In Chile, the explosion of ballroom culture evolved into the track

Pioneer house ... La House of Keller (credited: Kike Palacios @kpfotografiachile)
Pioneer house … La House of Keller (credited: Kike Palacios @kpfotografiachile)

From time to time, there is a paradigm that does not end with a solo finish on the LGBT + night’s agenda’s in Chile as an event related to the ballroom scene, with small battles and entrances between “houses” and a new classroom the diverse and urban views of the young Chileans. O How do you explain it is a new phenomenon in the region?

First, a little history. Vogue is a type of urban dance that deserves to be profiled as having a lot of resistance to the LGBT + population. It is a national subculture among the 60s and 80s of the Bailey Halls in Harlem, New York, as a form of resistance to discrimination against trans, Latinos, and Afrodecendants that is marginalized by society.

From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true beauty of ballroom culture comes in. Chile is one of those cases where this discipline is fabulously queer, from the manuscript of recent advances in favor of the LGBT community + as well as the equatorial matrimonial, being popularized by high levels of attraction.

History is relatively recent. In Chile, in the year 2015, the first small house was built House of Keller, for its mother Muva Keller and the Tofu Quing principle. From this moment on, it is profiled as the pioneering and impulsive house of the ballroom culture in the following world.

When it comes to dressing, we refer to a battle of elegance, a guerra, pero donde las armos son el vestuario, el maquillaje, el peinado and a pair of heels that search for femininity that junta’s youth and talent and vitality for deribar a los opponents on a catwalk or on a track. In the highlands there is no violence, no harassment, satire and other types of competition categories.

From the inside, Tofu Quing explains Infobae the difference between ballroom and small. “Ballroom is the culture and culture is the performance during the ballroom”, he explained.

“There are catwalk battles that are not solo baile, but the ballroom gum is hincapié with it because when the ballroom knob goes to the solenoid bay and pulls a little bit of the catwalk studio, make up, face, etc”, resaltó Quing.

I have 36 years and work as a chef in Santiago de Chile, the national capital, and all of these books are one of the leaders of the House of Keller.

“The culture here (Chile) of Muva Keller’s mano and yo, soy su primer hijo. Our ballroom consoles at night are the first contact to be fired directly at the scene of the New York scene. “It’s a culture that has expanded beyond the 90 haciepe Europe and the Latin American language has been growing lately because of the graces in the mass media, which is a culture that is not known,” said Quing.

Tofu Quing, one of the historical figures of the ballroom scene in Chile (credited by: Kike Palacios @kpfotografiachile)
Tofu Quing, one of the historical figures of the ballroom scene in Chile (credited by: Kike Palacios @kpfotografiachile)

The creation of voguing inspired you in the poses of the models of Vogue magazine, the incarnation of all that is communicating without accreditation. Era lo m cs cercano a la fama, la fortuna, el astrellato y los focos. In principle, it seeks to emulate and repeat the stereotypes of white femininity, beauty, sensuality and class, with which they are revived and expelled by dissent.

To be a chef, the generator generates a generative crucifixion that includes “llama y convoca to persons who love performance, to genta that gusta el drag, that gusta bailar, and gente que fueron negando ciertos espacios o vivencias con la exploitation of your body, as well as skinny skin, transsexual skin, skinny skin, such as in college, in universities, in the workplace, to find a place to validate and trace performance ”.

In the last few years the vowel has increased its public conjugation with series as Pose and talent shows como Legendary. As an embargo, the Madonna song was released in 1990 and launched globally – despite the fact that it was appropriated for exploration – it is an underground subculture with a song that spins the name. Outside the crowd assisting and competing for interior design on the theme in a sleek Sound Factory club in Manhattan.

The Madonna song is recorded in one number within 30 parts of the world and the launch is launched internationally. Without an embargo, many will go to Latin America.

The debate about appropriation

Quing record that in a principle in Chile helps to realize instances of “small and local” kikis lambs, when hacían battles of catwalk and moving. “In my case, I only had no contact with the dance, no vengeance of the dance world, in exchange my mother, Muva Keller, said. Ella was a professor of urban dances and she also took classes with her, ”he said.

Agregó qué “educate pudos respecting how to get instant, how to walk and how to culturally approve of the pain that comes directly from the ascending and transient generation. Our members are members of the LGBT + community in different parts of the laboratory, students or cultures, so that we can learn more about the dynamic mass, create a circuit, gentile and convincing. In order to be able to do this we have instructed each other by taking classes with exponents and conversing making contacts with the genius of New York, Parisian and Brazilian culture with the tense only one connection stretch ”.

Según recuerda, “Muva y yo eramos personos tenían muchas ideas en la cabeza pero no sabíamos cómo stockionarlas, pero unz vez que nos conocimos fue comcreta co and y fuimos haciendo de a poquito y la gente fue legando, yu fu fu y se dio que una maricona, vio a otra maricona, y otra maricona dijo “yo voy también” “I’m trying to convince you and I’ll not stop until I see that we have more than 20 houses in all of Chile, all the competencies in the middle, and you’ve got a company and this House of Keller.”

The program
The program “Legendary”, from HBO Max, where the competence is due to the best in order (EFE / Zach Dilgard HBO Max)

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. It is one of the most esoteric men in the world, as seen in the movie “Paris is burning”, and it is strongly related to the fact that the majority of those who are impulsive, convivian in “cases” of the word no matter how much it blows por ser o amar distinto a la heteronorma. Or in other cases, but also HIV +.

Aquellas casas are normally boutizadas and llevaban the name of the famous casas of fashion. Your members use the name of the alias in their appeals, reproducing the origin, acquiring a new collective identity. Ladies and gentlemen offer their families in community for those who are socially marginalized by reasons of gender, sexuality and / or race with the objective of engaging in a safe space when the wind blows them away. Apart from the ladies, there are princes and princesses, who are the heirs and sons of the ladies.

Reconnaissance search in a host company

House of Keller is currently up to 17 people. Participating in individual and group classes, in cerrado places and in public spaces of Santiago. También se displegaron a otras regiones.

In the year 2016, one more year after the birth of the house of Los Keller, the National House of Anthrax in Concepcion, and the house 500 kilometers from Santiago. This post was written by Kriss Antrax, a 25-year-old clinical psychologist. Antrax plays Infobae which part of his manner is very incompetent. “We tried to record classes of young people when they came from Santiago to Concepcion, and they tried to record all kinds of competing classes,” he said.

Ballroom federalista ... House of Antrax, the principal
Ballroom federalista … House of Antrax, the main “house” in the city of Concepcion.

House of Anthrax is the second most antigua house in Chile and the first in the region. Currently 11 people are integrated. “Like the pioneer house in Chile, the second house at the national level, the first in the region, but not every one of them we carry the space before the balls are hoisted in public space, from here, the first ball in public space that se chizo en Chile fue en Concepcion, en june de 2019. Surgió esta necesidad de tomarse las calles y de impoderarse también ”, results the psychologist, with reference to the creation of migration in Chile and the whole continent.

For él, el voguing “There is no resistance, because the balloons have a very strong political and social context, because the need to reconcile a society that is constantly invalidated, balloon entities to surrender to, to resist and validate among usas bodies and identities that are not hegemonic, and the idea of ​​в un. в ab ab opening a space for all of them can participate and be sent codes “.

“Concepcion, the balls are super sanas, family and crew that characterize the punctuation scene, which is very expensive,” said Antrax.

When coincidences arise in which people are attracted to the prejudices of society, they must also act economically in order to live this culture. ““Like a scene of autogenesis, all that we generate in the crowd, including the prizes, the medals and the prizes that are given, are traversed through the gorge, it is pure talent,” concluded Quing.

From the creation of the Keller and Anthrax houses, in 2015 and 2016 respectively, it operates in all over the national territory, currently summing up a total of 22 that expresses its value and performance with its body being stretched out, in vivo or in the morning as a form of liberation, resistance and self-expression.


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