In tears, Ivana Icardi revealed why she separated from Hugo Sierra: I left …

Thursday 7 April 2022, 7:10 pm

The footballer’s sister recounted the details of the breakup, seven months after being a parent.

At the beginning of March, Ivana Icardi was charged with giving the news of the break with Uruguayan Hugo Sierra. The former Big Brother communicated this on her Instagram account and it was a surprise, since she had been a mother with him just seven months before a girl she called Giorgia.

The truth is that after a while, the sister of Mauro Icardi revealed new details on the separation with the former basketball player on his Mtmad channel (influencer content platform).

“The relationship started to leak eventually when we were already parents. We had had other fights before, but we were super happy to be waiting for our girlfriend. They saw it in my networks and the illusion that it created me, but the problems started. when was Georgia born “
he has declared.

This change was decisive for both of us, in any case Ivana made mea culpa and acknowledged that she did not know how to manage her emotions.

“I was warned that the couple changes. Women need a lot of understanding. You can’t imagine the revolutions that take place in the body and in the hormones. One day you think white, the other black and then brown. Then sad, happy, angry and in a time of maybe two hours. A battle of emotions that, being positive and optimistic, before giving birth I didn’t think had happened to me, “she said.

But beyond his poise, he admitted that his love affair with Sierra, whom he met on the Spanish reality show Survivors, worsened after his girlfriend was born and there was no point of return.
Icardi with Huego Sierra and her little daughter, a few months ago.

“I’m back in August and I’ve experienced infinite emotions. I was happy because I became a mother and Giorgia is what I love most in my life. But that feeling of being sad and saying “what happened” (with your partner). I should have had therapy to avoid some things“He said visibly excited.

And he continued, in tears: “Nothing can be done against this, but maybe if I had received a little more support, which I told Hugo I needed at the time, things would have been different. I didn’t feel supported. I guess he saw me. so it was heavy. Once I left the house with Giorgia and ended up in a hotel because I couldn’t take it anymore “.

On the daily bond he had with his former partner, he admitted: “I had a lot of pressure. With Hugo we discussed thousands of things and I was still with that sadness that everything seemed like a world. But I was accumulating and at a certain point it is become unsustainable “.

“I tried ad nauseam, but it broke. Everything flowed and worked in a flash. How is it possible that you can’t stand me these months? Right now I’m back a lot, but those months after the pregnancy, that was a bomb of emotions, I needed a little to hold back. And I didn’t feel it … “, he added.
Icardi spoke through an influencer platform.

Although throughout his release he sounded pessimistic about the future of his relationship with the girl’s father, Ivana’s words showed a certain nostalgia and desire to be able to rebuild the bond.

“I don’t blame the pregnancy, I’m sorry because in the end we are two good people who have loved each other. He has a temper that I can’t stand sometimes and it makes me angry because maybe we should be more mature to deal with the relationship. Know that we have a girlfriend and which maybe can be solved if we both do our part, “he said.

However, the former Survivors participant later claimed that there were irreconcilable differences between her and Hugo. And he talked about a family meeting that ended up triggering the breakup and that until now he had reserved the right to tell: “At Christmas we had a bad episode, as we went to my family’s house and argued without almost speaking. horrible and uncomfortable “.
According to Icardi, reconciliation between her and Sierra is impossible today.

Among the regrets for not being able to carry on the family project they had, he highlighted: “In the end they remain as scars from those fights, arguments and everything that happens. Eventually it wears out. There were no patches, band-aids or anything else to fix the connection. It couldn’t be done and it’s a shame we couldn’t continue with ours. project”.

Finally, sister-in-law Wanda Nara she expressed her regret for all that her newborn daughter has been through in these months: It is very painful and horrible to think about how the baby will feel. When we first broke up, she felt bad. She felt nervous, as if she had been passed on to her. We choose to be parents, so things come to mind that make me feel guilty. “

“In another context, in another situation, I throw myself on the sofa to eat chocolate and cry. But with a child I don’t allow it, I try to appease bad feelings and not see myself sad”, he guilty condemned. / Clarione

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