In Europe, the sensation that Ukraine is a “proxy war” of the United States

FIRST.– It is obligatory: para ganar una guerra, las allianzas deben ser sólidas. All the bases. Aunque aparezcan aquí and all the fissures that are pressed on Casandras to announce its strumming edge. The brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine has not taken precedence. Thirty-one months after the com- munity of the conflict over the unity of the western democracies has been preserved, the differences in appreciation that emerge over the future of the European continent and the situation that Russia is occupying reflect the historical diversity of each of its members and interests: not only between the United States and Europe, but among the 27 members of the European Union (EU).

We are not looking for a war between OTAN and Russia. Au quando no esté de acuerdo con Vladimir Putin and considering your scandalous actions, United States does not try to provoke you outright. No one wants to go or not to be attacked, we do not intervene directly in this conflict. (…) Tampoco lentamos ni damos in Ukraine los median golpear más allá de sus fronteras. We do not want to prolong this war just to fly to Russia“, Affirms President Joe Biden on June 1 in a column published by The New York Timesentitled “Lo éstados Unidos hará y no hará en Ucrania”.

This is a statement of principles by the North American president not only intended to change his tenor radically from his statements made by the government, but also disipar all about the possibility that the United States is a “war by delegation” or “proxy war” in Russia, as lalaman los experts. We also intended to avoid the apparent divergences in the Atlantic Ocean over the real objectives of the conflict.

Fighting with a colossal financial inversion to allow the Ukrainian military to work, the discourse of those responsible for the Casa Blanca brand in varying degrees of difference with the activity of the great European democracies, in particular Paris and Berlin. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s secretary general’s hablaba in Poland’s “double debit” to Russia and Biden assured that “Putin’s ass can not be permanently in power”, the president Emmanuel Macron estimaba necesario evitar “humillar” a Rusiasubrayando the error of news hacho with Germany tras the triumph allied from 1918.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, in a reunion with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.
The French president, Emmanuel Macron, in a reunion with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.Official Palacio Eliseo

But the new rhetoric of Casa Blanca does not suit everyone. On April 28, to present to Congress its soluble presupposition of an exceptional amplitude of 33,000 million dollars, Biden explicitly stated that “invert the freedom and security of Ukraine era a precise escalation to stop Russian aggression and reduce the risk of future conflicts”. Shortly afterwards, the North American president visited the Lockheed Martin weapons factory in Alabama, chasing the Apocalypse to the Ukrainians in a more geopolitical and existential brand: “Hay is actually a battle in the world between autocracy and democracy”dijo.

“What is in play is the order of international security as it was created in 1945 ″, explicitly see General Mark Milley, Chief of the United States Mayor at the United States, on April 26th. Pero, entonces, ¿cuál is the objective of the current status of Ukraine? ¿Hasta dónde irá y durante cuánto tim?

General Charles de Gaulle has only one formula for defining the relations between the two: “Los Estados no tienen amigos, solo tienen intereses”.

“In this case, following the presidency of Barack Obama, the United States has a very geopolitical obsession: its rivalry with China. In a way that, in its current form, a Vladimir Putin has virtually allowed Washington to focus on new attitudes about the fact that all of them are the essential custodians of these decimals, ”analyzes French General Vincent Desportes.

In the United States, the verse was used as an attempt to use Ukraine “for a debilitating form in the form of Russia”, which coincides with the great European democracies, the objective being clear: If Russia withdraws from Ukraine and offers fines to the war, it is possible, but negotiation. Aunque, for some specialists, divergence does not want to be unloaded.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden (C), the Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson (D), and the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, were staying in Casa Blanca, tracing the pedestal of the two countries to join OTAN.
The President of the United States, Joe Biden (C), the Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson (D), and the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, were staying in Casa Blanca, tracing the pedestal of the two countries to join OTAN.MANDEL NGAN – AFP

“Biden’s rhetoric is very radical, very moral. There are spectacular differences in the level of languages, but it is not clear that the United States and Europe are not recorded in a coherent global strategy. That Putin is a landlord or a landlord, in the moment there is news that he negotiates and, for the sake of it, he interlocutor. It’s impossible for alguis to decide that he is interlocutor in Putin’s series, sino otro”, Analysis by the military expert François Hugeux.

For other analysts, the differences in activity reside in a concrete and geographical sense: an ocean separated by Europeans and stadounidenses. It’s really inspiring and ultimately the doctrine of bautizada “Lead from behind” (lead leader). The United States has a large number of diner currencies (over 40,000 million dollars), but they are the most exposed from the point of view of the military to their European counterparts, except for the parts of the world. The impact on blockchain economies, dependence on hydrocarbons and granules does not affect the United States. In Europe, there are dramatic consequences. Y ningún aliado lo ignora.

Pero las divergencias not limited to Europe and United States, agitated in up to 27 European countries. Not about the objective of conflicting sino, about all, about the future of the continent. Y, ó c podmo podría ser de otra forma?

The UE is a state that does not attract the XX logo because of the mismatched windows. This war desk in each one of the different herds and respondents. The current divergences about Russia are not new, they are the same as Donald Rumsfeld, the secretaries of the State of Defense of George W. Bush, about 20 years old who oppose the “life of Europe” or the “new Europe”. With one exception: Italy, which is a campground.

Since 2003, the United States has joined forces with Iraq, France and Germany to invade Iraq. Bush agreed on the contrary to escalate the adventurous adventure to Great Britain, Italy and, above all, to the new democracies of Central Europe and the Baltic states, which are close to joining the OTAN or being arrested. It is a division of the grave and its aftermath, which can be carried out on the principle of guerrilla warfare: a war decided by Washington.

Hoy no sucede lo mismo. The 27-year-old’s being dealt with by a just war, but Russia is attacking Ukraine. The modo that hay que ayudarla a defenderse. The difference resides in what is suggested succession. In the Davos Economic Forum, the non-American North American celebrities George Soros and Henry Kissinger, both living under Nazism, make a difference: for Soros, the war in Ukraine is the existential combination of anti-totalitarian democracy. Se debe hacer todo para ganar. Kissinger is more pragmatic. A su juicio, Russia can not be seen on the map. Hay que aceptar que toda paz duradera debe ser concluida con Moscú.

Kissinger means that Moscow should be included in any quality paz
Kissinger means that Moscow should be included in any quality paz

Kissinger was born in Germany, where he escaped in 1938, during the war. Hoy, Germany, France and Italy are the main countries that define this realistic line. In the public European debate, the partisans of the line defended by Soros have already stated that, as a nation in Budapest, it is located in a Europe occupied by the Soviet Union until 1989. In this debate, a filigree view appeared security of the “new Europe”, which and its historic deconstruction against Russia justified by the aggression of February 24.

The amplification perspective of OTAN in Finland and Swedenand since the annexation of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU, it has become a dislocation of the center of the European Union.

“Vieja Europa” has been destabilized by the Ukrainian conflict. The “exchange rate for commerce” vision that dominates German foreign policy comes from the bottom of the frightened frustration. For Berlin and Paris, the hegemony that this war is against a dictatorship and a young democracy and the obligation to do everything possible before it is triumphant can not be expected that, in the end of the conflict, the continent will take on a new form of establishment.

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