Hugo Moyano supported the government of Alberto Fernández: “The criticisms are completely excessive”

The leader of the Truckers union supported the management of Alberto Fernández

In the middle the prisoner of the Front of All, who intensified days ago with the separate acts who directed Alberto Fernandez And Cristina Kirchner by April 2, the leader of the Teamsters union, Hugo Moianohe went out to support the government and said that “the criticisms” that are being addressed to him by some sectors “are completely disproportionate”.

“I think they are carrying out a very important task, because being at the helm of a country after having suffered the consequences that Argentina has suffered, with the macrista pandemic, that of COVID and, now, with this theme of the war in Ukraine, is very complex to be able to achieve everything that had been planned ”, the union leader began.

In dialogue with the Public TV, Moyano pointed to “some gentlemen, philosophers of economics” who question the Executive’s measures as if “nothing was happening in the world”.

In this way it was aligned with the arguments of Alberto Fernández, who in a recent interview He noted that “Argentina had to rule with a world in pandemic” and with “a global crisis between the United States and Russia with Europe in the middle”.

“The criticisms are completely excessive. The government has launched a complicated business planbecause the situation in the world, and in Argentina in particular, is very difficult ”, underlined this Sunday the leader of the Truckers union.

In this sense, he complained of the “men of the opposition and the previous administration”, that “everything that the current administration of Alberto Fernández does” “sees badly” and “tries to ignore” what is happening globally. .

“Juan Domingo Perón said that World War III would not be traditional, it would be economic. And today we are experiencing, due to what is happening in Russia and Ukraine, an economic issue, ”he said.

Asked about the vice president’s role in the middle of the domestic ruling party, Moyano said so Cristina Kirchner “must avoid any disagreement” with who her running mate was, because “it is necessary to be all together”.

The union leader expressed his opinion on the relationship between the President and his deputy (Natacha Pisarenko / Pool via REUTERS)
The union leader expressed his opinion on the relationship between the President and his deputy (Natacha Pisarenko / Pool via REUTERS)

On the other hand, despite being opposed to those who “talk about lowering taxes and making tasks more flexible” to “turn the worker into a slave”, he did He said he was in favor of “correcting the agreements” to “adapt them to current reality”.

“For example, before a truck went to Rosario and spent more than normal time back and forth, today it doesn’t happen anymore, today it goes and comes back in the same day. So, this needs to be reviewed, but that does not mean that we will harm the employee or leave him without the right that corresponds to him, “she specified.

Finally, the trade unionist He also defended the plan promoted by the ruling party, mainly the sector that responds to Cristina Kirchner, to create a “National Fund for the cancellation of the debt with the IMF” from taxing money without declaring that Argentine citizens have overseas.

“When it comes to wealth tax, to those who have money outside the country, I remember that when I was the head of the CGT, we fought to ensure that the improper income tax was not implemented or executed. What is a tax job? And none of these gentlemen appeared. I have not heard any of those who pay the salary, the deputies and senators of ‘macrism’, complain about the tax paid by the workers. And now they complain that they have to pay a wealth tax for the money they have outside the country “, considered in this regard.

On this point, he stressed that the initiative “is a necessity that the Government implements (sic) for the reality that the country is experiencing”, for which he defined it as important that the Executive Power “carry it forward”.

“We must put all the necessary will, especially the business sectors, to help overcome this situation, to overcome it. They have to make the effort. If they don’t, they aren’t doing a good job not only as businessmen but as Argentines as well. And they too will be harmed, “she concluded.


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