If you liked “Hail”, these 5 films are for you

“Granizo”, the latest success by Argentine Guillermo Francella, leads the ranking of foreign films on Netflix. (Netflix)

In just one week and with over 24 million viewing hours, Granizo (all hail) It reached the top spot in the world rankings of international movies on Netflix. With William Francesca (My masterpiece, The secret in their eyes) as the protagonist, the fiction directed by Marcos Carnival captivated audiences around the world with the story of meteorologist Miguel Flores, an admired and respected man so famous that he got his own weather program.

Until one day the weather forecasts are wrong and a hailstorm unleashes others: one of disappointment and loss of prestige, another of profound personal crisis. Disowned by the public that he revered him, who now insults him on the street, he takes refuge in his daughter’s house, from which he has been away. There he will begin an exploration of self-discovery, with his absurd humanity underlined by the company of his fish, Osvaldo. with screenplay by Nicolò Giacobone And Ferdinand Balmayorthe film has convened a cast that includes other Argentine talents such as Martin Seefeld (simulators), Peto Menahem, Romina Fernandes, Pompeyo Audivert, Viviana Saccone And Norman Briski.

There are many reasons why you can be part of the audience that didn’t miss this movie. Here are five reasons and five associated recommendations.

If you liked Francesca: The clan (Star +)

Perhaps the best interpretation of Francella: the sinister kidnapper Archimede Puccio, in “El clan”. (Star plus)

In the 1980s, just as democracy was restored in Argentina, many of those who participated in the illegal repression were left without work: they were called “unemployed work” and associated with common crimes. No one was as obvious as Archimede Pucciowhose disturbing performance in this film by Paul Trapperbased on reality, it is perhaps Francella’s best work.

The patriarch of the Puccio family, a bourgeois clan with rugby children, is a former secret service agent who has chosen to devote himself to kidnapping for the purpose of ransom. With a suspense management that borders on horror, the film recounts the events and the imprisonment of the victims in the same house as Puccio, who continued his life as if nothing had happened, in a sort of group madness.

The victims were also middle-class or upper-class people, whom Puccio often lured by using his son Alex, a stellar rugby team, as bait. Between complicity and horror, the character of the young man, played by Peter Lanzani, is also another highlight of the film.

Francella and Lanzani work in the company of Franco Masini, Giselle Motta, Stefania Koessl And Lili Popovich

If you have been affected by extreme weather conditions: I think about the end (Netflix)

Charlie Kaufman, screenwriter of “Do You Want to Be John Malkovich?” and “The Orchid Thief”, directed “I Think About the End”. (Netflix)

Entitled in English I’m thinking of ending thingslike the Canadian novel Iain Reid on which it is based, takes place mainly inside a car going through a snowstorm. with address of Charlie Kaufmanscreenwriter of Do you want to be John Malkovich? And the orchid thiefseems to be about everything and nothing, the human condition that shapes a couple’s casual dialogues, played by Jessie Buckley And Jesse Plemons (the power of the dog). But, after all, it is a psychological thriller, and moreover, very disturbing.

The young people go to his family’s home so that he can meet his parents. The girl’s story is changing, with the one constant of an idea in her mind: “I think about the end.” What’s happening at home also changes, moving from present to past in flashbacks, and the story tapers off as audiences wonder if the end will be love, life or what else.

In this dizzying reflection on human shortcomings and loneliness, the snowstorm is the least uncomfortable and threatening thing that the protagonists experience. Toni Collette And David Thewlis (landscape architects) offer, like Buckley and Plemons, great performances.

If you are interested in meteorology: The perfect storm (HBO Max)

George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg starred in “The Perfect Storm” based on a true story. (HBOMax)

Nominated for an Academy Award for Special Effects and Sound, The perfect storm is a famous 2000 film that adapts the book by Sebastian Junger about a real event, the tragedy of the fishing boat Andrea Gail in the 90s. Played by George Clooney And Mark Wahlbergwith address of Wolfgang PetersenThe story follows the crew commanded by Billy Thyne at a time when the livelihoods of the Massachusetts area in which it takes place, the swordfish business, are going badly.

Thyne decides to change the fishing area and go a little further, but as the boat sails the audience follows the work of a meteorologist who records how, in that area, two dangerous storms are forming – one of cold origin coming from the continent and another of hot origin that advances in the opposite direction from some islands, the coincidence of which would be something monstrous and unmanageable.

Time leaves the ship without communication as fishermen fill the holds before returning to face the merging of winds, rain and waves, in a fiction of events in the waters near the city of Gloucester.

Along with Clooney (Captain Thyne) and Wahlberg, starred William Fichtner, John C. Reilly, Diane Lane, Karen Allen and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

If you kept thinking about social hatred: What he hates (Netflix)

“The Hater” descends into the obscurity of a talented creator of online hate campaigns. (Netflix)

Tomasz is a law student in a Poland who seeks to process his totalitarian past and experience a European present at the same time as the technological revolution and dark political forces threaten democracies. His professors found out that he had plagiarized and expelled him from college, which he doesn’t tell his former family friends who help pay for his education. Especially since he is interested in their daughter. One evening he goes to eat with them and leaves his phone, falsely forgotten.

So he feels they find it strange and creepy and decides to impress them by taking a big job in a PR firm. But Tomasz is closer American psycho about what Mad Men in this movie Jan Komasa with screenplay by Mateusz Pacewicz, and soon discovers that he has an extraordinary ability to do damage in networks. She becomes a star with a smear campaign against a health guru, and from there she moves into politics, where she uses everything – racism, xenophobia, homophobia – in her pursuit of perfect hatred.

With Maciej Musiałowski, Vanessa Aleksander, Maciej Stuhr, Agata Kulesza, Danuta Stenka And Jacek Koman.

If you have been moved by the story of father and daughter: Miles between us (Prime Video)

“Miles Between Us”: After 12 years apart, a man and his teenage daughter will decide whether they can bond or remain strangers. (Main video)

Luke Dauer has been separated from his daughter Gabby for 12 years: exactly how long has he been divorced from the girl’s mother. He also has an important career as a film producer, and his occupations have managed to first anesthetize and then ruin his father’s feelings. When Gabby’s mother breaks her ankle, she asks him to accompany her from California to South Carolina, and so begins this drama and road movie in which an adult and a teenager will see if they can have a family bond or if they continue their lives. as strangers.

with address of Andrea Cacciaon a script Scott A. Peterson the story proceeds from the first comparisons between the two (she thinks she was abandoned by her father, he knows that the decision was made by the ex-wife) towards the doubts that arise about her feelings: “I thought I forgave him, but I continue to be horrible to him, “Gabby tells her mother on the phone. With so many embarrassing and equally heartwarming scenes, the relationship between father and daughter finds its way along the coast-to-coast journey of the United States.

With Dariush Moslemi, Anna Stranz And Gloria Kizzier.


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