Harry and Meghan present the order of “nada de dramas”

Harry and Meghan volvieron a Gran Bretaña by el Jubilee de la reina Isabel II. I do not read only with Archie, her shadow of 3 years old and Lilibet, the business that reina no cone pero left her name, more Doria RaglandMeghan’s mother, who guides the boys.

Se suma Daniel Martin, el maquillador de la boda de Meghan, y a discrete custodia because the sovereign has been terminated with the controversy of his British police protection because of the principle that the judiciary is responsible for the interior.

Harry merece “A special status” how to get out of your custody and take custody of what the police offer to the VIP of the State. All menos at royal events. Including the sum of the convoy that sailed on the London River.

The Dukes of Sussex are treated as VIPs in their acts throughout the Jubilee.  Photo: AP

The Dukes of Sussex are treated as VIPs in their acts throughout the Jubilee. Photo: AP

Celebrations in the United Kingdom by the 70 years of Isabel II on the throne, the most reunited in the history of the nation

Meghan’s hair lives in London and is contracted. The sombreros and medida, encargados. All lists for “La Grand rentré” de los exiliados royals, los llamados duques de Montecito in California. The protagonists of Megxit, the ultimate celebrity of Casa de Windsor.

The show by Meghan and Harry

The series “Meghan and Harry show” in action, through reconciliation with Family real traces of distance distances and series racism accusations by the baby’s nacer. Meghan is the first ducksa mestiza. Reina Isabel jamás hablado of racial tolerance in her Navidad discourse, los que escribe ella.

The order is simple: “Without drama”. La dio la soberana. Esta es su semana, su Jubileo. La reina es ella. No hay lugar para otros protagonistas. Menos for hermeneutics, odious phrases, miraculous miracles, indifference or the battle of space.

The series

The series “Meghan and Harry show” in action, in the reconciliation journey with the Family real traces of distance distances. Photo: AP

It is a familiar celebration of the city, 70 years old, up to 96 years old, running salud ya is more debilitada than antes. Le cuesta caminar y moverse. Es su d ya y su reencuentro y probable speed with its speeds.

Harry and Meghan participants as VIPS in the ceremonies of Trooping the color, the official completion of the abuela. Pero serán el principle Carlos y William, los herederos, padre y hermano de Harry respectively, who lead the ceremonies, Tampoco estarán en el balcón del Buckingham Palaceexclusive to the “royals que trabajan”.

To resolve this situationall observing the ceremony from the office of Mayor general, the ancient office of the Duke of Wellington. Solo la reina ver el parade from the famous Buckingham Balcony.

The Californian exile the exclusive of the symbol of real power. By reason of the fact that the principle of Andrew, the shadow of the queen, and the expulsion of the family by the cases of pedophilia of your friend Jeffrey Epstein y su arreglo judicial with the young man who sexually abused her.

Los Sussex esta vez no estarán en el balcón.  Photo: Rueters

Los Sussex esta vez no estarán en el balcón. Photo: Rueters

La reina con su business Lilibet

The Sussex did not have all the ceremonies of the ceremonies as they greeted the Cortesans, who came as “royals free lancersimpossible to control and tolerate ”.

Iran to the celebration of the Action of Grace in St. Paul’s Cathedral, including the Real Family, without exclusions. Hasta el principe Andrew estará allá, junto a sus hijas. Also found in Cambridge and the Carlos Principle in concert at Buckingham Palace, Saturday.

Pero luego la reina hará la diferencia. Celebrates the 1st year of the Lilibet business with Sussex. I did not see the carriages of the horsesand now that the nun has failed, to lead with the example and assist in a familiar and familiar act as the complete example of Lili, the business that the crisis does not conjure.

Meghan, Harry, Archie and Lilibet.  Photo: Instagram / Alexi Lubomirski

Meghan, Harry, Archie and Lilibet. Photo: Instagram / Alexi Lubomirski

The baby was born 11 months ago in California and nadie de la Familia Real fue a visitarla hasta ahora, excepto princesa Eugenie.

Do not miss the rainy season to see Lilibet at Frogmore Cottage or Sussex in Windsor. Separan 10 minutes from the fireplace.

¿Los Sussex advice to bail out Lili in Windsor’s private cap? Your friend, Canterbury’s work, which is housed in COVID and is a complicated container. Do not wait for the current time in Gran Brittany.

The palace recognizes that Frogmore Cottage is the base of Sussex in Gran Brittany. Not all staff members are affiliated with the team that deals with the functions of the palace, even temperos.

Netflix, the obsession cortesana

The obsession of the palace grayscale es “neutralize the show” on Netflixwith whom Sussex has an enormous contract and hacks documentaries.

Los Sussex has received 100 million dollars for filming.  Photo: AP

Los Sussex has received 100 million dollars for filming. Photo: AP

The fact that an in-person television crew is accredited in St Paul’s Cathedral and can be filmed in Sussex around the area or the Real Family, “in the bus of protagonism for your commercial company ”.

“No robarle el show del jubileo” es the consignee.

But Netflix does not accuse it of sussex “no eclipses in the reina”. Pero nada impedirá that Harry and Meghan levene a digital microphone in the cathedral or that Netflix recycles the images of other British companies. Los Sussex han recibido 100 million dollars by the access to the ellos mismos.

Declaration of the palace is “sacred” as Netflix claims to film the Duchess of Sussex during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations but has not received accreditation to participate in any of the events. Ellos is making a documentary about Meghan and Harry, which probably includes material from the couple in the celebrations.

Netflix’s cameras can be seen in The Mall, Horse Guards, Buckingham Palace or St Paul’s Cathedral. Si lo hacen serán removidos. In the last months, a camaraderie in Sussex and all the lads.

Frogmore cottage, British house

Harry and Meghan decided to renovate the “leasing” of Frogmore Cottage, the house of the blue habitats that la reina les regaló for your casement, and minutes from Windsor Palace. Hasta ahora se la prestaban a la princess Eugenie, su prima, hija del principe Andrew and la Unica de familia con la que conservaban lazos. Pero ella se mudó a Portugal li su marido y su bebé.

Frogmore Cottage.  Photo: Archive

Frogmore Cottage. Photo: Archive

The new “leasing” of Frogmore demonstrates that Sussex are available to come to Gran Brittany with more acidity, after Meghan odia el reino y esa case solo le produksca malos recuerdos.

Tina Brown, ex-editor of Vanity Fair, who has written The Palace Papersa new book very distorted about reality, as Sussex regresses to the kingdom in one of these “Working royals” when the father, the principle Carlos, the sea rey. When the water is heated and the divisions are applied.

It is not clear what the celebrities of Sussex tend to be present at this Jubilee. Finally a definition of the reina and none of the cortisans can be found anywhere. It is a triumph.

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Jubilee of Plato: 96 years old, the reign of Isabel II celebrated 70 years old


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