In an unstable Boca another storm front opens up for Sebastián Battaglia

Unstable. This is the time in the Boca world. It gets cloudy and the sun comes out. The sun rises and clouds over. Intermittently, unexpectedly, unbearably. And in the midst of everything that appears on the scene the figure of Sebastián Battaglia, once again in the eye of the storm.

The DT is in front a team so capable of beating Estudiantes and River as a guest, and at the same time not having been able to win at the Bombonera so far this year. And also from losing 2 to 0 against Deportivo Cali which appears penultimate in the positions of the Colombian tournament, in the first in the Copa Libertadores.

The stage is awkward. For the coach and for the whole team. Why the forces them to beat Always Ready at home next Tuesdaywhich in principle appears to be the weakest rival of Group C, but at Bolivian level she has already scored three points on her debut against Corinthians (2-0).

Boca made a mistake in Colombia
Boca made a mistake in ColombiaFernando Vergara – AP

The goal doesn’t seem unreasonable. Although this is where the Boquense demons themselves will be the real obstacles. Because Boca, still in training, keeps tripping over the same stones. Keep making mistakes that are unacceptable for top-level players. He continues to be bothered by situations that should have been left behind in the past.

The photo that summarizes everything is what happened in the 44th minute of the first half. A center from the right landed in the middle of the blue and gold area, where a Cali player received alone and ran wide. Repetitions: unacceptable in a professional football team.

In that scenario, Battaglia’s post-match statements unmask him, but to some extent. For several years there have been phrases that the protagonists say are far from what they actually saw or thought. Clearer: that the Boca TD said that Boca played “a fair game” only serves to respect the media. He did it on the Colombian night and other coaches, from Boca and other clubs, have done so throughout history.

From the “I liked everything” by Alfio Basileafter a lackluster victory against Gimnasia a “For me he played well”, by Guillermo Barros Schelotto whenever a reporter asked him about Pavón’s performance, when the striker had a discreet gift. Carlos Bianchi also used this tool to shield criticism and interrogation of those he directed, behind closed doors. For the outdoors it is part of the media show. Battaglia knows that Boca were far from playing a fair game. He will never say it in publicleast of all at the post-game press conference.

The luck factor also does not seem to accompany the DT. Inherited a list of suspended (Sebastián Villa, Cristian Pavón, Marcos Rojo, Carlos Izquierdoz, Javier García and Diego González) for a fight in which his coaching staff did not take part. And to that it has now been added the injury of Carlos Zambrano, who felt a puncture in the back of his left leg and was strong when he returned to Buenos Aires: “I think it’s a tear”. If this diagnosis was confirmed (the Peruvian could barely step on his transfer from plane to bus and showed signs of pain on his face)

In this scenario, to which is added the fact that Marcos Rojo suffers from lower back pain that prevents him from being 100 percent, the team remains without margins: the Figal-Ávila duo has no variants with professional contact.

Although emergencies also offer opportunities. For some time now there have been two young people who have stood out in the Reserve. They are Alexis Alvariño and Gabriel Aranda. Both are part of the Libertadores’ bona fide roster, and will inevitably be the helper in the event of another setback in that sector of the team, both during the group stage of the continental tournament and for the League Cup.

Almendra had an exceptional performance at the end of the year, in the friendly against Barcelona in Qatar
Almendra had an exceptional performance at the end of the year, in the friendly against Barcelona in QatarBoca Juniors Press

At the same time, another source of hypothetical conflict has reanimated in the last few hours. Agostino Mandorlaseparated from the professional squad by Battaglia for lack of respect towards him and towards a group of colleagues, He asked for help from the Football Council led by Juan Román Riquelme, to try to rebuild his relationship with the manager and be considered again for matches.

The situation is very complex. The day that situation arose, with public insults from the wheel against Battaglia, was a sad day for everyone. Both the TD and those who make up the Council love and care for Almendra like a son. And, especially the first, they felt disappointed. Boca have done a lot, on and off the pitch, to put Almendra’s life back on track.

The possibility of a hypothetical forgiveness seems remote. Battle himself he was blunt at the time And he ratified it last Friday, at a press conference: “At the time I was clear, I don’t have to comment on the subject again. It is not worth talking about it again. “And to this we must add the relationship with the rest of the squad, which today is broken, especially with Darío Benedetto, who made harsh statements after the scandal.

People who walk through the Ezeiza property trust LA NACIÓN the possibility that the player receives the forgiveness he asks for must not be ruled out by the coaching staff and return to training with his teammates. Although not immediately and with a clear goal: to close the link in the best possible way before the steering wheel is sold abroad at the end of June.

So are Battaglia and Boca today, trying to chase away the storm clouds. Although no one is clear on what the forecasts will hold for the next few weeks.

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