How is “Arrancármelo”, the new song by Wos

The release of his latest album, dark ecstasyfour sold-out shows at the legendary Obras Stadium, one big show at last edition of the Lollapalooza Argentina festivalconcerts in Mexico and Colombia and in several Argentine cities. All of this happened within a few months of Wos’s life.

Now is the time, apparently, to embark on a new creative path. The first step for this 2022 is “Arrancármelo”, a newly released song.

According to its producer, the premiere is new in several ways: “Starting lowers the intensity, you move on to another time. It works from the power of the latest songs to embrace the break and focus on the connection between Wos’ voice and the essential sound of Evlay’s guitar “, they state and then add:

Wos in photo production for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for January this year
Wos in photo production for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for January this yearEugenio Mazzinghi

“‘Love makes me angry, I’m going to tear it away’ is one of those crude verses, sometimes innocent but always crossed by the meaning that today only an artist like Wos offers with his music, shaking it and at the same time challenging it. who listens to him. . It’s a natural description of a typical modern relationship, in which insecurities, differences, confusions, contradictions and expectations intervene. All told from a very sincere and genuine place, with the only anomaly of mental and emotional sensitivity to which the author has accustomed us “.

The truth is that in that self-measured universe that has the freestyle, rap in general and a flow of urban music like trap, Sometimes the performers need to step away from the standards a bit and, in this sense, Wos is one of the singers who stands out the most.

Undoubtedly, “Arrancármelo” follows a plan other than distances himself from the rough aesthetic that usually shapes this singer. And Evlay, who appears to be a producer who knows how to listen, has followed him on previous projects and follows him on a single like this one, where Wos’ voice is barely supported by a very modest guitar.

Wos, in one of his shows at Obras Stadium, late last year
Wos, in one of his shows at Obras Stadium, late last yearEDGARDO ANDRES KEVORKIAN

And I have no thought, of sinking here, thrown / And I’m not going to bleed to death. / Don’t ask me not to try again, that things return to their proper place “repeats Wos, as if it were a chorus, but at the beginning of his song.

Then he declaims, true to his style: “We are careful, like walking on a slippery floor, / knowing that a false step leads us to the bottom of the well. / It will be the tremor of the foam dancing in my furious heart, / understanding everything is a bit arrogant, to want to explain everything , it’s a nervousness. / That’s why I apologize and get drunk. / And I don’t know if I’m joking or taking it seriously. / And I’m suspicious, fear of taking a leap and finding emptiness. / I wish this that I’m sorry is not mine, because suddenly it is so cold. / It seems that knowing how to do well is a great challenge. / How angry love makes me, I’ll tear it away./ How angry love makes me, I’ll keep it./ I prefer the tortuous ritual to the decorum of always being the same / Is there a reason to be wrong or should I guess the end? / Carnival is not eternal if the carnal is ethereal. / We will find some other channel to join the plexus, a sax in the background and we want to have sex./ Now I remember the first time you laughed / and the urge it gave me to make up a joke / How are they going to convince me that magic doesn’t exist?

it was “rip it off”. produced and mixed by Evlayand mastered by Javier Fracchia. The video clip of the song was directed by Rafael Nir and produced by La casa de al lado.

Earlier this year, Wos resumed shooting dark ecstasy in Mar del Plata, the Cosquín Rock of the province of Córdoba and the Los Tekis Carnival in San Salvador de Jujuy.

Wos through the air of the North Stage of Cosquín Rock 2022
Wos through the air of the North Stage of Cosquín Rock 2022Agostino Dusserre

He also starred in Vive Latino (Mexico City) and Estéreo Picnic (Bogotá), as well as doing their own shows in Guadalajara and Morelia, Mexico. On the 22nd of this month he will sing at the Bahía Blanca Student Club, the next day at the Parque Central in Neuquén and on the 30th at the Rosario Metropolitan Hall.

his national tour will continue on May 7 at Club Floresta de Tucumán, on the 13th at the Plaza de la Música in the city of Cordoba, on the 20th and 21st at the Atenas Stadium in La Plata, on the 24th at the Arena Maipú Stadium in Mendoza, and on the 28th in Uruguay. There he will give a concert at the Peñarol Palace in Montevideo.

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