In Avellaneda, student students have finally reached an empathy that does not exist

Puddle students with Independent and part 2 to 1 in the Libertadores of America, in the leather jacket of the championship. Leonardo Godoy puso el desuento albirrojo, pero no le alcanzó pese a pelear y buscar la igualdad. Rojo’s goals were scored by Leandro Benegas and Leandro Fernández, and also by Ricardo Zielinski.

Selected at Libertadores de America-Ricardo Bochini Stadium, courtesy of Hernán Mastrangelo and broadcast by TNT Sports.

In one complication, Students, which extends the presence of Leandro Díaz in the aftermath, appointments per Independent for 2 to 1 and aligning one point from the point of the championship. The había part is initiated with its own rhythm and swaying by impressions, when it is fired at the descent without sacred vents.

But in the heart of the ida and the flight, where León del Ruso jamás se entregó, la derrota term castóndo sus errores en defensa y, al mismo tiempo, su poder offensive tanto debilitado.

Designed from a prime time, Pincha found himself in the middle of a game of a combination of atike del Rojo, while Leandro Benegas ended up capturing a large goal kick.

All you have to do is look at the students with precision and do you mean significant things in the last line that they try to surf in every local pool.

When Leandro Fernández scored from the penalty spot, the score was 2 to 0 in favor of the local students.

The assassination of Leonardo Godoy (sanctioned by graces from the south checkpoint in the VAR) hits that the students scurried up and down the floor, but the blasphemous ideas clasped before the edge of the casket to get to the igualdad.

Students, imperfect in defense and with precision in the final point of their aisles, are drawn round and bronze. With the delivery of Del Prete and the suspension of Leandro Díaz, there is an offensive line and this is the consequence of the current situation.

Now get close to the incubator that will be on the 25th of June at Newell’s UNO. Dicho compromise is available from 18 o’clock, and the series begins after Zielinski’s flight wants to reconcile with the triumph.

Photos // Photobaires.

Mejores jugadas

The part I played with the small amount of team ambassadors and I struggled in the mediocamp, as the first Pincha’s team was drawn from a board of Godoy, center, anti-Pellegrini and Mauro Boselli’s team. Ambos elencos animaron un primer tiempo intenso y parejo.

Less than a minute later students are moving: Fernando Zuqui trying to get out of the air and parting from the arc of Rojo. The ’25 el Pincha -invalented- by ​​the associate game is now part of the game, you have the ability to open the marker. Pellegrini tomó el rebote luego del tiro libre y tras un zurdazo la pelota se fue cerca del palo derecho del guardameta.

In the best south of the Estudiantes in about 40 minutes, Castro falls in the hand with Sosa and no pumps to stop the parid.

In addition, Independent jumps in the field of play with other activity and left to students and associations and exchanges that allow the local to open the marker. It’s as if 7 of them are now part of Rojo traversing a well-sized collective to score a goal: Alexis Vigo center and Benegas cabezari to open and close Mariano Andújar and score 1 to 0 partial.

Unspecified by the goal, fucking two fatal minutes for El Pincha. An Infraction Fabian Noguera to Leandro Benegas’s the derivative in a penalty kick by Mastrangelo, for which Leandro Fernández goes two steps long from 2 to 0 of the local.

Within 36 minutes, after the epilogue, Pincha accelerated and slowed down thanks to VAR intervention that prevented any attempt from a Más center and Godoy definition to gain 2 to 1 part.

Unsurprisingly, Pincha searched the igualdad, so that the Independent raised the bar.

It’s desperate to have all the ghosts for the hinchas of Rojo. Pero Independiente sup resistir, defending from arriba in their propia érea and the chain to the bottom with the three points and dejar with the vacant manos al Pincha.


Independent: Sebastián Sosa; Alex Vigo, Sergio Barreto, Juan Insaurralde and Lucas Rodríguez; Lucas González, Gerónimo Poblete, Lucas Romero and Gastón Togni; Leandro Fernández and Leandro Benegas. DT: Eduardo Domínguez.

Students (La Plata): Mariano Andújar; Godoy, Rogel, Noguera, Más; Castro, Zuqui, Rodríguez, Pellegrini; Orosco and Boselli. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Goals in the second time: 7m. Benegas (I) y 9m. Leandro Fernández (I), penal.

Goal in the second time: 35m. Godoy (E).

Exchange in the second time: 12m. Alan Marinelli by Orosco (E), 26m. Aaron Spetale by Pellegrini (E), 28m. Iván Marcone por Romero (I), 38m. Joaquín Laso by Lucas González (I), 45m. Luciano Lollo by Godoy (E) and Damián Batallini by Fernández (I).

Amonestados: Vigo (I). Rodríguez (E).

Referee: Hernán Mastrángelo.

Cancha: Independent.



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