How the “Stranger Things” phenomenon resonates with Kate Bush’s music

Kate Bush is popular for new generations for a song that appears in the series
Kate Bush is popular for new generations for her song that appears in the “Stranger Things” series

The razors on the bags that the artists create at the moment of being more than 30 years old have their notation or tendency in curves (which is not the case, but in many cases) obras m exits exitosas, anuncian alguna gira que podría ser la tltima, o se murieron. It’s cruel, but in furious clickbait times, it is. But this is especially rare in the last days Kate Bush be converted to TT, that your songs are obtained in millions and inputs of reproductions on the digital platforms, that the media and the streams are filled with words, quotes and articles as they are. Porque si bien su quarto disco, The Dreaming, it is possible to celebrate four decades from nowhere, but there are great feasts to be celebrated; because their last apparition went well with a series of concerts in London, and from which it did not want to be presented in person; y porque afortunadamente no se murió.

Kate Busha number that, like the men in Argentina, has even had a solo podcast tener more than the men present in algún lugar recondito the memory quenen fueron testigos de la epoca dora la Rock & Pop, o quienes canervan la radio radi y his tastes musicales clavados en FM Aspen.

Pero no.

The motivation for the quality Kate Bush hoy es noticia (y sí, tendencia en relesiales) is now curiously fascinating: one of its most conjoined songs in the new tempo of one of the most popular on-demand TV series of the moment and is followed, as 37 years ago , a global hit. ¿Is the well-named industry a phenomenon of hit hits that want to hit decapitated hits? ¿Podría decírseles re-hit? Muy bien: gracias a Stranger Things, Running Up That Hillmother Kate Bushse convirtió un re-hit.

Video clip of “Running up that hill”, by Kate Bush, a gema of the latest revived in these days from the series “Stranger Things”

Resumed: Stranger Things is a North American series of science fiction and suspense starring teenagers and the environment in their 80s, which is broadcast on Netflix; on the 27th of May, the first part of your life is completely tempered, in the fourth episode, in an escalator and magnifying glass, one of the protagonists avoids abortion by the malignant and tenacious “Otro Lado” favorite, that is … ¡“Running Up That Hill”mother Kate Bush! This is why, in the context of a week, the theme of the iTunes playback community, over 120 million posts on Spotify, and YouTube, the original clip of the accumulated song of more than 50 million views, the official channel de Kate Bush review of fascinated and fascinated adolescent comments. Result: a new generation of great people to explore (and run before) one of the most popular pop artists of the 80’s.

Que en Stranger Things suene micasica de los 80 es natural. Only in the tempo quarter can it be heard Baltimora, Talking Heads, Extreme, The Cramps y también a Kiss y los Beach Boys. And in the anterior tempores have sonata Joy Division, New Order, The Bangles, Vangelis, Dolly Parton, The Clash… The music is essentially part of the trauma, and the fact that everyone listens (only to tapes that enter between the radiographs and walkmans) is casual and indifferent. Curiously, in all cases, it is the effect that generates in which there are essential songs for the first time. It is not, however, a new phenomenon: cinema is one of the examples in which a band of sonic rescues songs or artists. Part of the epoch is that the reaction of the audience can be measured in real time: it is a song of curiosity, it does not wait for months to corrupt the digits of the vents but at the same time, the golden platforms c Es lo que pasó con Running Up That Hill.

The character of Max (Sadie Sink) reproduces one and another egg
The character of Max (Sadie Sink) plays one more song “Running up that hill”, by Kate Bush, in his walkman of the 80s

Ha Which puzzle is this straightforward song about catching one of the fastest monsters in the “Upside Down”? To sign a “pacto with Dios” for the person prepared and assured that he is sent. “¿No querés sentir cómo se siente? Er Querés saber por qué no me dule? Er What’s about the treat that is doing this? Vos, somos tú y yo. Y si tan silo pudiera hacer un trato con Dios, y hacer que cambiara nuestros lugares. Be it a friend of this camouflage, be it a friend of this colina ”… Particularly specialized part of a series of mysteries and supernatural situations protagonized by adolescents in conflict and in the stage of evolution. And without embargo …

Running Up That Hill launched on August 5, 1985 and resulting in more output Hounds of Lovequinto disco de Kate Bush. For entons, Catherine Bush (born in the city of Kent, England, July 30, 1958) is a global artist of transcendence, among other things, amazed by being the first woman to be in the top of the rankings of United Kingdom discos , and the first singer-songwriter to number 1 on the Billboard North American magazine list. I was amazed by a very experimental, introspective and personal music that combined a soprano sound of amplified recording with provocative letters inspired by the literature as in separate frames, which habalase homosexuals, their core

Encima, in an epoch in which the radios inundaban the world of disco music and in the tugurios of Primer Mundo resonaban la esquirlas del punk rock y ya se hablaba de pospunk com todo a genre, inclusive melodies enrevesadas, folk, piano corals, oriental arrows, psychedelia, violins, prime electronic batteries … A rare sight that attracts mainstream rock stars like David Gilmour, Peter Gabriel y Princethe result of ethereal contraction and reflection of sexy arrogance Madonnapart of the alluvium of girls that incorporates feminine goodness into a rock like a machinist (a list that does not end in Sinéad O’Connor, Suzanne Vega, Annie Lennox, Cyndi Lauper, Siouxie…) and inspire new generations of artists to make available and follow the limits of popular English music, such as Tori Amos, Björk y Fiona Appleentre muchas otras.

Kate Bush in the west
Kate Bush in the west

The carrera de Kate Bush, with the embargo, do not miss the modo that used to wait for a pop star to pop like it. No hizo interminables giras durante decadas ni protagonizó scandal. Forming a family, grabbing elusive little discs … In 2014 regression of scenarios for the first time with a variety of decks with 22 functions in the living room at the Hammersmith Apollo Theater in London, an ambitious music and dance cruise register you can listen to Before the Dawn, a live album released in 2016. In 2018, it launches a series of CD and vinyl teas with remastered versions of all its catalogs of rare and unknown products. In 2019, a book was published with all its lyrics, giving it a title that is a good thing: How to Be Invisible (“How to be invisible”). It is nominated as a potential member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This is the fashion week.

Kate Bush is not a very good exhibition artist, she is the ultimate app in the scenarios that works well.
Kate Bush is not a very good exhibition artist, she is the ultimate app in the scenarios that works well.

How to Max (the character of Stranger Things que encarna la actress Sadie Sink), the songs of Kate Bush fired a shot at millions of teenagers in their 80s who felt “rare”. More than 30 years old, the shadows and shadows of the “rare” teenagers, boys and girls who identify with Max and their friends, discover that many songs can be used as refuges or as many containers as a new Netflix series. The screw cycle, reflected in the entertainment industry, can only save space.


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