In the midst of a scandal, a talent show by Glee protagonist Matthew Morris

The actor de Glee Matthew Morrison fue to download the talent program So You Think Can Dancein which it can be described as legal, in the midst of a scandal. The first versions indicate vaguely that “No respect for competency protocols”but with the correctness of the diases the details of its desolation are ignited.

“Tener la opportunidad de ser juez en So You Think You Can Dance fue un honor increíble para mí. For the sake of it, there is a lot of informative lamentation that the program has ”, announced the actor of the scenes, in a communication. “Want to grab the audition rounds for the program and complete the selection of the 12 finalists, not following the competency production protocols, which I can confidently use to justify the competence of the right way”, Agregó, without precision.

“You can not discourage the surplus with all the involved and being used all the time in what is being one of the best temporas right now,” he concluded.

Sembrada la duda, the media estadounidenses comenzaron a investigar y la verdad comenzó a salir a la luz. A strong vent with the production, the insurance a People que Morrison wondered if he had “failed to have an inapropia relation with a competitor”.

“Do not create sexual relations, even if they are directed to direct message messages with a clear intention of coquettishness in the social networks”, assures the power of the media essay. In aggregate: “Ella se syntió incómoda with comments and news and products, which involve Fox. I hope that an investigation will be carried out into the matter”.

If there are a variety of people consulting to ensure that Morrison and the contestant – who do not proceed with identification – do not look at the set of the program, their variations are the words that indicate that the messages sent by the outgoing “cruise line”.

Against the repercussion of having the subject in the media and in the streams, Morrison decided on the amplified version of the hacks. Hizo is playing, drawing a clip that he shared on his Instagram account. Make sure there is no “nada que ocultar” and leave the text message that, se ún ë, fue el que le envió la the contestant.

“It is really unfortunate that the defense of my family is against false declarations of anonymous form, but I do not want to cultivate it,” he said. “In addition to the transparency, the one-size-fits-all message that describes a dance in the program: ‘Hello, Matthew. Si no te importa, me encantaría obtener tu número y hablar [sobre] algunas cosas’”.

Morrison determines the amplitude version of the beams

This message was sent because it is a bathing suit and I share it with respect to a choreographer who knows how to get more than 20 years old and has the ability to adjust and work as a choreographer in the program”, Aseguró.

At the same time, the actor is shown a lot by live in “a world where goblins hit the boots” and make sure that the situation is “destructive to society” and exclaims: games ”.

Morrison is now three years old with Renee Puente, his mother-in-law, Revel James Makai, four years old, and Phoenix Monroe, 11 months old. You can also search for Instagram to find out where the torrent is coming from. In a text entitled “Gift Diary”, the 37-year-old woman expresses: It’s very agilecida de poder tener días que me permitan jugar y ser feliz para que, cuando el peso del mundo se senta demasiado pesado, dar un paso atr ys y recorder l que realnte importa: mi esposo mis misos ”.

In the text, there is an indication that it is aggravated by a “loving family and solidarity” that the “abrasion when the need is there”, and an indication that the value “including the most small parts” that are very important vida parece real sadly y la oscuridad es espesa y pesada ”. ⠀

“Podés sentirte tambaleante e inestable … Y ahí es cuando pides ayuda a tu tribu”, señaló. “It’s unequivocally trying to get all the moment,” he said, pointing out to his followers that “they can only pay for the land”. In an in-line interview with Broadway World over the past week, Matthew said effectively: ‘I find it spectacular. From the principle, actually, realistically, feeling that it cracks with the alguna way program ”.

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