¿In what order do you see the films of La Purga? (updated 2022)


Follow the history of La Purga from its origins to the present.

In the year 2013, La Purga was released, as well La Purga: the night of the besties in Spain. Treat a dystopian terror pill with gran socio-political component, which is the result of an economic crisis in the United States. It has been extinguished 5 movies by La Purga y para verlas todas seguidas te recomendamos seguir un orden. We will continue to see all of La Purga’s films in chronological orderwhich is not correlative because it is hizo a precuela.

Pero, what is Purga? El caos se apoderado de la poblacón y a totalitarian government asume el poder en un país donde ha aumentado los crémenes y las cárceles están llenas. As a solution, the goblin crea La Purga anuala period of 12 hours in which all offensive activities, including assemblies, se vuelven legal. Esa noche does not work for the police in the hospitals. Individual quality can be given la violencia sin castigo.

In the middle of this vorágine sin sentido, one familia adinerada es retenida como rehén. James Sandin junto a su esposa e hijos intentarán sobrevivir esta noche without converting into monsters of which are heard. This cinematic saga has a lot of tension between the youngsters in the sample lo peor del ser humano when there are no norms and no castings. For see the films of La Purga of fine principle, we recommend the following chronological order.

Order chronologically to see the films of La Purga

The continuation of the complete list with all the films of La Purga that it is extracted in the correct chronologically order to follow the trauma by criterion. Between parentheses is the steering wheel which does not coincide inadvertently with el order of history.

The first Purga: The night of the besties (2018)

The first Purga: the night of the besties

The first Purga function as a precursor to the saga

Even though it is the same type of saga, it is in fact treated with a precision that describes the origins of Purga annually, where all delinquents are legal. Entons were repaired in 2014 when the United States was built on a gran sample size, inflation is dispersing and there is a deep living crisis. Los New Padres Fundraisers of America (NFFA) decide to replicate democratic and republican parties by one more powerful political party.

Too many years, the head of the NFFA cabinet and a sociologist announced experiment that lasts 12 hourss: la Purga. Citizens can purify and liberate their instincts from the form they are drawn, inclusive asesinatos y violaciones. Muchos ciudadanos huyen, pero otros son convencidos para participate for $ 5,000 and a major compensation will be provided.

The Purge: La noche de las bestias (2013)

La Purga: the night of the besties

La Purga is the first movie to be released in 2013

Esta vez, la historia se centra en una familia adinerada to acquire security systems for the Annual Purga. James Sandin lives in a hut in a community exclusive Los Angeles, donde espera junto a su familia para que acabe la Purga. Creen estar a salvo bajo la seguridad made by James’s company, but the protagonist recognizes that he is not an agent an atque organized for a group of people.

La familia deja pasar a un hombre sin hogar that pedal ayuda and a panda arm the same that engage the man. In principle quieren entregarlo para no tener problemas, pero se dan cuenta que no son mejores que ellos si hacen eso. Like this, the first La Purga movie is worth it crítica social and plant much debate from the point of view privileged de una familia a la que no le falta nada.

Anarchy: The Night of the Best (2014)

Anarchy: the night of the besties

Anarchy se centra en la sexta Purga anual

Ya estamos cerca de la sexta Purga anual in the year 2023 and a group of resistance from Purga sequestered the transmissions of the gobier to denounce NFFA actions. At this point it counts history of five persons that you can unload the dishes with their limits for salvarse or mismos. In Los Angeles, a bright camera Eva Sánchez regresa a casa con su esposo e hija para atrincherarse. Entities for Purga, but it is a terminal nurse that voluntarily enters the exchange of a quantum recompensa for his family.

Your house does not count with security systems, as son of a white fox for the delinquent enmascarados. The camouflage left them with Leo, a solitary sergeant who ha perdido a su hijo y s buslo busca vengarse. They intervene and disperse the attackers trying to seize Eva and her shadow. For the Last, Shane y Liz son a pair of separating points that are refuged in el Leo armored car. All fuers for sobrevivir a night’s more.

Election: La noche de las bestias (2016)

Election: The night of the besties

In Election, Senator Charlene Roan seeks to abolish Purga

This movie is on the desarrol in the year 2040, for the first time since it was renovated in 2022, when a young man is obliged to see how far his family is in Purga. In the present Charlene Roan is a senator of the United States and firm candidate for president, which promet acabar con la Purga. NFFA members come to Roan as an amenaza and decide to revoke immunity of functionaries of the governing body of Purga to provide security to Leo Barnes.

I do not know why the ex-police sergeant decided not to kill the man who was lying in the shade. Comienza la night of Purga anual y Roan decide to wait for that appointment in a safe place asegurar el voto, and is accompanied by Barnes, Jefe Couper, Eric and add-on security guards. Without embargo, all of you and Barnes tend to escoltar a Roan to guarantee its integrity.

La Purga Infinita (2021)

La Purga infinita

La Purga is the centerpiece of a cruise ship cruising the Texas frontier

Así llegamos al year 2048, since they are convinced that Charlene Roan is the president of the United States. But the NFFA has recovered its goblin control restaurant in Purga annually with its original rules. Rational supremacy and nativism have all increased in the world. Juan and Adela are one pareja of immigrants cruising the front of Texas to escape a Mexican drug cartel and now Juan trabaja as peón de rancho for the Tucker family adinerada.

Diez meses después comienza la Purga y el matrimonio se une a una comunidad para protegerse. Adela ve cómo ha surgido un nationalist movement que quiere acabar con todas las personas que no son estadounidenses. In the driveway away from Purga, a band of enameled iron bars attack on the Tuckerobliging family ambassadors to unirse and luchar.

Ya puedes hacer el full marathon of La Purga sin equivocarte. As it is, in fact it is very easy to follow the history of solo hay a precuela que debería verse antes que ninguna. Después de ver esta serie, te animamos a ver todas las Marvel movies in the correct order.

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