entonces. Voy solo a internarme, tomo yo esa decisión. The rest of the breakup is done in such a way that most people who listen to me and allow me to fly will be left behind. “Finally, the term has been changed”

“Entonces ent y y digo: ‘Señor, vengo a internarme’. Porque había visto en la cartila de mi de prepaga que era para addiction. ‘.’ Así que te venís a internar. ¿Por qué? ‘ ‘Porque tengo un problema’. ‘¿What problem do you have?’ ‘Que tomo droga y quiero dejar de tomar’. ‘Bueno, dejá de tomar’, me dice. Entonces me desconcierta y le digo que por eso me quiero internar. acá, cruza esa puerta y me dice que se quiere internal, quiere decir que las alarmars le eston funcandanden bien, que esti leyendo bastante bien lo que le pasa, entonces haçë una cosa, andá y dejá de tomar ‘.’ No sémo deja de tomar ‘.’ Cuando te enfrentes a todos los monstruos llamáme, acá tenés el telefono y empezamos a trabajar, a abordar el problema. ”

“I’m busy with long processes of abstinence that allow me to get ahead and get out of the situation before it is unattainable. “With all the problems that come with being very big but not terminated at night, I’m not surprised by the fact that I’m screaming, you’re screaming, you’re terrified, you’ve got a lot going on.”

“Si yo estoy acá es porque siento que ahora puedo. Y si no lo conte antes es porque tenía miedo de fallar i de fallarme, de decir algo que después no pudiera sostener. hecho me dí mil veces contra la pared para sostener una palabra que dije drogado y que no tendría que haber dicho nunca. I am looking for the kind of woman who gives me a big hand and pays me a passage to Spain at the very moment of my screw, where I hope the first treatment will be in Barcelona, ​​which will allow me to have four limbs that burn in the process Después me volví a tortear, a night as hoy, that voy an event of a friend cherido, lo voy a numbrar porki ni deber saber, that is Diego Poggi. a otro lado y ahí me voy otra vez, me voy a otro lado, y me fui al inf ierno. When I wanted to go home, as I did on the 7th of the car, I had to set up all the steps as if I had the shadows of the big cam on my little girl without looking … I do not want to go into details, I know this la tltima vez, pero ya con muchísima decisión. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! , that lo veía fenómeno. Le dije ‘escúchame, necesito verte es urgente’. Me sente frente a él, que es Gervasio Díaz Castelli y le dije ‘te voy a contar las últimas 24 horas de mi vida’. This is what I get, this is my exercise and my last 24 hours of screwing. Se acomodó en la silla y me dijo: ‘Estamos frente a un problema grave.’ “Nunca m ns nunca m probs probé sustancia alguna, hasta el día de hoy y me siento muy bien así.”

“I agree that this program is compatible with me. Writing about Nacho (producer of the program) and knowing ‘quiero hablar’. hios son chicos, porke les iban a hager preguntas que ellos no tenuan respuestas aún porque yo nunca se los había contado. You are a teenager in your 80s like Gastón. You are 14 years old in 84, you are 15 in 85, 16 in 86. You do not need information, I do not know what to do with the falling lights. and damp only information from the goddess who hacie, not hacie dundee conduce. y de manera repentina. No queda nada “

“Libertad is about mismo, deciding what to say that pens and what pens fall. better than one center. “I’m not going to give it to you, and I’m making it easy for you to say it at 5 o’clock.


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