“I said about the cabaret because there was a mole on campus”: Latorre explained his famous phrase and assured that Boca was “lowered” by Libertadores 91

Diego Latorre talks about his phrase “Boca is a cabaret”

Today commentator. First, exceptional footballer. Diego Latorre He talked about his “two lives” and retraced some important moments in his career. Especially those who were related to Boca Juniors, where he trained as a player, he made his professional debut and returned after his tour in Europe.

After beating Fiorentina in Italy, Tenerife and Salamanca in Spain, the skilled American champion striker with the national team in Chile 91 returned to Xeneizewhere he played from 96 to 98. His stay was marked by good performances and a famous phrase: “Boca is a cabaret”.

“I kept 80 percent and answered 20. I was very optimistic, I lived by holding back. She responded when it exploded. You’ve heard everything everywhere that made you want to go out and clear up. That day I did well. I apologize for the misunderstanding, but on campus there was a mole who passed the information to the press “said the former midfielder.

He added: “This was the spirit of what I said. Not that Boca as a club was a cabaret, but that the team had one inside that transmitted to journalists everything we talked about in the locker room. I meant whores and I said cabaret. Subsequently a connotation was given that the comment did not have. Now I understand the business of printing, removing it from one context and inserting it into another ”.

At 14, Gambetita had gone to try the inferiors of the Xeneize and was signed in the Eighth Division. However, he was about to dismiss the possibility: “The first training session they stole my clothes. I wore sports clothes and usually wore brick dust on my shoes. (played tennis). My world was the countryside and the school in La Paternal. I was middle class, not even upper class. I didn’t belong to the aristocracy, but we had a good economic life in the stability of the neighborhood. Clearly when I arrived at Boca I noticed a change ”.

Diego Latorre talks about his beginnings in lower Boca

In dialogue with the podcast 90 + 3Latorre recalled the change in reality he had to face: “I confronted myself with young people who lived in poverty, humility, in violent families. You understand what the world is like. Before that, I lived in a capsule because my parents raised me that way. From school to country, on weekends I played, competed, tennis, football, intercountry, and confronted children of my status. Later I realized that life was not that, that I lived in an exclusive world, of a few. And that reality was different. It made me understand football and the situations I experienced ”.

Having already earned a seat in the First Division, he was part of a memorable Boca team that reached the semifinals of the 1991 Libertadores.I almost touched it, very close. They put us down. In these times we would have been champions. In that match with Colo-Colo that I obviously choked on. The 1-0 in candy box it had been short. It was a good Colo-Colo team, had a good coach (Croatian Mirko Jozic) and experienced players. We had an outbreak of fever and cold coming out. Three or four players didn’t play and some played handicapped, ”he reviewed.

“I always ask Bati (Batistuta) a play that goes hand in hand with the goalkeeper and has only me to push it. He doesn’t give it to me, counterattack and goals from Colo-Colo. Well, it was a fatality, then he scored a thousand goals. They beat us 3-1 in the most embarrassing match I’ve ever seen on a pitch”Commented the scorer of the Boca goal in Santiago. The meeting took place in a highly hostile climate, classic of the Libertadores of the 80s and 90s: “It seems to me that if there had been a more peaceful atmosphere and everything had developed in normal terms, I think we should have won that game. It was an early final, that’s where the champion came from because Colo-Colo easily beat Olimpia ”.

Latorre complained: “I was close, very close. We had a great team, we were undefeated champions of the Argentine league. Six goals against nothing more and the top scorer. We were at the perfect point to win the Copa Libertadores“.

Diego Latorre talks about the 1991 Libertadores


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