Gymnasium approves Racing errors and VAR collapse to gain a thumbs up

Parece a recital. The illuminated hinches of the tribunes with the lanterns of their telephones. And sing, happy by the triumph of a team having the music of the goal. Que aprovecha cada vez Racing desafina. Una, dos, tres veces. The errors are not forced, individual collapses. Después, are the virtues of the interpreters. By Eric Ramírez, pura potencia. From Ramón Sosa, from dynamic gran. From Brahian Alemán, who has a guante in the elixir pie. La Academia, in exchange, is a set of voluntary dispersions. When people set up an orchestra in the arrangement, they only get the edge of the field. Dead end, but last but not least, it’s a lot of fun, too.

It’s impossible to socialize, it’s clear, it’s just where the exchange of the game rumbo comes from. An Oscar Piris penalty shootout with Enzo Copetti. In an instant, Yael Falcón Pérez advertised the astonishment to the captains who had the abduction of the VAR. The Arbitration, like the Ezeiza River, is equivalent. And the nervous terminals are supported by Racing, which does not end well because the technical support arises and a sum of minutes from the final and cancellation of the quarter, by Ramírez.

Cuando fallan los futbolistas, poco se puede mirar hacia el banco. Coolquier planteo, por m bus bueno que sea, sucumbe ante las fallas de quienes transpiran la camiseta. Just then the best team led by Fernando Gago was found to be on the ground.

Alemán marcó dos veces: a penalty and a free kick.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Alemán marcó dos veces: a penalty and a free kick. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Primero, falló Gastón Gómez. After about a few minutes of acid on the plateau, the other Gómez, Jonathan, bajó and Lautaro Chávez. And the German free throw, a center that the dwarf darted, is escorted between the guantas. And from that shot, newly executed with mastery by the Uruguayan, the goal of the Gymnasium. Anticipó Sosa, Chila tapo a cigar reflejo, pero Ramírez approve the rebote para inflar la red.

Gago había cambiado el esquema y un enterprete. The presence of Eugenio Mena in the place of Edwin Cardona is well underway. Because it incorporates in a flywheel more than a board of 3-4-3 that moves laterally. El chileno se lanzó por la izquierda y Facundo Mura, por la derecha. In this context, the weight of the premature golf that recites in La Plata, intended to be profound. Rapid, dynamic, punctual and direct, without all the odds, Racing agobó and Gymnasium.

When the laterals are not removed, the internal game is played. With a good articulation of passages that only gravitate to the equator with the tendency that haciean Gómez, Gonzalo Piovi and Mena. And when it did not rise to the surface, Matthias Rojas intentionally measured the diagonal, like Enzo Copetti as far away.

The fire, with the power of a torus, that ensures the goal of equality. Gómez has a fleet from the central circuit and the “9” leaning on Leonardo Morales’s body. Dudó el zaguero, no llegó a cubrir Oscar Piris y cuando achicó Rodrigo Rey, la claó contra el palo m les lejano del arquero mendocino.

Copetti se las arregló para hacer un gran gol de 9, pero no alcanzó.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Copetti se las arregló para hacer un gran gol de 9, pero no alcanzó. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

The gymnasium sample the most active activity associated with the game. More than the German wall, your intensity with Chávez through the door and Ramírez exhibits a celestial and white defense that is seen as a part of the canal. All of the Academy’s offensive posture syndrome, which is funded, is not met with respect in the field. Aunque los majores problema ne stuvieron per centro, sino por los costados, donde Mura, especialmet, retrocedió mal.

At the moment, as soon as the second floor starts racing, Mura just tries Ramirez against the fundraiser. A metro, Yael Falcón Pérez no dudó. Alemán, con un zurdazo, marcó el 2 a 1 para Gimnasia.

Gago mandó a la cancha a Fabricio Domínguez. Se lesionó Rojas, otra vez. Enter Emiliano Vecchio and casi the empath with a corner that intends to be Olympic. The pelga pegó in el travesaño. And the party se rompió. El VAR, también. And Falcón Pérez did not violate Piris’s penalty on Copetti. Y fluyeron spaces against Racing desperation. Y ue nuevo se equivocó Gómez. Rule a fly that’s bound to a Piovi fleet. Y Alemán no perdonó de tiro libre.

Gago’s answer to Cardona, lento, with a rhythmic exchange, very influential. Y Gymnasia voló. No terminó 4 to 1, pero cerca estuvo. Racing se fue aturdido. The expectation that the shelves will change once you do not have to wait cachetazos.

The goals of the match


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